Dreamtime, by Crystal Clark © 2012A BRIEF TREATISE ON THE SACRED SCIENCE

This page of the blog offers a condensed treatise on the Sacred Science and is divided into the following (7) sections:


  1. Foreword: Necessity & Perils of Condensing the Material
  2. What the Sacred Science is NOT
  3. What the Sacred Science Is: A Basic Definition
  4. Why it Matters: The Sacred Science and Survival
  5. Discovery Processes
  6. Extended Definitions & Principles
  7. Preferred Terminology & Summary

Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.  

Crystal Clark, June 3, 2013

FOREWORD: Necessity & Perils of Condensing the Material

As I still receive emails asking where people can find my first book (WHO ARE WE REALLY 101 © 2008) for a decent price, let me take this opportunity to remind readers that while I removed the book from circulation a year or two ago to revise and update it (at which point used book prices soared for no other reason), what is here on this blog is the FREE, although highly condensed and co-joined material. This material includes both the core perspective, philosophy, and ideologies originally presented in WAWR 101 as well as any new pertinent revisions or updates.

Distilling and updating the contents of a lengthy book (written in study-guide format) that delivered a multi-faceted message as tragic as it is wondrous, extraordinary and hopeful, is not an easy task. However, while I began writing the book in earnest around 2004 before publicly releasing it in 2009, a great deal has changed between then and now. So much so, I am no longer convinced delivering this kind of message requires the kid gloves and egg-shell diplomacy it used to, nor that drawing it out for the sake of achieving that kind of delicacy is actually the right thing to do. As it likely also is for anyone else charting their own experiences over the last decade, if one should compare the radio interviews I did in the early days (beginning in December of 2009) with more recent ones, especially if listened to in order, they nearly provide their own form of socio-archeological timeline of the very important changes I’m referring to, or perhaps what would be better termed a record of our collective growth—and it is, or has been, incredibly significant.

Although the information here is highly condensed and this can have its drawbacks, the age of accountability no longer comes and goes without a second thought the way it once did. I am as grateful for this as I am inspired by it, and so should you be. Too much suffering has taken place for indifference or ignorance to be defended. The days of being politically correct and consequently refusing to face reality in ways that only elevate the few (at the extremely high and personal cost to all others) are on their way out. More and more of the adults on this planet are finally accepting their necessary roles as guides and protectors, and are therefore taking their proper places as the Sentinels of our future because of it.

Very few (if any) of you having come to this blog on a regular basis are oblivious to this fact, and I have the utmost respect and gratitude for your courage and morally-directed action in that regard. These are not easy issues to address, but they can and should be addressed because the rightful, proper, abundant, and evolutionary future of seven billion people depends on it.


Before explaining what the Sacred Science IS, in order to avoid any confusion stemming from duplicitous rebranding and the associated feel-good, Orwellian propaganda used to sell it, I feel compelled to explain what it is NOT.  It has nothing to do with the following distorted ideologies as they have been consistently presented, misrepresented or pushed:

  • Phony Green or Sustainable Movements
  • Agenda 21
  • Eugenics, Overpopulation, or Depopulation Movements
  • Religious Doctrine or New Age movements
  • Carbon-based/Carbon-Credit Global Warming Scams
  • Tree-hugging or Vegetarianism


Sacred Science: All-encompassing creational design or matrix that supports, creates, regenerates and upholds life, both on a micro and macro scale, including but not limited to their interrelations and reactions one with the other(s); a complex life-science system that can be proven and observed; sacred in its necessary role to support all forms of life at every scale; an umbrella term for a whole life-giving system with multiple parts, co-factors, biomes, sub-systems and processes often working in, and experienced on, multiple and/or fractal scales.


An entire planetary civilization and its biosphere can survive the following forms of elitism (both narcissistic and psychopathic forms), even as wrong, bizarre, cruel, immoral or inequitable as they generally are:

  • Caste systems
  • Central banking based on usury and debt slavery
  • Racism and literal slavery
  • Feudalism and serfdom
  • Totalitarianism, monarchies and dictators
  • War
  • Strife

This remains true UNTIL any/all of those elitist socio-political structures begin to co-mingle a power-hungry superiority complex with advanced knowledge of the Sacred Science and its co-factors or sub-systems. This marriage marks the beginning of the end for every civilization that has either caused or allowed it. Moreover, this repetitive alliance of perversions was responsible for the previous six cataclysms, and if allowed to continue here, will be the cause of our own end for the seventh and perhaps final time. The global, catastrophic (extinction level) episodes of the past were self-caused and completely unnatural—they were self-destructive events. The only important “cyclical” factor involved in each of those events was the repetition of the behavioral pattern and subsequent abuses of advanced sciences just described. Further, those directly responsible for causing it again, in the here and now, already know this. [NOTE: How they know this, and why they continue to do it anyway, are discussed in SECTION 5. The principles behind the methods through which they are currently doing it are discussed in SECTION 6].

Why Dumbing Down the General Populace Super-Accelerates Global Cataclysm

“They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproach them of their blindness.” –John Milton, 1642

As expressed in the CORE PERSPECTIVE section of the blog, perpetuated ignorance is one of the most important elements of the overall message, having a great deal to do with the outcome of our future. This is true for both accelerating the process of self-destruction AND accelerating the process of preventing it—knowing the cause often equates to knowing the cure. Ignorance of what it takes to create, regenerate and uphold life (the Sacred Science), is the cunning thief of an individual’s free will and right to choose something better, second in cruelty only to the cancer of elitism that thrives on the fear, powerlessness, confusion and apathy it breeds. Furthermore, what has yet to be recognized by those who perpetuate it, is that in doing so they have nearly removed, from the collective mind, the checks-and-balances system through which the saviors of their own future would necessarily have to come.

The reality of this predicament is beyond their grasp through the lens of “old-time” slavery—too difficult to understand how a properly educated slave (consequently able to free himself from that bondage), is now also free enough to engage in intellectual pursuits that may one day save the lives of them all. As far back as we can see (or are allowed to see) we find no shortage of self-proclaimed ‘betters’ denying a proper education to those they have to keep down to stay on top. In other words, they cheat. They cheat to get to the top, and they cheat to stay there. Additionally, aside from (but in conjunction with) perpetuating ignorance, part of that staying power requires enforcement of some kind.

Nevertheless, we aren’t dealing with leather whips, trebuchets, muskets, swords, machetes, machine guns, fire and TNT anymore—those days are long gone and they took a more viable future with them when they left. Those methods of domination and enforcement were replaced with far more sinister implements, each having evolved significantly over time in scope, severity and stealth. Shifts in this direction included the rudimentary first use of bio-weapons in the form of purposefully supplying blankets infected with smallpox, and eventually this mindset produced atomic bombs. In either case, both were developed through ever more advanced understandings of the Sacred Science in terms of natural law and creational design—one focused on the biological co-factors of the system, the other on the atomic. While both have the ability to kill enormous numbers of people, there are distinct differences between them as found in their classifications as either “hard-kill” or “soft-kill” weapons.

Hard-kill weapons are so named because the killing device can be seen, is applied directly and works immediately—this includes things like guns, bombs and knives. Soft-kill weapons have the distinction of being silent, harder to trace the origins of, and produce more suffering because they take longer to do the job.  However, as we have again reached a point of repetition the eons know all too well, perhaps a third classification is in order: Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Weapons, or Catastrophic Ecocide Weapons. They each mean nearly the same thing, although the word “eco” has been used and abused by the wrong people for so long it almost symbolizes a repellant to intellectual honesty and critical thought.

The primary purpose for developing this new classification—one that can, unfortunately, be immediately populated far too easily—is to raise awareness of the existence of its contributors, in conjunction with their wide-spread and over-lapping use, and final outcome if continued. This becomes even more important when making the association between a dumbed down populace and the super-acceleration of self-destruction. Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Weapons are forms of genocide on a massive scale because they literally affect everything: the ionosphere, the earth’s crust, soil, climate, ocean temperatures, microbes, insects, plants, animals and people—both terrestrial and aquatic—both genetically and environmentally. It is a ‘weapons’ classification because the destruction being caused in these areas is largely being done purposefully, primarily to serve a global depopulation agenda. Where it isn’t being done purposefully, but rather out of indifference or ignorance, Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Collapse will still be the result.

And this is, to me, the most disturbing aspect of the socially engineered ignorance of the general public: it hastens a complete system failure by using our ignorance against us. The extent to which the inner workings of Sacred Science systems and co-factors have been hidden from the public, is in nearly direct proportion to the degree in which those same systems are being weaponized and turned against the very life they were originally designed to support. In other words, they are intentionally killing nature to kill us, and are able to do it covertly enough that they can blame it on anything or anyone they want to—God, bad luck, demons, prophecy, terrorists, aliens, or even you—and they are.

The ultimate purpose for socially engineering an ignorant populace is that it allows the engineers (ptb) to continue their agenda without resistance from those who are being targeted and adversely affected by it. This often takes several generations to accomplish and while it doesn’t hasten self-destruction, it doesn’t hinder it, either. However, adequately accomplishing this phase provides the preconditions necessary for strategically applied propaganda, perception management, and various other psychological techniques which are then used to manipulate the public into willfully and aggressively participating in (and quickening) their own demise under the false pretense of doing the exact opposite. The bizarre cruelty of turning nature in on itself is diabolical enough, but to then turn the free will and good-nature of people in on themselves at the same time is, without question, a recipe for disaster. How can it not be?

A summary outline of the repetitive self-destruction pattern is below and reminds us that once the marriage between elitism and the weaponization of creational design (through the misapplication of advanced knowledge) takes place, they are no longer separate issues—we can’t wholly deal with one, without equally addressing the other. While it also asks us to remember that under the wrong conditions (allowing them both to exist in the same time and place) their co-mingling and marriage is inevitable, it doesn’t explain that under the right conditions, the outcome of their relationship is not set in stone or inevitable. Millions of properly educated, courageous, and morally motived people ARE the right (offset and redirecting) conditions.

The time-frames listed in the categories below are approximate due to the degree and number of contributing variables involved, and are not meant to be misconstrued as just beginning. Without true historical references and full disclosure  it can be extremely difficult to accurately judge how far into these time-frames we already are, but “too far for comfort” and “far enough” are really good guesses.  Even so, change and course-correction are still possible, and despite what the Main Stream Media (MSM) would have you believe, is in fact already beginning to happen all over the globe.  In this sense, these are very exciting times, and maximum participation will accelerate the process and its yet-to-be-unearthed rewards and treasures.  


    1. Elitism: (both narcissistic and psychopathic forms): Begins the first division (compartmentalization and disconnection) of humanity into two main groups or sub-divisions that are no longer working together towards the same evolutionary goal(s); marks the beginning of what is termed a “break-away civilization”.
    2. Domination: (as an extension and progression of Elitism): Control-over-others begins the dichotomy expression through wealth, knowledge and privilege vs. poverty, lack and ignorance; freedom vs. slavery; self-appointed divine right of kingship, monarchies and dictators vs. serfdom and feudalism; corruption for the few vs. justice for all; local or regional wars and alliances become more prominent to secure and consolidate more wealth, natural resources, technology and power (over others).


    1. Co-mingling of Elitism & Advanced Scientific Knowledge: Accelerates planetary-wide destruction through increased perpetuation of ignorance to stifle resistance; expansion to global wars for greater control over resources (natural, technological and financial) in conjunction with accelerated alterations, violations and weaponization of natural laws on a global scale. Manifests the beginning stages of global genocide by turning nature in on itself; restricting public access to advanced cures, medical techniques, and significant non-polluting energy-producing technologies.


    1. Manipulating the General Populace to Participate in Their Own Demise: Once a specific level of ignorance has been socially engineered into the public over several generations, in conjunction with steps 1-3 (which include the suppression and sequestration of archeological finds and ancient texts), strategically applied propaganda, perception management and psychological techniques are used to manipulate the public into willfully and aggressively participating in (quickening) their own demise (ill-health, poverty and slavery) under the false pretense of saving themselves and their planet.


Although there appears to be some debate over the original source, Einstein is often credited with explaining that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome or result each time. This certainly applies to the people in our current time/lineage repeating the same patterns responsible for previous self-destruction episodes, and doing so with the knowledge that this is indeed the case. But if they know, why would they do it—are they really insane? Taking a look at how they know can shed more light on this and several other issues at the same time, especially when examining, of all things, the risks of leaving records behind.

How I personally discovered that we are repeating the same patterns of the past and where they inevitably lead is explained at the end of this section. However, it was because I understood this that in the beginning of WAWR 101 I discussed whether or not we should begin the process of leaving records behind for those who might come after us. The purpose for doing so is to provide them with warnings on how not to repeat our mistakes in the hopes they may succeed where we have yet to. I wrote about it only briefly to make a point, avoiding any in-depth discussion as to how far I personally delved into doing this, and what I ultimately learned from it.

The Risks of Leaving Records Behind

I began with a codex to the English language which included labeled images of objects, plants and animals using every letter of the alphabet, as well as pictographs. After completing the process of ensuring whatever message was left could be translated I began to compose the message or warning, all the while being reminded that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is to say, the more detailed the account of what happened here, the more I began to wonder if I was leaving behind a warning, or a how-to guide. What if the wrong kind of people in the next civilization find it first, or alternatively, what if the next lineage was on the right path before they found it, and changed course afterwards because introducing the material corrupted their new start?

These are very real risks that had a significant impact on the way I wrote both my first and second books. In WAWR 101 I was careful not to discuss any form of weaponizing natural systems that I couldn’t find evidence for already being done or attempted. In the second book (WHO ARE WE REALLY 102—When Tomorrow Comes © 2010), which communicated the same messages over again in a fictional format via two different possible futures, this was the reason characters living in a more sane future would ONLY teach their children what was right first (until they neared adulthood), before teaching them what happened in the past. They understood that to do otherwise was to risk re-infecting the next generation with the cruel and failed concepts of the ‘times before’.

Knowing this, an individual still committed to leaving records behind will likely gravitate to a simpler and more principle-based approach instead, leaving out sordid details of control-over-others that could be interpreted as a play-book or how-to guide instead of the intended what-not-to-do warning. A principle-based approach would necessarily include things like moral stories, parables and metaphors, or even a basic list of do-good principles to live by, with the added understanding that if they are faithfully followed, doing so automatically pre-empties the development of the wrong future. To make it even simpler and easier to follow, perhaps the list could be whittled down to 10 or 12 primary concepts or guidelines, and maybe they could be called something like the 12 Principles of Peace, or even the Ten Commandments.

At this point I would imagine the light went on for you, the same it once did for me in this regard. We already have those things, and when all they are is empty words, they don’t do any good. Needless to say, I subsequently abandoned the project and decided instead to re-focus my writing efforts on explaining what has happened in the past, where it led, and how we will end up in the same place if we continue on the same path.

Now certainly, when it comes to the idea of leaving records for the next civilization, I’m not a genius in this regard, nor am I first the try it. It has been done before, probably many times (likely each time) by those who could see what was coming, which of course is where the idea came from.

Sequestering Archeological Discoveries & Records of the Past

More importantly, what remains to be seen in this aspect, by anyone not part of the elitist club, are those records from the past. WHY are all of the major archeological discoveries made around the world, immediately cordoned off by the same people, and the rest of the world is never shown the entirety of their contents? Why are “special privileges” required to access the ancient manuscripts hidden away in the Vatican’s private vaults? Where archeological sites of significance are concerned, in some cases I suspect that advanced technologies in the form of time capsules are part of the equation, and we know the military-industrial-complex will do anything to build a better weapon for their masters. This would be where “elitism security” became rebranded as “national security”.

At the same time however, being ever mindful of the connection between perpetuating ignorance and the lack of resistance it produces in those being dominated (and slowly destroyed), why would we not consider that the previously discussed risks associated with leaving records behind, haven’t already happened here, in our own time period? It may have started (somewhat) innocently enough in a number of ways, but people may have received more than they bargained for at some point, whether you believe power is corrupting or that power simply attracts the corruptible, the same results generally manifest.

In the end, should it come to that, it won’t matter if the power-hungry and narcissistic elite got their hands on those warnings on accident when using back-door (bribery/blackmail) channels to procure the contents of archeological discoveries for their private collections, or if the first and original secret societies having been set up with a mandate to protect the knowledge, eventually met their elite counterparts at a dinner party and walked out with heavier pockets. Either way, given the path humanity is currently on and who is driving the bus, only one main rule applies now: secrecy from them equals bad for us.

At no point will they ever gladly provide their assumed ‘lessers’ (slaves, useless eaters, mindless breeders, sheeple) with any kind of knowledge that would balance the equation—even if that balance is required to save them ALL. This includes showing the public any detailed warnings left behind for us that would most definitely indicate our modern version of power mongers are using them as how-to guides instead, and following them almost to the letter.

While this addresses how they know what they do, as well as why they hide the contents of significant archeological finds from us, it doesn’t fully address why they do it anyway. Along those lines I suspect they have also discovered that principles and details are not quite the same thing. This is akin to the phrase, “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. The principle of skinning the cat comes first, and down the road, after certain methods fail or produce less than desirable results, other ways to do it are explored, hence where the “more than one way to do it” part enters the picture. 

So while the abusive patterns and principles were indeed the same in all of the previous self-destruction episodes, their precise methods of self-destructive ends were not. This is like saying that maybe one end was due to a nuclear holocaust, and another was due to technologies that caused massive crust movement, earthquakes and floods—more than one way to skin the cataclysmic cat. This is a saying I have used many times myself when encouraging others to keep trying to reach their goals, but I certainly wouldn’t have used it if I thought they were trying to find ways of enslaving an entire global population without doing themselves in at the same time. And so, in a round-a-bout kind of way, this takes us right back to the beginning again: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome or result.

There is however, one additional possibility that should also be considered given that the stakes are so high. It is entirely possible they have reached a point where, even though they know they will not be able to hide in underground bases or off-earth, they still believe they have to try anyway because if the public ever found out what they have done, they would be dead either way. This is where the need to seriously consider offering them amnesty for coming *completely* clean comes in, and for people who have already had their lives destroyed and lost so much, this is a very difficult conversation to have.

And yet, if it is the only way to prevent them from going as far as they can to avoid being given the death penalty (or worse), and taking the future of seven billion people with them while they do it, it is absolutely a conversation that needs to happen. Others have already recommended it and I have had private conversations with friends who feel the same way. I will be honest and tell you though, I have very mixed feelings about this myself, primarily because I know it will set (and therefore later be exploited as) a hypocritical precedent.

Why would we sentence a serial killer to lethal injection, but let hundreds (or even thousands) of people who worked overtime to kill off 90% of the world’s population, live out their days in peace simply because they turned state’s evidence against themselves? Part of me would prefer they be denied a death sentence simply so they can spend the rest of their days getting up close and personal with the living hells they created with their “for profit” prison systems, but the other part of me wants the other seven billion people on this planet to have a future, far more than it wants to watch those who tried to rob them of it, suffer for it. If extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, these times definitely qualify.

Personal Discovery Process

There were several exceptional Native American principles I discussed in WAWR 101, one of which was Dreamtime. I included this particular concept because nearly a decade ago now, this is how I learned what was/is happening to us now, how it had happened before, and where it ultimately leads.

When I first started doing research for the book I was beginning to see that everything was connected, but I didn’t understand why, how, or to what. At the same time I was growing increasingly concerned with the level of global pollution, especially of drinking water sources, having had significant experience with it when I was younger. All of this began to weigh on me, and the more I read and researched, the heavier it became.

Several years before this, in the year 2000, a friend and co-worker who was extremely psychic, offered to take me to another gifted psychic she knew for a reading. I didn’t particularly want to go because it was on the extra day off I had taken to spend time with a family I rarely saw because I was working close to 80 hours a week. She promised it wouldn’t take long and I didn’t want to be rude so I agreed to go, and I really had no idea what to expect. I had only been to one other psychic in my life, many years earlier (mid-90’s) when I lived in California.

My first experience with a psychic was bizarre, to say the least. I left the short session completely perplexed and annoyed because halfway through she began asking me questions about the outcome of a lawsuit she had against someone involved in a crash that totaled her Mercedes. She wanted to know how much money she was going to get in the settlement, and when I explained I thought she was mistaking me for someone else, she insisted that I provide the first number that popped into my head. I thought about it, told her “$50,000” and watched as she tried (and failed) to maintain her composure. Apparently she was expecting a lot more money than that. It ended up being a ‘blame the super-reluctant and confused messenger’ kind of moment. In any event, I figured that going to see a different psychic couldn’t be any worse than the first time, and at the very least, would be another entertaining story to tell the kids and grandkids someday.

The second psychic was an older woman, and I particularly liked her disposition because she was focused, didn’t beat around the bush, and would get to the point right away. Even so, based on my previous experience, I didn’t take it very seriously and instead considered it more of fun way to pass some time with a friend on my day off. She said a lot of odd and strange things, and when it was over I thanked her kindly, went outside to wait for my friend, and thought about what I would do when I got home.

It took six years before everything she told me came to pass, which included some things that I actually tried to prevent. Roughly two years into that period I left the corporate world for good, and having an awful lot of free time on my hands and not really sure what to do with it, I suddenly remembered something she had said to me: my spiritual theme or purpose in this lifetime was to be a writer and a healer. Since I finally had the time to explore it, especially where the writing part was concerned, I thought I would try it.

This began the research for the book I thought I was going to write, but as the burden of what I was uncovering during that process grew heavier and began to organize and focus my every private thought around what to do about it, something extraordinary happened—Dreamtime. In the beginning I realized that if I focused my attention (what meditation means to me personally) in this area before I fell asleep, in my dreams I would be ‘given’ information about it, or at least that’s what I thought was happening. I had assumed, based on common metaphysical teachings, the information was either coming from spirit guides (having been told by the psychic our spirit guides are actually us), what Edgar Cayce often referred to as the over-soul, or was somehow tapping in to a field of information commonly referred to as the Akashic Records. I was also convinced that the only reason I was being given the information, was that I was asking for the right reasons and wouldn’t abuse it. None of that was true, but then again it was, which I will explain in a moment.

Dreamtime was literally like being in school at night while my body slept. Realizing I would access the information at night and then process it during the day, I found myself reflecting on tarot teachings regarding the differences between the Sun (conscious/awake mind) and the Moon (subconscious mind) and the varied processes they were said to represent—there was a great deal of truth to it.

Dreamtime was incredibly helpful, even exciting in the beginning, but then I discovered that I couldn’t turn it off, and I really felt like I needed to—it was too much, too fast. This is similar to what most people go through during their own “awakening” process in that the mind needs time work things out and deal with the new information, especially this kind of information, before going any farther. We all run into the same problem when we try to share what we know with others, whether dealing with the reality of chemtrails, vaccines, and/or depopulation agendas and so forth.

Dreamtime meant that every evening I would learn things that would completely undo my previous perception of reality, as well as my previous perception of self. As explained in WAWR 101, it reminded me of the way someone once expressed their boot camp experience after joining the military: they completely tear you down, and then they rebuild you. I had my waking hours to process and grow from what I learned the night before, and knew that no matter how much I thought I learned from it, I would have to do it all over again the next day.

This happened around 2004 and went on every evening for nine months, and while I will forever be grateful for the experience, I was really glad when it was over. I still occasionally get information this way, but at nowhere near the frequency and intensity as my original experience with it.

What is Dreamtime?

This is a very good question, one that perhaps can best be answered by reviewing the following two books by J.W. Dunne: An Experiment with Time, and The Serial Universe. An Experiment with Time was first published in 1927, but recently printed editions can still be found today with a very telling and interesting twist: the preface is written by Russell Targ, a modern-day remote viewer. That alone should more than imply the father of remote viewing wasn’t Ingo Swan (rest his soul), rather it was J.W. Dunne. The following comes from the very beginning of Chapter Eight in Dunne’s book, An Experiment with Time, remembering that it was originally written over 80 years ago:

Why only in dreams? That was the question which blocked all progress. Every solution which could reduce Time to something wholly present ruled that the pre-images should be just as observable when one was awake as they were when one slept. So, why only in dreams?

I should be ashamed to confess how long a period elapsed before I saw that, in framing the question, I was begging the question. The moment, however, that I did realize this, I proceeded to put the matter to the test.”

The following statement also comes from the same book, on the last page of Chapter Seven:

“Granted that the dreaming attention ranges about the associated network without paying heed to any particular ‘present’, there is nothing astonishing in its lighting on an image many years ‘ahead’. This, in fact, is exactly what we should expect, for in its ‘backward’ travel it often lights on images many years ‘behind’”.

Dunne discovered that in dreams there is no time and there is every time, all at the same time. Dunne realized that time is not linear, but serial, and that access to its records was occurring in dreams naturally, even without focused intent. Bringing the information back in a format unadulterated by the conscious mind is where things can get a little tricky, and even then, without feedback it can be extremely difficult to know if this was successfully accomplished. 

This is one of those super-simple concepts that is too easily overlooked and taken for granted, just because it is. The more an individual studies and considers it, the more strange things it explains, sans the mystic mumbo-jumbo.

As an example, many years ago in one of my dreams I saw images of what I only know how to describe as being similar to Tibetan mandalas. Their patterns have symbolical meanings the same way all patterns do, but it wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that I understood what one of them really was. In 2010 I did a radio interview with Jacob Appleman, host of The Next Step Radio Show. We became cyber friends after that, and because there were so many similarities between my work and others he knew teaching the work of Walter Russell, I was put in touch with one of them—his name is Matt Presti and the article, Walter Russell’s Breathtaking View of Natural Law, was written for his December 2012 Newsletter.

The efforts of Matt and his associate Robert Otey include producing excellent youtube videos comprised of visual aids Walter Russell created to better explain his concepts, and I about fell over when, in one of those videos, I saw an image of the exact same mandala I had seen in a dream years earlier. But even before I was put in touch with Matt Presti, there were other interesting happenings involved as well.

Jacob Appleman wanted a new name for his website, and decided on Go Find the Others. Not long after this I was searching youtube for something specific and unrelated when I came across a music video having nearly the  same name: Find the Others. I emailed the video to Jacob because I thought he would get a kick out of it, not only because of the names, but ironically, they were also based on nearly the exact same principles and philosophy.  Jacob contacted me after viewing the video, and explained he knew the singer in the video because they had spent time hanging out together years before. The singer and producer of the video was none other than Matt Presti—the same individual teaching Walter Russell’s work, which included the image of the mandala I had previously seen in a dream.

When our minds are crippled by the filters of mysticism (among countless other filters), we are denied the possibility of seeing something like this as anything other than a synchronistic event we may wrongfully interpret as the intervention of third-party “spirit guides”, rather than seeing it as a place we recognize simply because we have seen and experienced it before—even if only in dreams.

Even more interesting to the previous story, on top of being put in touch with Matt after Jacob reconnected with him because of the music video, it turned out that both Matt and I were working on ‘SOL Projects’ at the same time. My SOL Project stood for Students of the Law and was designed to connect like-minded people learning the Sacred Science together, while Matt’s SOL Project stood for The Secret of Light, and was an effort to teach Walter Russell’s work in ways that would also bring people together for similar reasons. Remember, in dreams there is no (linear) time and every (serial) time, all at the same time.

Or, as my dear friend James Horak likes to say, “If time travel is possible, ever will be possible, it’s with us now”. I wouldn’t dare propose that Dreamtime alone accounts for the entirety of what he means by that, but I will say the idea of time being serial was very deeply embedded into WAWR 102 before I consciously knew what it was, and was completed and released a year before I met James. Because James was the person who recommended Dunne’s books to me, likely in an effort to help me better understand exactly what my Dreamtime experiences were really based on, the question then becomes, where do precognition and prescience really come from?


Below is a generous compilation of easily accessible definitions for the word prescience:

Prescience: Foreknowledge of events, foresight; human anticipation of the course of events; having or showing awareness of and preparation for the future; knowledge of things before they exist or happen; divine omniscience.

Dunne’s work began in this area over three quarters of a century ago, and has certainly come a long way since then, primarily through military-industrial-complex efforts at building better (non-local Time and location) spies known as remote viewers. Knowing this, as well as how our current version of elitist power mongers like to muddy the waters to keep the workings of their own misdeeds hidden from the public eye, one should seriously wonder if tales of ‘mystical boxes’ and ‘advanced techno-gizmos’ of seeing into the future, like the purported Looking Glass Technology, aren’t attempts at doing exactly that—preventing clarity from reaching the masses.

Along that same vein, and always in conjunction with my core view and ultimate message of the inevitable outcome without change, there have been some recent developments that I would be somewhat remiss not to comment on here: recently reported efforts and results of remote viewing multiple futures or timelines.

In WAWR 101 this was something I theorized was already happening, perhaps even unbeknownst to the viewers and/or their handlers at the time, and it’s rather ironic that I was writing that part of the book during my Dreamtime phase, having absolutely no idea the two (Dreamtime and remote viewing) were related—at least not consciously. I was researching remote viewing and came across accounts of split sessions—where only some of the group saw one thing, and the others saw something different. This was often explained away as an error on the part of the smaller group of individuals, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that was the case. It didn’t explain why only some, say three out of a group of ten viewers, would see something different than the other seven, but still see the same thing as the other two/three in the minority group. I also can’t help but wonder if perhaps this was the original basis for the somewhat fictional film, Minority Report.  

There may certainly be several other variables involved, but it struck me that perhaps they were not only seeing different futures (outcomes or timelines), but were also seeing the one that resonated the most with them personally, as individuals. I made this assumption because I realized that my Dreamtime experiences were the result of a very focused and repetitive question each night before I went to sleep, and because of the results, I still believe that focused prayer (aside from the power of intention/expectation), works in a very similar way.

In WAWR 101 I explained that it appeared as though focused thoughts and prayers were like making a query on an enormous internet (what Dunne referred to as a network in 1927), and getting the answers later in dreams. Also, even if a person didn’t realize this may be when the information was obtained, the moment they suddenly remember having it is likely the source of what we refer to as an epiphany. Additionally, it is also entirely possible that the information is being accessed in real time during waking hours, even by those who haven’t been trained to do it. In fact, this may have a great deal to do with big-pharma’s increasingly misguided encroachment on younger and younger victims apparently requiring a pill to help them concentrate because they “day-dream” too much, but then I digress. The primary point is that what I specifically accessed while in the Dreamtime stream, was often and primarily directed by the focus of my thoughts before I got there, and remote viewing is an extension of the same principle.

Nevertheless, as it was for me with the mandala that years later turned out to be a future image of Walter Russell’s concepts (which was originally drawn even before my parents were born), the only way to be completely sure you accessed a future event, is to get the feedback of actually experiencing it—this is commonly referred to as déjà vu. 

Where I find the published results of the recent ‘future timeline’ remote viewing project (done by the Farsight Institute) disturbing, aside from the exceptionally long but still existent military-industrial-complex leashes involved, are ANY form of *assurances* that the future they claimed to have seen, and all of its associated doom, really is what we will experience. I find this as deeply troubling as its new age counterpart, found at the opposite end of the spectrum and insisting we are now currently living in the “positive” timeline—neither are true. If this is the ‘positive’ timeline then I would really hate to see the other one, and if collective doom was written in stone before we came here, then there is no point in honoring (let alone exercising) the power of individual free will to change the outcome, is there?  

Far more importantly however, which goes back to the previously established pattern of muddying the water and perpetuating ignorance so the elite can continue their agendas unabated and without resistance from the general populace, constantly bombarding the public with the false-choice (dichotomy) of duality in the form of everything is fine (light) vs. you’re all doomed (dark), is one of their more favorite approaches to confuse their perceived lessers. This is why you find the black and white checkerboard motif throughout their artwork, and they especially enjoy applying this method of divide-and-conquer to the color of people’s skin. Apparently planet Earth only has two primary flavors of people—white Christians and brown terrorists, unless you personally happen disagree with that official narrative—in that case, you’re a terrorist too.

Remember what the elite power mongers always say to discourage dissent from their nonsensical and eventually catastrophic viewpoint: “You are either with us, or against us”. One of these days (in the not too distant future) the majority of the general public is going to realize that particular door swings both ways, and we would do well to consider the depopulation agenda is supposed to be the counter-weight to this inevitable realization.

Where toying with the future outcome of seven billion people via presenting dualistic and purposefully divisive “prophetic” narratives is concerned, consider that in both cases at no point is the individual encouraged get involved in the process and therefore self-determine the outcome. If it’s all good you don’t need to do anything to change it, and if it’s all bad and the outcome is written in stone, you couldn’t change it even if you wanted to, right?

Both are specifically designed to quell and prevent resistance, and in the end, whom does that ultimately serve? If change is required to ensure we actually have a future, and multitudes of people are being conned into not changing anything, how is anything going to change? The nature of prophecy has been used and abused for thousands of years as a method of social engineering to artificially manufacture consent. Consent to what? Consent to participating in the evolution of further slavery and demise, even if only by accepting it to the point of doing nothing to change it.

Decent, thoughtful and caring human beings should be careful in accepting that “love is all they need” to make a difference, because it is in fact that very love for life and humanity, in conjunction with the lack of meaningful knowledge necessary to direct that love properly, that is used against us the most. This is a point I try to make often in direct opposition to the idea that most of humanity are nothing more than self-absorbed useless eaters and mindless over-breeders. Emotional manipulation tactics are ONLY effective on people that really care, otherwise, it wouldn’t work.

The only prophecy or prediction I can honestly and personally make to anyone about anything, based on principle alone, was perhaps best articulated by the author and philosopher, Ayn Rand: You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. What can be done to alleviate suffering and ensure a more viable, abundant and equitable future for everyone, can and should, always be done—regardless of the time or place.

[Prophecy will be covered in depth on the next tab over, FILTERS].


Sacred Science: All-encompassing creational design or matrix that supports, creates, regenerates and upholds life, both on a micro and macro scale, including but not limited to their interrelations and reactions one with the other(s); a complex life-science system that can be proven and observed; sacred in its necessary role to support all forms of life at every scale; an umbrella term for a whole life-giving system with multiple parts, co-factors, biomes, sub-systems and processes often working in, and experienced on, multiple and/or fractal scales.

This term and its definition reflect my current interpretation or understanding of an all-encompassing, working and knowable life science matrix that supports and regenerates all material life as we know it. The use of the word “matrix” is intentional here, both in its original meaning and in a very similar context introduced via the film trilogy with a similar name—perhaps the original writer of the series had their own Dreamtime moment—this is far more common than people realize.


Matrix (1940’s Dictionary): n. pl. matrices, the womb; the cavity in which anything is formed or cast; a mold; the rock in which a fossil or mineral is embedded; a copper plate for molding the face of a type; a paper-mache impression of type used in stereotypy.

Matrix (Additional definitions via Webster’s 2010 College Dictionary, 4th Edition): womb, public register, origin. That within which, or within and from which, something originates, takes form, or develops; A die or mold for casting or shaping; an impression from which a large number of phonograph records can be duplicated; Electronics: a process in which several signals are combined for transmission or recording and then separated for reception or playback.

From those definitions alone most would extrapolate that a creational design matrix (Sacred Science) is referring to Mother Nature, and there is certainly some truth in that. However, while the term “Mother Nature” generally conjures images of ancient green forests brimming with mythical unicorns and fairy folk, and certainly forests are a much needed and necessary part of the life-giving equation, it goes way, way beyond trees, flora and fauna. It includes everything from the purpose of the design of our solar system to the purpose and design of slime mold—it includes everything because all of it is connected.

Sacred Science Analogies & Principles: Virtual Reality, Recipes, & Fractal Compositions

Where a virtual reality example is concerned, the inclusion of ‘matrix’ adds considerable depth to the Sacred Science in terms of recognizing it also operates in a space and time ‘before the form’. Those familiar with Walter Russell’s work are also familiar with this notion and its similarities to beliefs in a non-physical type of morphogenic field in which the patterns of form are set and stored, before they are manifested, mirrored or printed into physical reality. The previously mentioned Walter Russell article makes a nice companion to the definition of matrix in this aspect, and of course I do wonder if Russell’s Divine Iliad and the time he expressed as, “walking and talking with God,” was a personal interpretation of his own extended Dreamtime experience. 

In the main, the analogies covered in this section set out principle-based examples designed to encourage and explain the need for more inclusive (non-compartmentalized) ways of viewing the material pattern of physical creation, in order that we may begin to work with it (instead of against it) to the benefit of our survival and thrivability. These principles ultimately apply to every other aspect of our nature—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual—further encouraging us to realize and remember that fundamental patterns for abundance and evolution are everywhere around us, and can be our greatest teachers.

The comparison to a virtual reality program can be very telling, but in no way should ever be misconstrued as the idea that physical reality “isn’t real” so it doesn’t matter what we do here. It matters a great deal, and anyone who has ever watched a loved one, especially a child, starve to death or slowly waste away from a famine or disease that could easily be cured or prevented, can look you right in the eye and tell you so.

At the generic physical level, a virtual reality program is created by nothing but a bunch of computer code in the form of zeros and ones. At the more complex level (moving up the fractal scale), this code is intelligently grouped and arranged to produce very specific sets of sub-systems and sub-routines that are very deeply layered and interdependent. Moving up the fractal scale again (zooming the camera farther out), these fully-functioning and co-dependent sub-systems and subroutines, when also intelligently grouped and arranged, produce an end (software) product known as virtual reality—a fully functional and interactive experience for the pleasure and experience of the end-user.

The Sacred Science of life is based on the same principles, and our current global situation is akin to two different things happening simultaneously in this regard: the codes of life are being purposefully hacked in nearly every sub-routine or sub-program which also dramatically increases interoperability or communication errors, in addition to intentionally reprogramming some of the sub-systems to begin hacking themselves and the other programs under the false pretense of actually repairing them. Signs that this is happening—or ‘glitches in the matrix’—can be seen today in the form of everything from increased disease and autism rates, erratic weather patterns, holes in the magnetosphere/ionosphere, increased sterility and infant mortality rates, and sudden and massive animal, fish, and bee die-offs. If Time itself was also being hacked, seeing something similar to the same black cat walking by twice in a row, would likely also be part of the equation, producing a form of deja-vu akin to, but extraneous from, normal Dreamtime experiences.

Every creation, be it plants or people, even though they are only made possible via the specific contributions of necessary co-factors, nonetheless become unique creational designs unto themselves. Even different types of plant-life require different measures of soil, water, sun, elevation and temperature. In this sense every creation is also very much like a recipe, and its co-contributing elements (synthesis) are like the list of ingredients. If we don’t know exactly how many different ingredients are in the dish (creation) or in what measure, we can’t understand when a necessary ingredient (co-contributor) has been removed, a new ingredient has been added, or if the wrong amounts/measurements are being applied.

Above and beyond (as well as in addition to) the recipe and virtual reality programming analogies, even language, books, and musical scores are recipes and creations with specific patterns of their own. With a musical score, rather than using co-creating contributors like the sun, soil and water as the ingredients or instruments for synthesis, we use percussion (drums), horn (saxophone, flute, tuba) and string (piano, harp, violin) instruments. Even so, in conjunction with proper tuning, they have elevations or musical scales of their own that are also contributing to end result. If we change or alter any of those contributions to the original or intended masterpeice, while it may not change completely, it won’t be the same song anymore—the recipe/code/formula has been altered.

Fractal Interdependence and Scalable Views

In language or literary composition, we again start at the base: an alphabet. I especially enjoy this analogy for its use in teaching the fractal nature of what will inevitably become more complex systems, the further up the ladder or scale we go—something explained in WAWR 101 as zooming the camera in and out. As a starting point (zoomed in) we could say that individual letters of an alphabet don’t really amount to much on their own, yet without them, the smallest of books and the greatest of libraries would not exist.

From these basic building blocks, just like the zeros and ones of computer programming or even culinary arts working with specific edible ingredients, when placed in the right order and grouped into specific combinations, something greater than their individual parts has been formed—a word, dish, or sub-routine. With this one simple and intentionally ordered step, we moved up the fractal scale of creation (or zoomed our lens out one notch), reaching a new level of understanding and complexity. Using only the literary composition model going forward, we find that even at this new or higher scale of complexity, in many ways, the scale above it (sentence level) will view the words as its basic building blocks, whereas before, words would view letters as basic building blocks.

When letters are ordered and strung together we achieve a higher form of complexity called words. When words are ordered and strung together we again reach a higher form of complexity or creation known as sentences; sentences become paragraphs; paragraphs become chapters; chapters become books, and books become libraries. This process is repeated over and over again at every level of creation.

When cells are given specialized functions and ordered accordingly they may group into organs, skeletal and circulatory systems, which are then ordered to the point of becoming a complete and interdependent system called a human body. When planets are ordered and grouped together with suns and moons they become solar systems; ordered groups of solar systems become galaxies and so on.

While again, in the main, this particular treatise on the Sacred Science is primarily focused on the physical nature of reality and the ways those codes are being hacked or altered to our detriment, there is absolutely another element to it: mind. Or, as Edgar Cayce once expressed, mind is the builder, although he never did specify whose/which mind was working at what scale.

The Sacred Science & Intelligent Design

As eluded to earlier with the inclusion of the matrix and/or morphogenic field theory, whether from a religious or secular point of view, there can be no doubt that intelligence is behind the purposefully ordered nature of complex designs and systems. This is true to the degree that some of the most advanced sciences of our time are based on things like bio-mimicry. As the ‘bio’ prefix suggests, this too is a Sacred Science co-factor that can also be weaponized. When taught and used correctly however, we find young students creating solar energy devices capable of harvesting greater quantities of energy simply by copying the pattern of nature into the design.  In 2011 CNN reported on a 13-year-old boy who designed a solar panel tree using the Fibonacci sequence found in the branch arrangement of living trees. This is an excellent example of right-use of the knowledge.

Many years ago when doing research for WAWR 101 I came across an interesting book called, OF PANDAS AND PEOPLE—The Central Question of Biological Origins, Second Edition, by Percival Davis, Dean H. Kenyon, and Charles B. Thaxton. One of the more interesting points it raised is how the chasm between science and religion has repeatedly and successfully been used to prevent intelligent design from being taught in public school systems. This has created a de facto barrier through which the Sacred Science also cannot be taught. The consequences of this knowledge deficit and where it ultimately leads has been repeatedly expressed throughout this treatise, and at no point was that accomplished taking sides in a futile dichotomy.

In addition, remembering that the same patterns are repeating over and over again and that only the names change, this is another form of divide-and conquer (black and white checkerboard) through which broader correlations are prevented (compartmentalization) from being obtained. This consequently severely cripples or even entirely prevents a form of human synthesis through which people and ideas are able to combine into and form something greater than their individual parts, colors or singular suppositions. Rather than moving up the fractal scale of complexity, growth and experience together, they remain confined to underdeveloped roles as un-explored and under-utilized building blocks. If the Sacred Science (or nature) tried to function this way, seeds wouldn’t germinate (no plant life), embryos wouldn’t develop in the womb (no people or animals), and instead of organized and functional solar systems capable of hosting complex and sentient life forms, we would find a disorganized mess of debris in the form of an endless asteroid field.

Before moving to the final section regarding preferred terminology in this area, aside from the other examples already provided, let me provide a case-specific example of exactly what I meant in the last paragraph. Although Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Weapons was a classification not included in WAWR 101, I wrote about several technologies that fit into this category based on the principles of their development alone (hacking the code), Genetically Modified Foods being one of the more obvious. Even then, well beyond Dreamtime teachings, based on the exceptional work of Jeffrey Smith in his book Genetic Roulette, this could be proven to be a scientific fact. On top of massive GMO crop failures that destroyed the lives of Indian farmers to the point they committed suicide (120,000 of them) to keep the debts from being passed to their families, it was also known that livestock who ate the GMO seed were either getting sick, dying, or becoming sterile.

If the Sacred Science had been taught in school to everyone (religious and secular alike and without preference for either), which would necessarily include the intelligence of the design as a necessary way to communicate the unintelligence of letting people hack, alter or weaponize it just because they can, would genetically modified foods have ever been created? Additionally, if the Pope of the Catholic Church had been taught the Sacred Science, would he have publicly announced the church’s support of Genetically Modified Foods?  Would the kind of secrecy, corruption and scientific compartmentalization currently taking place all over the world in black project underground laboratories currently working on Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Weapons, even be possible?

At what point will the reality of our current situation be persistent enough to override the socially engineered dichotomy of our demise? We may never know or see the true face of the Grand Architect or Grand Designer, but we can see and know the beauty and importance of the design—a design with an integrity often far greater than our own.

[NOTE: Similar compartmentalization issues will be addressed on the FILTERS tab].



Similar philosophies go by several other names, including Natural Law, the One Law, or Holy Science. In conjunction with my understanding of how the previous six civilizations ended and that we are currently repeating the same pattern, I prefer the term Sacred Science as a reminder that separation of the two (the Sacred and the Science) begins a trend towards an inevitable and tragic outcome if prolonged. At the same time, what we call it is far less important than whether or not we understand it, as well as what we, both individually and collectively, intend to do with it.


If this information is new to you, feeling upset and disheartened is a natural human response to an insanity that is both nihilistic and incomprehensible. What is not a natural human response, although still very common, is feeling powerless to change things. This too is a byproduct of generations of social engineering, and is also designed to prevent individual resistance to agendas that are detrimental and self-destructive. Perception management plays a vital role in this process, primarily operating through its MSM counterpart, or ‘television programming’.

Not only does the MSM act as a buffer by refusing to report the most important news and events of our time, but in doing so, has also refused to report the millions upon millions of people that no longer watch it, and have instead taken to the streets in their respective countries to voice their concern over these very same issues. While the (r)evolution may not be televised, it is nonetheless happening, and is waiting for each of you to become a creative and powerful (not powerless) part of it. Change can come one person at a time, and in fact, is the only way it ever has.

[NOTE: To access and download this Treatise as a PDF document, click HERE].

6 thoughts on “THE SACRED SCIENCE (A Brief Treatise)

  1. Yesterday evening I thankfully found your site, and read the Sacred Science paper. What struck me right away was the journey you began prior to O4′, and your awakening to the ‘matrix’ within the lower and upper levels of physical life, and also captured within the ethereal plains in writings, books, music, ensembled music, and more. While your journey took a slightly different path than my own, my journey began in about 07′, and obviously continues to this day. It has been an extraordinarily revealing and deeply compelling search for truth and understanding. Having no previous drug addiction experience, but I liken it to needing to get to my next fix, or maybe its closer to the many pleasant yearnings one feels when falling in love, only this love have many troubling aspects as well. Once the switch was turned on in my head, Pandora’s Box opened slightly, there was no walking away from desperately pursuing the final truths.

    There have been momemts, “epiphamies”, wherein a particular magic of life’s concert was made so obvious to me. The realizaiton that within all of life, easily witnessed in the lower visable species or plants, bugs, and animals, all exchanging life forces within their own family (species), and to lower and upper species, up and down the tree of life, including man. My journey began with a tragedy, partly of my own making and my own naivete’, and a nomadic-like desperate search for truth and understanding. I continue on my path, begun after a gut-wrenching, heart-driven abandonment of a 35 year career in business. A career and relationships I could no longer could stomach. Once I came to understand better the full depth and breadth of corruption pervading all big business everywhere, I could no longer particpate in a career I no longer respected. I went from enjoying my life, my career, and the interesting contacts and travels it afforded me, to a feeling of repulsion to the unholy, immoral, treasonous, vile nature of that business, and the wretched people that were masters over so much of my life.

    I have spent the last 5 or 6 years reading and sharing what I believe others are willing or capable of entertaining. Time and time again, with family, friends, distant people in blogs, even my rudementary efforts to share some base tenets of my maticulousely researched understandings of the nature of things, elemental truths of the life-forces amongst all creatures, are met with a “there’s nothing we can do about it,” or “you should just go back to doing what you used to love, and were sucessful at,” or “I just don’t see what you are so worried about.” My declarations of massive manipulations and lies, dating back the entirety of our lives, our parents and grandparents lives, are largely met with silence from others. This country America, previously held in such worldwide acclaim, home to some of the most grotesque manipulations of all that we came to know, our history, and the history of this country, has been one appauling long and tragic illusion, one lie heaped upon another, one evil colaboration after another, with no apparent end in sight. Its very sad, tragic, and such an enormous waste of what could have been. If only the countless immoral and wretched ‘leaders’ would step aside, and allow a cool or warm breeze of fresh air, fresh and noble truths, to break through to the light of day.

    I still have so much to learn, the many sonic, light and heat waves of all life, and I so want to get there, but the magnitude of the hill I have yet to climb, and the seemingly endless hills yet to even be recognized by far too many, makes the task before me, and before us all appear so daunting, it’s a frightening undertaking. And all the more daunting, are the many, many parasites determined to hinder our way. In my still elementary perception of time, it appears we have so little time left to bend the trajectory away from absolute, generations upon generations, of slavery to the beast.

    Crystal – when you find yourself sinking into despair, from the scale of the challenges ahead of us, what do you do to pull yourself back away from the edge of the abyss? I will never give up, and I imagine the road was meant to be quite difficult, but I am very tired of walking this very lonely road.

    One last comment. I thought it karmic to run across a site with “Drowning in Absurdity” as its name, for my not-so-secret email account is “Reaching for Air”, a feeling of drowning for sure.



    • Coldda, thank you for the comment/question. There are times I feel exasperated and frustrated, but I don’t despair. As more and more people become *ready* for a new experience here, we draw closer to it. This readiness provides the energy for buds on the tree to grow and our actions begin to produce the fruit of a better way of living. As the fruit proliferate and begin to mature, their weight draws them lower and lower to the ground until they are soon within everyone’s grasp. From here, all we have to do is reach out our hands and take it.

      What becomes more apparent in the process however, are those who work tirelessly to cut the tree down for fear of losing control (over others), before everyone gets to taste the fruits of abundance, right-living and freedom. If the tree dies and our souls are given the opportunity to begin anew elsewhere, we get a new experience. If we take care of it and protect it, we get a new (fuller and better) experience here. Either way, the madness happening here will end, and few will be ungrateful for it. The message I personally work to convey, is that ultimately, the choice belongs to us.

      Can we have a clean planet offering a bright, equal, abundant future for everyone? Yes, we can. Can we self-destruct if we don’t work to achieve it? Yes, we can and we will. Are we at the fork in the road? Yes, we are–finally.

      It’s an exhilarating time to be alive and if we make the most of it, endless wonders are waiting for us as a whole, prospering, and *enduring* civilization with a future far greater than our past. As the saying goes: the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet. The question then becomes, why not? What are we waiting for? 🙂


  2. Dear Crystal, I’m writing to express my appreciation and support for what you share on this blog and in your interviews. I know it is very demanding, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, to take on the kind of work you are doing, and so I want you to know how much I appreciate it. What I love most about this essay is that even while it pinpoints the enormous challenges facing us, and the possible consequences of not meeting those challenges, it reminds me that there is hope, and that I can make a real contribution to the fulfillment of that hope. Thank you.


    • Sibylle, we do the best we can, often with little more than a hope it will make the intended difference or desired contribution. Sincere feedback like yours takes us beyond the ‘hoping’ stage, and into the knowing phase. 🙂 Thank you for the kind appreciation and support!


  3. Thank you for the generosity of your kind words, support, and wonderful feedback, M. It means a lot. 🙂 A brighter future with wonders we can’t even imagine yet–answers to questions we haven’t even thought to ask yet–is indeed out there, still possible, and waiting for us.


  4. Hello Crystal , I have been reading this throughout the day , off and on and slowly digesting it, thinking about it as I went about my tasks and the “life as usual stuff ” . I will probably come back and read it again , that is how I learn when it comes to this type of information . I seem to need more time, I need to absorb it fully and completely . Although I know life is not usual ( for me ) any more, due to my perceptions changing some time back ( thanks to you ) and that continues on , in shifts and changes and personal insights -each time I learn something or gain an understanding of how it all connects up , the inevitability of a possible outcome of nightmarish conditions , but also what could be , the glorious wonder of what could be . I wake up every day thinking about the topics you have outlined here and the rest of your writing and books and the work other people are doing and how people do seem to be taking it on now . I have tried to think of something profound and intelligent to say here Crystal, but am unable to work out the words in a succinct and articulate way, that would adequately express my sincere gratitude for all your work , especially the honesty of your story of self discovery and the dream time in this piece. As well as the wonderful section six 🙂 I really appreciate it and thank you from my heart. I know many others will as well. Much love to you Crystal . M xxx


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