KEVIN SMITH (R.I.P Steel Eyes)

untitled-35Kevin Smith was once an International Police Officer (serving in Croatia in the 1990’s), the creator and host of the world-renowned and #1 UFO talk show (KSS—The Kevin Smith Show) having a listenership in the millions, the author of e-books on both Mars & Venus, and hands-down THE best UFO & Paranormal investigator of our time. His show and impeccable research were driven by a powerful and personal mantra he shared often: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW.

Kevin went home in August of 2013 after suffering a heart attack. His absence is not only a tragic loss for a genre plagued by misinformation, sell-outs and relentless psy-ops, but a huge loss for the whole of mankind. It was an honor and a pleasure to have been a guest on his show, and 7pm five days-a-week has never been the same.  More of his work will be provided here as it becomes available. I encourage readers to explore and enjoy the treasures he left behind for us. –Crystal Clark



One thought on “KEVIN SMITH (R.I.P Steel Eyes)

  1. Thank you so much Crystal for having them available here in one place , I have stored them on a list at utube as well . The Black Knight show is brilliant, but James told me there is another one where Kevin phones him up and they do an interview on that topic , so I am hoping that this becomes available soon as well. After a gap of not hearing him , it is painfully obvious what we have lost and how much worse the alternatives out there have become . It is so much more apparent . Maybe new listeners who discover his work will appreciate just how much we lost in Kevin , someone who did deep research and looked closely at anomalies with an intelligent and objective perspective , and not least , with integrity.


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