IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – Upcoming Race With Time Show 11 on Wolf Spirit Radio

wolf2We would like to announce that for our show on Friday April the 11th on Wolf Spirit Radio, Dave Corso has kindly agreed to facilitate your calls, so we will be able to answer *ANY* questions you may have about our material. 

In order to gain the maximum benefit from this opportunity,   please write your questions for James Horak and/or Crystal Clark in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW to be answered during the show. Or if you prefer just call in with your question.

 Live show call in number is: 702 879 4770. The show airs live from 7-9pm PST. (Check WSR website for time differences).

Be aware that writing your question below ensures it will be addressed should you for some reason not be able to phone in.  

Thank-you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

James Horak & Crystal Clark

12 thoughts on “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – Upcoming Race With Time Show 11 on Wolf Spirit Radio

  1. Crystal,

    I agree with James that; “we do not owe liars anything.”

    My own thought is that; “when I emulate my enemy, I become my enemy.” (I also believe the criminals want converts; if only to make them believe they are right / winning.)

    Thank you, peace


    • Greetings Carl—thank you for the comment, as well as calling in during our last show. 🙂 I completely understand your predicament, and unfortunately, it’s a prime example of what I mean by saying the longer we wait to do the right thing, the fewer choices we have and the harder they are.

      To clarify the point: Is it right to make a man choose between protecting his personal integrity and protecting the lives of his family? Of course not, and yet here we are. Does a mother hen, knowing what the wolf/fox *really* wants when it comes calling, lie and tell the fox there are no chicks to be eaten, or provide him with directions and an escort?

      We have many fine examples, both historically and recently, of how things need to handled to affect REAL change–this includes Iceland and the recent showdown at the Bundy Ranch here in Nevada. Also, ironically (or not!), I found your comment about torches and pitchforks very interesting. 🙂 Remember this:

      The moral imperative behind change desperately needed in the right direction, as the folks in Iceland, Portland and the Bundy Ranch discovered, is a rather simple formula: you draw a line in the sand and you stand there and defend it like you mean it.


      • DIA (Crystal?),

        I’m suggesting advocating integrity, liars have none. We are not discussing a fare fight between a hen and a fox. The Criminals do not fight, they fulminate conflict with deception (False Flag). They deceive or pay others and divide people with a common interest to fight with each other (Divide and Rule). Please abandon this insanity, it only serves the NWO Agenda (kill and be killed).

        Iceland was a success because the mercenaries (police) realized the community was not their enemy. You do not need to convince me who “they” are or how they operate. We (you and me) need to show the mercenaries that their JOB is to protect the people, not the criminals who pay them. Unfortunately most of them are either too stupid or indoctrinated to WAKE-UP.

        Stop trying to convince me you are right and start showing the mercenaries they are pursuing the wrong agenda. Violence will only get more violence, and give the criminals what they want; an excuse to ESCOLATE. Public violence makes the mercenaries (police) think it is time for them to “rock and role” (lock and load).

        When we (you and me) abandon our integrity, we become the evil we oppose.

        I may be wrong about the Rabbi Carpenter but; I think the reason he and his martyred followers were peaceful was to illustrate the differences between him and the criminals. When we go violent, there is no difference.

        Many people want a Savior (Messiah) right about now. If we go Hollywood brainwashing (Rambo) the Criminals win.

        George C. Scott as George S. Patton; “Now men, I want you to remember; no bastard ever won a War by dieing for his country. You won it by getting the other poor dumb bastard to die for his country.”

        Have the Psychopaths deceived you into getting us to fight our fellow man? (Because the psychos have not and will never fight; they only get you and me to fight each other, by creating imaginary differences.)

        I don’t agree with his methods, only the logic expressed in the quote above.

        “Patton” (1970)

        Thank you and peace


  2. Crystal,

    I see three fundamental components of the lunatic asylum on Earth:
    1. Psychopaths lie which results in paranoia of the fear of being discovered.
    2. People who swallow the lies become delusional.

    Paranoia of Religion and Government and delusion of society.

    The solution is two fold:
    1. Be truthful no matter what, even if the truth reflects badly on you.
    2. Get in touch with Reality. (Reality comes from our 5 senses, not our imagination or theories.)
    a. Nature is our guide; follow the example set by nature.

    Thank you, peace


  3. Crystal,

    How do you (James, Crystal, Dave) distinguish disinformation agents from those committed to truth? (If Dave is willing to elaborate on his experience with Camelot that would be nice too.)

    David Icke – What can we do about “shape shifting reptilians”?
    Project Camelot – What can we do about Black Ops or Time Travel?
    Project Avalon – What can we do about MI6 agents (Bill Ryan?)?
    David Wilcock – What can we do about Jump Rooms to Mars?
    The list goes on, and on…

    Let’s educate people by distinguishing distinctions:
    Responsibility vs. Victim Hood
    Law vs. Legal
    Teacher (Buddha / Rabbi) vs. Brain Washing (Religion / Government)
    Rabbi Carpenter vs. Solar Deity
    Luciferian Philosophy vs. Truth
    Genesis, Satanism, Sin, Banking, Debt, Contract (Oh sorry; they are all the same Philosophy.)

    The Creator granted freewill to all, so now that you are FREE, what do you plan on doing with your Freedom? (Point out the pitfalls along the way, and hope others will learn from it.) You can not avoid a pothole when you do not know what one looks like.

    Thank you, peace


    • Thanks for the question Buzz. There will be no specific guest for the show, and aside from listener/reader questions being answered, the “other” main topic will have to remain under wraps for now. Sorry. 😉


  4. Crystal, Dave:

    I’m listening to Episode #6; “False alternative media”.

    Here is a link to a jpg-file with the symbolism that links the alternative media:

    Oh, look David Icke is a “green man” (see jpg-file):

    Ever read the story of Osiris (green man)?

    Remember Icke’s “coming out” on the Terry Wogan Show, he was the Messiah (Jeses).

    thank you, peace


  5. Recently Oxfam published a since-gone-viral report which pointed out that 85 individuals possess as much wealth as 3.5 billion of the world’s people. Has any person or group published the names of those eighty-five?


  6. Crystal, Dave:

    I found Episode 8 posted on Project Avalon with Karen Hudes (I’m banned for life there by Bill Ryan himself, since the Gulf Oil Spill). I made the outrageous suggestion that we make our presents felt to get the oil turned off. They finely did when it was convenient for BP.

    Because I am committed to Truth and Responsibility I find my words rejected on most Forums (Most recently the Icke Forum). Two important incites I’ve had and posted are:
    1. Lose-lose contracts offered by Officers; “Are you a Citizen?” If I say “No” I’m screwed. If I say “Yes” they will ask for proof, and I’m screwed again. This “Heads I win, tails you lose” proposition is pervasive in our legalist society.
    2. Corporations and Government are Legal “Persons” per US Supreme Court. Because Corporations and Government practice Compartmentalization they are all Legally Incompetent (Compartmentalization = Multiple Personality Disorder = Incompetent). Who in their right mind is going to take Orders, Requests, or Suggestions from mentally incompetent sources?

    If you see value in this message, please contact me and use it on the air. “If we don’t hang together, we will surly hang separately.” – Ben Franklin

    Thank you and peace


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