Can one imagine the absurdity of participating in the global genocide of life forms on this planet, as the means to save it? How many will assist in setting the entire world on fire because someone has threatened to burn their house down if they don’t? Home is the planet we live on—not the numbers painted on our house. What manner of confounding influence convinces someone they can destroy the one to save the other?

I say it must be ignorance, for under such an influence, the deepest rivers of compassion and even the basic instinct to survive, become entirely misguided. Ignorance is the cunning thief of an individual’s free will and right to choose something better, and if prolonged, becomes the mark of every slave.

Still, it must be said that knowledge alone is not the antidote to ignorance. Knowledge must be partnered with the love and compassion of wisdom’s sanctity of life to ensure it is not misapplied, and to keep it from never being applied at all. From those three things, the circle of life springs: knowledge, wisdom, action.

My core belief is that ignorance of what it takes to create, regenerate and uphold life, is the single greatest plague we have ever faced. It is unjust, unrealistic, unbecoming, unnecessary, unsustainable, and left unchecked, will destroy every living thing on this planet—again.

I hope you find the articles posted here meaningful in that regard. The cure is out there, it belongs to everyone, and as someone who very deeply loves this planet and the people and critters on it, I would like to see it used. Along those lines, in some cases, you’ll find I’m also a fan of tough love.

Blessings on your continued journey,

Crystal Clark

September 2012

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