8 thoughts on “14. MIND IS NOT MATTER

  1. I have been looking at this section for a long time now. Is there anything you would like to post here, or give a time frame for a posting?

    A certain channel teaches this, but I found him to be a hypocrite, and I don’t resonate with him. So this tells me he has an agenda.

    Once I saw this section, I kept checking back. Any thoughts? 🙂

    Thank you,



    • Thank you for the question Clare. That the physical brain is not the entirety of “mind” is evidenced often, but rarely pointed to for fear of upsetting status-quo apple carts of predominant belief systems that serve agenda. Here is an excellent example–how can a child, with a “new” brain, remember who they were before (in a previous life) when occupying a different body with a different brain in a new life?! What is “mind” then? Something wonderfully beyond the hunk of gray matter through which we may experience, perhaps even access, what Edgar Cayce once referred to as the “skein of time and space”. That our access to this knowledge as earth-bound humans may be hindered by an artificially produced form of split consciousness, as claimed by James Horak, is well worth consideration: http://www.amazon.com/Life-Before-Childrens-Memories-Previous/dp/031237674X


      • Thank you. I had to think about that. I do like what you said and I liked your example.

        But what about your mind creates your physical reality? Were you going to talk along those lines?

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      • No, I won’t be talking along those lines–it promotes cowardice, apathy and indifference–celebrates them even, to the detriment of our entire civilization. One has to take but a short look around to see the extreme cost of ambivalence. Just ‘thinking’ about feeding a child doesn’t actually feed them. Just ‘thinking’ about prosecuting pedophiles doesn’t stop them. LOVE ACTS!


  2. I recently heard an asssertion that modern sports stadiums, likened to ancient arenas such as the Coliseum, were built on the ley lines of the earth to facilitate energetic control of the attendees. Can anyone comment on this?


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