3A. Prophecy


By Crystal Clark, June 19, 2013

nostradamus-bannerThe following information comes from a section of WAWR 101 that dealt with intentionally misguided (steered and engineered) interpretations of the following intimately related concepts: evil, sin, anti-christ, and prophecy. In a perhaps seemingly strange way, those interrelations can be best exampled by singularly focusing in on prophecy first, again through the lens of the Sacred Science. That is to say, or rather reiterate, not just seeing through the lens of a Sacred Science encompassing a whole life-giving and *integrated* system comprised of numerous sub-systems, co-factors and fractal biomes, but also the consequences for *dis-integrating* those necessarily interrelated systems.

On some level Nostradamus understood this, but until those trying to interpret his quatrains also understand it, progressing his prophecies past incredibly limiting anti-Christ reductionism filters is nearly impossible. The following (italics) comes from a section beginning on page 19, Chapter One of WAWR 101: Nostradamus and the Mystery of Mabus

The word MABUS comes to us through one of Nostradamus’ quatrains. If you search the web by the word MABUS you will find yourself sifting through a sea of books, CD’s, and websites all claiming to either know who MABUS is, or working hard to figure it out. Most Nostradamus experts believe the word is an anagram for a person’s name, and that by re-arranging the letters, the name of the anti-Christ will be revealed.

In one of Nostradamus’ quatrains (Century 2, Quatrain 62) he refers to MABUS:

Mabus will soon die, then will come

A horrible undoing of people and animals

At once, one will see vengeance

One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet passes

Out of curiosity I wondered if I might find the word Mabus in one of the dictionaries in the back of the unusual bible (Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible by AMG Publishers) recently gifted to me…In the Hebrew dictionary on page 1960 I found the following definition: Ma/bus: n. (noun), [m] (male): granary.

I found through using these dictionaries that words can have several different spins on the same meaning from being translated back and forth into other languages. For this reason a reference in one language will often refer to its [closest] equivalent in another language, like Hebrew entry #3 ab: father, predecessor, which refers to Aramaic entry 1003 or ‘eb: fruit.

[Note: This bible came to me through a family member who became a re-reborn and devout Christian, and through that devotion lovingly feels obligated to share it with thier loved ones. Though my personal views may differ considerably, they don’t preclude me from honoring powerful examples of ageless wisdom found in nearly all faiths on some level. References from WAWR101 on Mabus continue below].

I have included some those additional cross-references to add depth to the word MABUS:

Hebrew entry #80: ‘a-bas: to be fattened

Aramaic entry #1002: ‘a: father, predecessor

Aramaic entry #1003: ‘eb: fruit

Hebrew entry #3: ’ab: father, grandfather, forefather, ancestor

Hebrew entry #4: ‘eb: new (plant) growth, shoot

So the word MABUS is not a who, but rather in its simplest form is referring to the seed in a general sense…If we look up the word(s) fruit/fruitful in the back of the Bible in the index, we find many such references, including the following:

Psalms 128:3—Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your sons will be like olive shoots around your table.

Isaiah 11:1—A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.

Having the knowledge that MABUS means seed, we can re-read Nostradamus’ quatrain as follows:

The seed will soon die, then will come

A horrible undoing of people and animals

At once, one will see vengeance

One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet passes

There were some translations of the second line in the quatrain that read “terrible destruction” instead of horrible undoing. I believe the undoing version to be more accurate, but this requires a more in-depth look…Understanding the connection between human, animal and plant seeds, specifically referring to our agriculture, the seed is right now at this moment, and has been for some time, in the process of being undone intentionally…On the food side, hundreds, if not thousands of seeds have been “undone” in such a manner that they are no longer fully alive in terms of the Sacred Science, and therefore can (and do) actually grow plants that are no longer fully alive. If you wish to learn more about this you can search the web for a video called: The Future of Food. Understand that “undone” does not mean rancid, dead or rotten, for you could not tell the difference between a seed that is alive and a seed that has been undone by looking at them.

Animals know the difference though. If you put a pile of each seed out, they will not touch the undone [GMO] seeds, even though they look identical—not even rats will eat it if given a choice, but they are serving it to you anyway—everywhere.

That highly condensed excerpt from WAWR 101 is another example of what I mean when referring to the difference between details and principles. Although I may have learned the (Sacred Science) principles in an unconventional manner by today’s standards, it was through the guidance of those principles that I knew what details to look for, and unfortunately, I found them. The book later went on to explain how it was already known that animals who ate the “undone” (hacked/altered/reprogrammed/GMO) seed either died, became extremely ill or sterile—some having later given birth to empty water sacks. Also included was information about the 120,000 Indian farmers that committed suicide after being conned into using GMO seed. Most of the incredibly important hard data referred to in WAWR 101 in this regard came from the excellent book, Genetic Roulette, by Jeffrey M. Smith. That research came out six years ago, and has since been updated and trumped in atrocity by ever more serious and continued scientific scrutiny.

While both filters and patterns were addressed in the first book, patterns are especially important. If they can be observed and understood they provide us with an almost mirror image form of data that can help us course-correct if we’re brave enough to self-reflect and compare what we see happening with what we want or should see happening, versus what we are told is happening. This is a vital step towards evolutionary progress, which is the antithesis to CBBC (Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Collapse).

Where patterns alone are concerned, there was a particularly disturbing pattern I discovered over and over again when writing WAWR 101 that has gained even more significance over time: covert and mass sterilization of the global population. It was so pervasive that I wasn’t sure we would get this far (2013) and still be able to reproduce. At the time I finished the book (2008) available independent studies were already showing that animals consistently fed GMO seed (and lived) were sterile by the third generation—and that’s just from the GMO’s. That doesn’t take into consideration the growing use of sterilizing vaccines, environmental toxins, gender-bending (endocrine-disrupting) plasticizers, and now (post WAWR 101), increased radiation exposure from Fukushima and the oil/Corexit/Synthia (synthetic self-replicating microbe) release in the Gulf of Mexico. Lauren Moret (a fantastic and well-versed researcher on the effects of radiation exposure) reported that not long after the massive radiation release from Fukushima, miscarriages in the western US immediately shot up almost 30 percent. This same prescient concern was also once portrayed in the film, Children of Men.

A recent report expounding on the adamant determination of eugenic, depopulation elitism was released by RT, and included references to Monsanto purchasing a company that injected a permanent infertility gene into corn—the name of the company is Epicyte. This gene re-writes the human biology script in a way that produces antibodies rendering both males and females exposed to it, irreversibly sterile. Current estimates indicate 80% of the corn sold in the US is GMO, but how many of those strains contain the sterilization gene has not been adequately reported as of yet, and I don’t suspect it will be. If you’ve let yourself believe the global protests against GMO’s were comprised of nothing but a bunch of tree-hugging hippie vegetarians, now would be a good time to reconsider that slant/filter and wonder where it originally came from.

Again, while all of these separate issues will be given their necessary due through the lens of the Sacred Science in their own respective sections, what has been precisely addressed here regarding the nature of Nostradamus and prophecy offers the kind of clarity needed to see through consistent anti-christ reductionism. Where Mabus is concerned, even without the lens of the Sacred Science, but still thinking outside the boundaries of anti-christ filters, unadulterated common sense alone would have raised an interesting question: What sense does it make for all the ‘experts’ to blame the pinnacle of our demise on a living anti-christ (as one man), but then interpret the Mabus quatrain in ways that indicate massive destruction/undoing takes place only *after* the supposed anti-Christ dies? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

There is another Mabus quatrain of equal importance I did not include in WAWR 101 that I will instead include here for the first time. It’s easier and more profitable now (in terms of social/moral change, not financial/monetary change) because people are currently aware of far more than they were before.

To the same degree GMO’s were covered in WAWR 101 (always via the lens of the Sacred Science), so too were weather modification, geo-engineering, HAARP, extra radiation, and several other forms of “non-lethal” weapons. This included everything from patents, military dossiers, and proposed legislation against it, to the names of companies you could hire to modify your weather or manufacture “shock” bracelets for your non-compliant airline passengers. But unlike the nastiness of GMO’s, the atrocity of these other programs cut deep enough into the human psyche that self-imposed forms of psychic blocks, even among the most progressive in the alternative community, were nearly impossible to penetrate a few years ago. It was so pervasive that the only way I could progress the knowledge and its implications (including smart dust) was to encapsulate it in a secondary “fictional” book, WHO ARE WE REALLY 102—When Tomorrow Comes.

Thanks to the hard work of extremely focused and dedicated people all over the world, this kind of delicacy is no longer required to get the message across—a major leap forward for (and by) mankind that should never be down-played, marginalized or underestimated. In that same vein, and in conjunction with what has already been explored here, below is another Nostradamus quatrain that, when also seen through the lens of the Sacred Science, is just as telling and the first regarding Mabus. The following comes from a book titled, NOSTRADAMUS AND THE NEW MILLENIUM, by Michael Jordan, copyright 1998. On page 119 the author discusses a quatrain whose definitive numbering isn’t made clear, but reads (or rather was translated) as follows—note that ‘peste’ refers to pestilence, and ‘charbon’ refers to carbon:

“The white charbon is driven away by the black; made a prisoner, led to the gallows. His feet are tied together like a camel {criminal}, when the last horn will release the falcon.”

From here the author moves to the next quatrain reference (Q90—CV), adding the following:

“It refers to a peste rather than charbon, Nostradamus’ more usual euphemism, through a pestilence that is delivered through a false dust.”

The author goes on to say:

“The fact that this ‘plague’ is borne by means of a ‘false dust’ suggests strongly that Nostradamus anticipated some kind of lethal airborne substance being unleashed…we have also seen the effectiveness of airborne defoliants in destroying crops and thereby inducing famine.”

This is an extremely interesting view that may include a fair amount of prescience on the part of the author, given that chemtrails (which include solar dimming and weather modification), are doing exactly that—destroying crops—globally. It’s also worth noting that the makers of Agent Orange, a chemical weapon once used in a similar way, are currently the bio-tech leaders globally produced genetically modified (reprogrammed) food: Monsanto.

For more information on these interrelated subjects I recommend the article, Microbes & Machiavellian Mindsets, from which a much more detailed analysis and cross-reference synthesis can be obtained, even for the purpose of finding more clarity in the “false dust” Nostradamus referred to. The article explains the role of chemtrails as a possible binary weapon (genocide) system and even refers to a film including that same concept—a film made by American actors, but banned in the US for some time. The addition of GMO’s may indicate a tertiary genocidal weapons/depopulation system including chemtrails, vaccines and GMO’s, or as the “triangle” motif of our global handlers suggests, there are always three purposes, angles or layers to everything they do—width, depth and breadth if you will.

It’s also worth pointing out that while some of our modern and very dedicated chemtrail researchers refrain from using the term “chemtrail” because of its seemingly unscientific basis, that precise word was originally used in in the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, a resolution signed by member nations in Geneva on May 18, 1977. In Article II, Section 7: Definitions, the term “chemtrails” is very specifically used—this term did not originate from the “internet conspiracy crowd”. The full text of Resolution 31/72 will be included elsewhere in the appropriate section, but was later followed up (again by Dennis Kucinich) with the Space Preservation Act of 2005. In this sense, when the MIGC (military-industrial-genocidal-complex) uses terms like “Full Spectrum Dominance” in their strategic behavioral/military roadmaps for the future, I recommend taking them at their word, recognizing that this path of error leads to CBBC, and doing your best to prevent it.

Prophecy & Scientific Advancement

Before moving to the next interrelated section covering the severe limitations set by anti-christ reductionist filters, there is another important matter to address where prophecy is concerned: scientific advancement. This aspect of the equation deals with the filters of time, both from the perspective of the (past) prophet/viewer/seer being exposed to images of a future they are technologically incapable of adding a modern context to, and the modern individual trying to interpret those past prophecies through a modern lens that doesn’t take this into account. As an example, there is purported to be an old Native American prophecy about a future time when spider webs would criss-cross the skies. From here we can begin to appreciate the complexities and courage involved in sharing a future vision with a present (of the same time period) people, knowing they may turn against you through lack of the advanced scientific knowledge needed to understand it better.

In other words, because of their pre-scientific culture (trapped in the ignorance of their time filters), the seer basically just said there will be a time when spiders become so large and over-grown, the enormity of their webs will cover the skies and block out more of the sun. In nearly every example where lack of more knowledgeable discernment persists, so too do mythology and superstition persist in an effort to fill in the blanks. In a people disconnected from the Sacred Science and its daily observable workings in nature and natural systems (a disconnect not found in Native Americans at the time), this kind of vision may have resulted in an irrational, fear-based mass hysteria leading to the mass killing and intended extinction of spiders as a means to prevent it.

Nostradamus faced a similar problem, yet also had a similar courage. This can be seen in his visions/quatrains regarding a future in which half-pig men would be piloting advanced flying machines. When the bi-plane was traded in for things like jets that could be flown at higher altitudes (where there is less oxygen), this was achieved by scientific advancements allowing for oxygen to be mechanically delivered to the pilots via an apparatus strapped directly to the face that looks like a rather large pig snout. Where the filters of time and its wisdom are concerned, this is the inherent problem with prophecy, or rather trying to decipher the cause/effect nature of what was seen, without a proper understanding of the variables involved, or later could be involved, especially over long periods of time. Other interrelated considerations were expressed HERE, even in terms of the risks associated with leaving future records behind for the past—a reversed scenario with similar problems.

In any case—or every case—what happens, or will happen, is the result of free will and little else. This includes the outcome of those who choose not to use it in beneficial ways beyond the scope of their own front doors, as well as those who want to but can’t, simply because they don’t have enough knowledge to enact or bring about what they instinctively know has to be possible. If the future is purchased by the present, and the present is already being crushed under the weight of severely oppressive limitation(s), what kind of a future can we honestly expect if those limitations aren’t removed? Should we seriously expect to have a future in any meaningful sense (if at all), if the reality of our true circumstances isn’t more convincing than the well-dressed man in the TV that keeps insisting one step forward and two steps back (regress) is actually progress? Bows, bobbles, trophies, awards and praises don’t bring healthy children into the world, nor sustain them—physically, intellectually, emotionally, or morally-spiritually.

[NOTE: This is a sub-section of the FILTERS tab—the primary FILTERS tab provides the base/basis (pre-conditions) or main concept from which all of its sub-sections are extended and is therefore highly recommended before viewing this material].

5 thoughts on “3A. Prophecy

  1. Well. I think your solution of the problem, is the only one viable of those i have read. But i disagree up on this having to do with GMO. We are closing in on 2 degrees global warming wich is more than any current seeds can continue any foodproduction, and then follows, famins, pests on seeds and animals and humans, as well as the chemical changes in the seas kills of plangktons and the base of the foodchain, things get going unravelling by them selves. Overpopulation and industrial vaste from our civilisation contributes to all of this.

    I think you are right, i could never have thought about looking it up this way you did.
    As Nostradamus was Jewish this cultural religious influence was atleast as profound as his French.

    If the seeds , food, dies, we all dies. And if our greed and stupidity or ignorance make us not to listen to the real profets, like our sientists and make these global changes of how our civilisation works and are organised, we deem ourselves to our own undoing.
    Nostradamus greatly warns about geting misled by false profets.

    Politicians and capitalists do all to fend off any changes that will reduce their selfproclaimed rights, influence and economic dominance they hold in our current system, and will do all to make as small and slow changes possible in order to keep their power over the resources and people within this system.
    Are not most of them , part of the false profets, and are they not the one lobying through demagogs to keep this system up and running.


  2. After looking closely at a number of images at http://www.morgellonsexposed.com I feel adequate enough to suggest that two things come to mind with what seems consistent from one expression of this condition to another, a biotech engineering of plasticides, probably with the original intent to better biodegrade plasiticide contamination in the environment. But that has created somehow a contagion opportunizing living tissue, probably adapting parasitically. to hosts. Or this may be, like cancer, an immune response that protein combines to better deal with corrupted environment. In the case of cancer it’s normal cells converting to anaerobic function to compete better with the anaerobic cancer cells. Here it may well be a similar adaptive conversion as indicated by one of the images of an intruded natural hair “growing” Morgollon’s fibers.
    Studies to determine possible treatments should focus on the tissue environments, what is common to each, for instance acidity, alkalinity, oxygen levels, etc. Along with patient histories and any other abnormalities. This can be done much faster with personal initiatives than any clinics or laboratories…supposing they were even sincere in helping. JCH


    • Thank you for the extra input James. 🙂 I agree—data-mining is a very effective tool for the individual (not just the NSA), and will yield more honest results when done for the right reasons and therefore outside of elitist agendas.


  3. Thanks Crystal! The idea of a pestilence delivered through a false dust also made me think of so called Morgellan’s. Clifford Carnicom has done a lot of research into the fact that chemtrails appear to be spreading this semi-synthetic infection. Besides causing illness, Morgellan’s appears to be part of the transhumanist agenda, since it actually causes plastics in various shapes to grow inside the body, sometimes with gmo red blood cells inside the plastic structures. More unpleasant news! His site is http://www.carnicominstitute.org

    Mr. Carnicom collaborated for about a decade with a naturopathic doctor, Gwen Scott, who has published an excellent article on mitigating Morgellan’s naturally, at http://www.arizonaskywatch.com, in the “Articles” section under “Atmospheric Aerosol Effects—Health.”


    • Thanks for the information, Sibylle. Morgellan’s is indeed a symptom of unnatural attempts to play God by artificially altering a system “just to see what will happen” in the hopes it can later be useful as another form of weaponization and control over others.

      However, given the prolific nature of chemtrails (meaning everyone has been exposed), and the small number of people presenting with Morgellan’s symptoms, other factors have to be taken into account. Not necessarily in terms of how the exposure ultimately occurred, but rather, why only certain people are so affected by the exposure. This implies there is a common denominator between those in the population sub-group with Morgellon’s.

      This is important because it means that very much like cancer, it is not a “contagious” condition. In fact, having had this conversation recently with a dear friend and colleague (James Horak), it was suggested that the same remediation efforts applicable to cancer (higher oxygen content) could provide a similar benefit to those suffering from Morgellon’s. Whether hemp oil deals with cancer in a similar manner (perhaps not yet fully understood), I can’t say for sure, but the use of apricot seeds (the seeds inside the hard core of the fruit) affect cancer by doing exactly that—raising available oxygen levels. The core can be opened standing the pit on its side and hitting the seam with a hammer.


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