BEYOND PSYCHOPATHY: A World With Endless Possibilities

June 15, 2021

This static page has been left blank for close to ten years because the psychopath issue, in my view, was not an issue most people were ready to seriously deal with or discuss. As a consequence, nor did they understand the extremely pressing need to do both, for the sake of our collective future—a civilization ran by psychopaths will neither remain civil nor endure for long. Today that’s never been more outwardly obvious, but back then, well, it was a more difficult issue to understand and consider.

Here I would quickly let readers know that this won’t be a particularly long article where I attempt to provide a lengthy explanation of psychopathy and the toll it takes not just on it’s immediate sphere of local influence or victims, or even that of an entire civilization once in power. For that, I have provided excellent documentaries in which this is explained in detail by both experts in the field, and perhaps surprisingly, psychopaths themselves. However, beyond that, there are a few otherwise over-looked points this author feels need to be made.

The severe mental block regarding this topic isn’t there anymore. I wouldn’t say this has changed because of the Great Awakening, rather I would say this change is the reason for that awakening, which is largely due to two things: reality being too persistent to be ignored, and not enough censorship in the world to cover it all up. Human suffering has a human face that can’t be digitally erased in the real world. I suppose we can’t blame them for trying or believing they can, however, because that’s the way psychopaths think.

In the first book I released in 2009 (WAWR101) I discussed an extremely wide range of topics to illustrate that quite often the same themes or patterns are running through all of them, but also, to bring up topics that most people’s day-to-day lives won’t naturally lead them to ponder without some type of direct personal suffering or involvement. One of those issues raised was the staggering number of people that go missing every year, in this country (USA) alone—it’s almost a million people—per year. That’s an absolutely astonishing number, mind-blowing even, especially when you consider that most of them (and their bodies) are never found. Where do they all go?! What could possibly be the driving force behind such a phenomenon?

In past radio shows I’ve often quickly explained that I took that book off the market because I later discovered there were some errors present in the material—I had come to some wrong conclusions or understandings that needed to be corrected in a revised edition. Until now however, I’ve never explained exactly what that meant. You see, back when I was writing the book (2005-2008) I had not heavily considered the psychopathic element’s profound role and enormously detrimental (if not catastrophic) effect on society at large, myself. Not then, not that I can remember. If the thought ever crossed my mind during those years I don’t recall it, and if it did, it didn’t bloom until much later for me.

Since that time however, I have come to understand, that in a world that is not being already so adversely affected by psychopathy, that psychopathy being the cause or primary reason behind so much of the needless suffering in the world, would have actually been my first thought. Would have been the first thought we all had on similar issues, like that of almost a million people per year, in just one country alone, vanishing without a trace. In other words, the psychopathic element has already come to power in so many ways and places, that it has nearly complete control over the reality narrative, which will ALWAYS provide the public with an alternative, erroneous and pre-defined replacement-villain that will never lead back to themselves. Still, while the public is hit with these replacement bogeyman and narratives relentlessly, continually, and from all sides, even there lies a particular and easily observed pattern—their preferred replacement-villain trifecta: aliens, demons, and terrorists. The audacity of audacity, indeed.

For those unaware, the first book was meant to help the human race understand two primary things, based on the underlying premise we are stuck on a loop and have done all of this before: (1) the need to identify behavioral patterns that lead (and have previously led) to the catastrophic demise of an entire civilization, (2) we are not only repeating those patterns but are nearing the end of that road—if we don’t quickly change course we will end up where we are going—again, for perhaps the seventh time. Including so many different topics in the book was meant to help people begin to see and think beyond their own front doors. To widen their perspective and understanding of the true nature of a much bigger reality, their place in it, the inevitability of current (and yet unrealized) trends, and their own personal role and responsibility in choosing and then manifesting a different outcome. I strongly believed then, as I still do, that without that, course-correction is impossible.

What I personally got so wrong in the first book, was something I actually wrote very little about, and debated for a long time whether or not to include at all because it was such a controversial topic. When it came to the inclusion of that material, the major mistake I made, was falling into the trap of accepting the possibility that an alternate villain may be the right place to look, and I fell into that trap for the same reasons we all do, not least of which being that we simply don’t want to believe that one of our own kind is capable of that kind of madness; that a human being could be so evil. At the time I wasn’t completely sold on the idea (of this specific alternate villain being responsible for the associated problem), but because I didn’t understand or consider psychopathy as the true cause, I instead explored the stand-in narratives and encouraged others to do the same. That particular issue was something I had previously spent years researching, and the moment a doctor began to produce physical evidence of the victim’s claims by removing their microchip implants, on video, it became obvious that this was not delusion or fantasy. At that point I felt the material should be included in the book, even if only briefly. The phenomenon I’m referring to here is, of course, that of ‘alien abduction’. What became clearer over time, as whistle-blowers and better data came forth in the years after my book came out, is that this was a military operation (MILABS–military abductions) being sold to the public as an alien operation.

The moment I came to this realization I pulled the book off the market with the intent to eventually produce a revised edition, but in the meantime I have repeatedly corrected that mistake publicly in both articles and radio interviews that are free to the public. All I personally care about in that regard is the truth, no matter what it is, because I understand that without that, my free will isn’t mine anymore. Or, as my Core Perspective states, “Ignorance is the cunning thief of an individual’s free will and right to choose something better, and if prolonged, becomes the mark of every slave.”

In regards to psychopathy, there was a particular radio show I did on November 2, 2015 on Our Interesting Times that attempted to better help the public see and understand the role psychopathy plays in the catastrophic decline of a civilization.

You can find and download the MP3 file of that show HERE, and readers may strongly consider listening to that show before watching the documentaries below. Here is the original summary of its content:



Crystal Clark joins the show to discuss her article “Globalist Reality Revisionism & the Four Directives: Dimmunization, Dehumanization, Dumbing-Down & Depopulation.” We talk about psychopathy, elite pedophilia, eugenics, psychological warfare, full spectrum dominance and the agenda of the criminal globalist elite. MP3 File Download HERE. 

After having reviewed the material, readers may also want to explore the idea of Making fMRI brain scans a mandatory part of the background check for political candidates and policymakers as part of their medical review when assessing if they are fit for office. The link to that material was provided in the comments section here in 2015.


For reasons expressed above, the censors love to play whack-a-mole with these documentaries. I highly recommend you mirror and/or download them.


Criminal psychopath Wayne scored 40/40 on the Psychopathy Checklist (8 MINUTES)

Here again we find another connection between psychopathy and pedophilia. Also, from the 3:45 mark:

“…even when we get them into prison, and say, “Well, we’re only talking about 15-20% of the prison population, is it worth really paying attention to them?” It sure is, and the reason is there may only be a small number of psychopaths in the population, but the damage they inflict on society is very widespread.”

From the 4:34 mark:

“They are very gifted at being able to convince you, ‘I’m harmless, I did not do it, there’s no way I’m responsible for this crime’. These are very gifted actors.”

The Psychopath Next Door 2014 Documentary (45 MINUTES)

I specifically referenced this documentary in the previously mentioned 2015 radio interview because it discussed how banks were literally using the official psychopath trait checklist as a hiring guide prior to the 2008 housing and financial crash. Perhaps even more importantly, as we find ideological subversion attempting to more and more associate particular problems with ‘western’ ideology, this documentary explains that every culture on earth has a psychopathic element, and specifically references the Inuit tribes as an example. Moreover, in the 2015 radio interview I did on this topic, I referenced a film called Child 44. This was an excellent movie that summarily disproved the ideological subversion notion that “murder is a capitalist crime”. It is not.


The title for this documentary comes from a Japanese saying meant to convey a moral/social lesson through the understanding that a fish rots from the head first. In corporate-speak this idea is somewhat expressed with the phrase, “management sets the tone,” but the larger lesson is what happens when psychopaths become heads of state, corporations, or world leaders.

5 thoughts on “BEYOND PSYCHOPATHY: A World With Endless Possibilities

  1. There is a private club of organized sociopaths/psychopaths that control the world, which is why we have all the wars, 9/11 type false-flag events, and the COVID psy-op. Sociopaths are the biggest problem we have, and the biggest problem we’ve always had. It doesn’t take much analysis to discover that nearly all human evil originates from the minds of sociopaths, who are devoid of empathy. All it takes to see this is understanding their condition and how they think / behave. Unless we screen out sociopaths from our leadership and power positions, humanity will always be crippled by these morally insane deviants.

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    • Testing our politicians for psychopathy is a critical first step, but we need to test everyone routinely for psychopathy, much like we require a vision test to obtain a driver’s license. Just as driving with poor vision threatens the safety of others on the road, shaping public or corporate policy with a psychopath’s mindset threatens the safety of others on the planet.

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