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After working over a decade in both high-end technology solutions and Operations Management in the logistics field, in 2003 Crystal Clark finally left the corporate, profit-driven paradigm due to rank and out-of-control corruption across the board. Being the bread-winner of the family at the time and knowing refusal to continue would financially bankrupt her family, she made several attempts to change careers (later working in both international trade-show and medical consulting venues), none of which provided relief from corporate greed and the corruption it generates. Within this same time-frame, again due to unbridled corruption, Crystal Clark had already aided the FBI on several occasions when asked which included testifying in front of a federal grand jury, freely offering extra information on non-related cases that led to the arrest and conviction of an NGO misappropriating *massive* amounts of public funds, and later attempted to work with the Secret Service on another case that taught her just how prolific corruption (or ineptitude) really is.

Prior to her adult corporate career(s) and endeavors, as a teenager Crystal became concerned about the environment after she and her family became very sick from drinking well water severely contaminated/poisoned by a local mining company. She later contacted both the EPA & CDC to report illnesses linked to contaminated water, only to find that while both agencies summarily dismissed her allegations over the phone, they later made VERY quiet attempts to fence off contaminated areas and built new wells. This was her first introduction to dangerous and rampant corporate greed and corruption, or what is today referred to as “profits before people”.

Leaving the corporate world behind for good and adjusting to exchanging “expensive things” for personal “free time” changed her life forever. No longer having the time of her life bought and paid for by a corporation, among other things, she returned to environmental research twenty years later and became even more horrified by what she learned. The outlook was grim—overwhelming even—her every thought became centered on what to do to stop it.

Not long after, over a period of around 9 months she began to receive information through dreams that ultimately taught her the past 5 or 6 extinction episodes of the human race were SELF-CAUSED and that we are not only currently repeating all the same patterns, but are almost at the end of the line—we have very little time left to avoid the 7th and perhaps final self-destruction episode.

Crystal has consequently become an author, philosopher, and co-host of RACE WITH TIME RADIO in an effort to share what MUST be done to prevent our own civilization from once again being lost to the sands of time. Her first book, finished in 2008 and publicly released in 2009, was recently removed from circulation to make way for the revised and updated version, but because time is short, the updated material, although highly condensed, can be found on her blog for free at:


Crystal Clark my be contacted directly at:

7 thoughts on “Author Bio & Contact Info

  1. Hello Crystal,
    I have started a proactive group in So. Am. and we could use some guidance. We are making orgone, ganz water and placing a crystal grid and more…I am worried why you and James dropped off in 2016! I just found you and now you appear to be gone. Please contact me if you are still working for the good.
    God bless and thank you for all you do.


    • Nancy, thank you for your comments. James and I are still around, although not as active as before. James has been recovering from a severe wound in a VA hospital for the better part of a year (with limited access to the internet), and i’ve been struggling with a worsening illness I now know is the result of a childhood vaccine. Still, we do what we can when we can.:) I would love to hear more about your group and will do what I can to help! Please contact me privately to discuss at:


  2. What can I do, I’ve been like a satellite disconnect from but spectator, coming to these conclusions alone. I believe that I can be of value but in search of a way, found more satellites. Maybe we may be past a point, many will suffer. One of theirs I been looking to see mentioned, the seed banks that have been stored around the world.
    Pls send links or suggestions something, that can be of benefit.
    But Pls consider the following. ..
    No matter, we are somehow affected by the mass programing. I wonder if this has been my “excuse” knowing but unable to act upon.
    We could as you put learn the pattern and manipulate iit for the people.
    All the studies done openly, they know how crowds most will react in practically every situation.
    We need a outside of the box solution more we need to begin action. Goal be to just stop everything. Literally, the Greek have ousted there government twice the housing scandle. But something global would need to happen. The 11th is a 3 Rd year of something I just learned of. If what is said true, about the ocean it all being spoiled seems most of us are doomed and I fail my son before I started. I have ideas, I hope that you contact me soon, and I find an action that is pro active. At the least we that know are still guilty. For standing by. We gotta do with what we got. I’ll be first in line. I seen posts for world rallies, but can’t find a single one in so cal. Of course….. likely and that is why everyone talks and shares but argue Waisting precious moments.


    • Thank you for the questions Manu–I apologize for the delayed response. In the U.S. the law of the land is the Constitution, which grants the Federal government no power over the states. Through corporate corruption this process has broken down, with illegal agencies like the DHS, BLM, EPA, CDC, ect., becoming the enforcement arms of federal tyranny. The ONLY resolution to GET INVOLVED IN YOUR LOCAL AREA. Go to the town hall meetings; go to the school board meetings. The purpose of LOCAL representation is to ensure it does in fact represent the will of the people while also giving you direct access to the persons responsible. Lean on them–remove them from office if necessary! Make sure your local Sheriff understands HE is responsible for PROTECTING HIS PEOPLE FROM FEDERAL OVERREACH. (!) Learn your inalienable rights and exercise them! Remain vigilant in seeing the Constitution restored thereby putting an end to the lawlessness so many are being crushed under the weight of. THE best teacher of the Constitution is KrisAnne Hall–she does a daily podcast that is free and shouldn’t be missed. You can find it here: THOSE WHO KNOW THEIR HISTORY WILL NOT REPEAT IT!


  3. Crystal,

    I’m so glad I found your website. We (you and I) are saying the identical things.

    I hope you will contact me.


    How dumb is the NWO employee?

    All the Bankers who committed “Suicide” had Golden Parachutes.

    None of them used their Parachutes when they jumped. Why?

    The Elite will tell you anything (lie) to get you to work for them and then murder you when they have what they want.

    Working for the NWO as CEO, Banker, or Police provides NO, Zero, Nada job security.

    Addict can not and will not stop themselves. When they are done with us they will turn on each other.

    thank you and peace


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