RWT Episode #7

FUKUSHIMA UPDATES: RWT Episode 7 Fukushima Roundtable Discussion

The topic of discussion is the ongoing Fukushima nuclear meltdown with Crystal Clark & co-host Mhairead MacDonald and very special guests.

These individuals are, without question, some of the most important, educated, and leading voices on the past, present, and undoubtedly future horrors of the systemic corruption and renegade science of (and behind) the nuclear industry:

Kevin Blanch (artist, anti-nuclear activist and post-fukushima AML Leukemia survivor), Andrew Ebisu (anti-nuclear activist and filmmaker).

Their individual and tireless contributions to bettering the human condition can be found at the links above and easily followed via youtube and Facebook subscriptions for current updates.

Thanks to David Corso for publication permission: WolfSpiritRadio

Kevin Blanch:WEBSITE: thepostignoranceproject
Andrew Ebisu: FACEBOOK: On Fukushima Beach
We are affiliated with Information-Machine

One thought on “RWT Episode #7

  1. Crystal,

    Speaking of “Drowning in Absurdity” here is an interesting if not totally insane video:

    Don’t Fear Radiation – A powerful and inspiring video

    I agree we should not “fear” radiation, but don’t become insane about it either.

    “Cognitive Dissonance” Let me see if I’m getting this…

    Radiation is OK, it will even make you like Spiderman, and it will only kill you if you are fearful, depressed, or eating processed foods.

    Does anyone want to tell them the Miso Soup has Tofu made with GMO Soybeans and her produce is Cold Pasteurized and Roundup Ready?

    Where are we going to get natural, clean, uncontaminated foods in a Genocidal Fukushima irradiated NWO?

    I guess, GMOs, Aspartame, Cold Pasteurized, Fukushima irradiated, and BP Oil soaked food will not keep us healthy (alive).

    Perhaps the Deep Underground Bases have Hydroponic Gardens and fish farms. I wonder if they can feed 6B, 5B, 4B… 1B people? (Oh well, back to the drawing board…)

    The trouble with BAAL (Intellect) Worship is the members are insane, and Worshiping an Insane belief system. Calling it NWO, Venice Project, Agenda 21, or United Nations does not make it NATURAL (The safe or healthy way is the natural way, not the man made way.)

    Thank you, peace


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