“Reality” is not determined by clicks, podcasts, news reports, ratings, or popularity contests—not even when people believe it is—and a lot of people do. Or, as sci-fi author Philip K. Dick once explained, reality is that which continues to exist even when you stop believing in it. These seemingly endless layers of crust and veneer we constantly have to hack and dig through to get at true history—to get at reality—exist because while reality isn’t a popularity contest, history is still written (and re-written) by the winners.

We like to believe, especially here in America, that only the ‘good guys’ win. But this is rarely the case in reality because the ‘good guys’ won’t stoop to the same lows of an “at any cost” mindset. Even Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were extremely questionable characters, but nobody remembers their warlord past because they won. In the wake of that victory, when it comes to who they really were and how that victory was achieved, we’re left with yarns and myths about ‘being favored by the gods’ and ‘suckled by a she-wolf when they were babes’. These re-writings and fables obscure reality marvelously, but they continually get re-told because they’re popular and entertaining.


At this particular juncture I hope most people would agree that popular and entertaining isn’t what most of us need. What comes next is being delivered by someone who might be somewhat entertaining, but definitely isn’t popular. This should mean something to people, especially today: nobody going against the grain of powerful monied interests is popular. There’s a reason the man who invented a car that runs on water was murdered, extreme censorship is now commonplace, and the “Great Reset” is meant to turn us all into cowardly serfs after it transfers the rest of the world’s wealth (including yours) over to the richest, most powerful, and least moral among us.

You will eat their bugs, they will own everything and therefore you will rent everything you use from them (even your socks and toothbrush); you will be punished if you resist, rebel or speak out, and you will love it!

I know the mainstream media and ‘big’ names in the alternative media constantly attack and ridicule Austin Steinbart. That comes from people who can’t and don’t deliver the kind of knowledge and information Steinbart does, and the fact remains that most of you DO NOT HAVE THIS INFORMATION AND YOU NEED IT. I can’t personally attest to his character as an individual, but I can attest to the fact that he knows and understands extremely important issues and historical events that most people still remain unaware and/or completely fail to grasp the ramifications of. Furthermore, that has to change, because if it doesn’t, nothing else will, and there’s very little hope for a future in that scenario—for any of us.

Instead of repeating white noise about Steinbart, open your mind and listen. Carefully. Thoughtfully. I strongly encourage readers to cross-reference this material with lectures and documentaries found in previous “FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES” posts here—use the black search bar on the top right to find all 3. Books by authors Eustice Mullins and John Coleman factually document true historical data and events with similar characteristics. Consider, for example, that it was Eustace Mullins (over 50 years ago!) who originally discovered the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve—he’s the only reason we know this. Every author who has since re-printed that information, either got it from Eustice Mullins, or got if from someone else who got it from Mullins.


At the end of knowing the “who, what, and why” of what went wrong, lies not just the question, but also the answers: HOW DO WE CREATE A BETTER FUTURE AND SECURE IT AGAINST THE REPEATED CORRUPTION ATTACKS WE KNOW ARE GOING TO COME? This is where the Proposal comes in, discussed briefly in the show posted below, and it’s about time someone put it all together in such a simple and succinct format. I’m extremely grateful for the effort. These are questions we need to be asking—questions that should have been asked, and answered decades ago.

Take the time to give it your full attention and serious thought. In relation to the question as to securing a better future, combined with a broader understanding of what has gone wrong historically and presently, ask yourselves:

  • Does it cover all the necessary bases?
  • Has it left anything out?
  • Is this something I can support?
  • What can I personally do to offer that support?
  • How do I get involved?
  • Do I really want a new American flag with vertical stripes that look like prison bars? 😉 (You can’t change it if you don’t get involved)

Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.”  –Crystal Clark


  1. (pending further investigation, of course): The 2-party electoral slave matrix with which we’ve had to contend must be dismantled. I agree that other options must be explored. As you know, we are currently at war: the people of Earth vs. the Canaanite Sumerian Satanic cabal which has been with us since humankind existed. I don’t see any political solutions to our current set of circumstances. Although Quantum appears to have many viable qualities, is the time-traveling, Whizzinating dweeb from Arizona really the leader we need to implement those plans? I don’t know. What I do know is that about 70% of our fellow brothers and sisters jumped off a bridge because there governments told them so. In my case, that includes immediate family, spouse, in-laws, and every once else I know. I now view them all as terminally stage 4 walking dead. I’ve digressed enough…lol. More to follow…

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    • To be clear, Steinbart doesn’t claim to be from the future, that’s largely propaganda gossip that gets repeated to keep people from looking deeper at what he’s proposing. On the other issue, marijuana (and alcohol) are legal pretty much everywhere, so officialdom trying to ‘get Steinbart’ for that while simultaneously giving away free needles to drug addicts and letting people sh#t on the sidewalk in California only highlights the absurdity of the left’s power-trip/anything-goes schizophrenia. Beyond this is something extremely tangible—something the noise, shallow treatment and petty gossip are meant to drown out. That’s what I’m hoping people will start scrutinizing and contemplating. Something I wrote in the first book: “we have to pay less attention to where the knowledge is coming from, and focus on the knowledge itself.” Whatever we may personally think or feel about Steinbart the man, there’s no question he’s well educated on issues of extreme importance—more so than 99% of his detractors—which means he’s capable of coming up with real world solutions to problems he actually understands. And, unlike many of us, he clearly has the time, resources, vim and vigor necessary to follow through. He’s also extremely interested in sharing that knowledge, and viable solutions with others. Let me know what you think if his Proposal: pros, cons, limits, ect.


  2. Whoa…those are some big-ass books! Yes, humanity’s future is bright, regardless of how they write it up. Coincidentally, we will have to take a severe beat down before it manifests. It’s only important to remember that the Creator of All Things keeps true tabs on humankind’s history. I care not about legacy in this plane of existence, real or perceived. I just want to complete my incarnate tasks and get back to source.


    • It’s good to see you survived the first round of overt depopulation Buzz! James Horak was the first person in the alt media that I recall, to not only declare our current government a regime (and this was during Barry Obama years), but also to explain why: an Administration (which is what we should have in a Constitutional Republic) “administers the laws” set forth by that Constitution, whereas a Regime pretends to be above it, entirely ignores it, and begins the process of subversion which will eventually include persecution of anyone who supports the original system (in this case primarily Christians and Veterans=mostly white males).

      Unlike most, not only does Steinbart clearly understand this, he’s also willing to publicly say so and offer serious options for remedy. I’m curious to know what you think of the plan. Is it something you could personally get behind, and if not, why not?

      I would would be very grateful if people decided that part of their ‘incarnate tasks’ was to personally get involved in and support ideas/people/movements that have genuinely viable solutions. 😉 A rising tide lifts all boats! Check out the website here: and here: and a link to a shorter interview here: I would love to hear your feedback and discuss why you would or would not support it. Be safe and sane out there!


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