To discover who values life the least, uncover who profits from death the most.

–Crystal Clark, September 2012

With all the meaningless “novelty” we seem to be endlessly mired in, the age-old idea that money doesn’t grow on the tree of life for a reason, has seemingly been reduced to the lonely, unappreciated and therefore solemn whispers of a step child nobody wants around—the one that doesn’t have permission to speak unless spoken to. The idea isn’t new, glamorous, flashy, edgy, socially acceptable, politically correct or even noble where the really big money and the right last names or colleges are concerned.

Money operates on similar feed-back loop principles found in nature, but bypasses it in the process. It was an intelligent and rightful thing to ban corporations from patenting nature, but given forms of greed that know no limits, the natural feed-back loop of life is being replaced by legal loopholes. Left completely unchecked by people who clearly don’t understand (or perhaps don’t care) how natural systems function to create, regenerate and uphold life, this form of greed has moved well beyond “buying and selling” life and nature—the BIG money is in destroying it now.

There are several parts to this, spanning everything from endless wars, geo-engineering, genetically modified organisms, healthcare, education—you name it. There isn’t a single aspect of our lives that isn’t being touched by a financial system and mindset that puts profits before life. Not one. Even through the financial sector the absurdity of the ignorance plague has become a global problem, and that problem can be summed up in one word: genocide. [See Genocide Article on the HOME page for more info].

Whether the greed-to-death cycle is ultimately being fed by a master-slave construct in which the self-appointed masters have decided there are too many slaves around to manage, fed by religious extremisms and associated racial prejudice, or anything else for that matter, is irrelevant to the outcome of the cycle. If actions leading to another self-destruction episode are not stopped before we get there, we naturally end up exactly where we’re headed.

The intricate web of life and all its micro and macro envelopes, instruments, systems and feed-back loops, are in the process of being destroyed. While again this affects every aspect of our lives, this particular static blog page is meant to specifically address the financial trend of capitalizing on death. Widespread death and destruction have now become the most profitable business this planet has ever seen—ever. However, that one revelation alone betrays its own cure: put life and abundance before money and lack, which, at some point would make LIFE the most profitable business this planet has ever seen. That certainly sounds simple enough, but those who have and are actually trying this, are meeting stronger and stronger resistance to it.

Before continuing, there is another matter that needs to be addressed: Cognitive Dissonance. I recently wrote an in-depth article on this (PAINTING WITH TOO BROAD A BRUSH III) that you may find helpful in understanding why people have difficulty discussing and therefore facing these issues. Every “awake” person has been through this phase—it’s an expected part of the process and can be overcome with knowledgeable, meaningful, heartfelt and focused action.

I have included a video midway through this writing to help you see Cognitive Dissonance in action. CD is virtually a type of psychic block that generally emerges when an individual feels unable to process a difficult circumstance. This is a normal response mechanism based on survival instincts that protect the mind. This is another crucial element to our situation because most of the propaganda we are fed is specifically designed to cause this reaction, which also goes back to the savior meme. Making you feel overwhelmed and simultaneously under qualified is a primary component of what is often termed “trauma-based mind control”. Knowledge of what it takes to create, regenerate, and uphold life—not money—gives you back your power.

In the video below Catherine Austin Fitts is being asked about financial matters, and she does an excellent job being very clear about the financial coup that has taken place in this country. However, notice how the interviewer reacts to her assertion that the rest of us will either become bankrupt or part of the depopulation agenda as a result. He immediately moves past her statement to the future of gold prices as though she never said it—that is Cognitive Dissonance.  She was very kind and didn’t press the issue because his response indicated he wasn’t ready to deal with it. There was also a very important statement she made about things not being as bad as we’re told. We simply have to believe it is to play the expected role of giving up more and more without asking too many questions.

When corporations became involved in war profiteering, things changed dramatically in more ways than people realize. Overly greedy and amoral capitalism has ONE rule: destroy the competition. In military and political wars this begins with bribery. If that doesn’t work, character assassinations, literal assassinations, and bombing countries back to the stone-age (er, I mean “liberation”) are the military industrial complex’s way of achieving a “hostile takeover”. Also, there are profits on both ends of this process: weapons manufacturers make billions to destroy the competition, and when that’s done, contractors make billions more in the rebuilding phase. Moreover, remember that propaganda using the destruction of life—savior of life meme is used to get the “buy-in” of the masses to move forward with these projects unhindered.

What really changed the game however, was the bio-tech industry following suit. Because these companies cannot patent the *original* designs of nature and creation, those same divine designs are now their greatest competition. What do greedy corporations do to their competition? They destroy it. Yes, that means that these companies are literally destroying nature, blaming someone/something else for it, and then creating artificial and unnatural replacements—this is the primary purpose for genetically re-engineering nature. Human genetic engineering is sold as a good thing to “save” people from “bad” things like disease (which never addresses the root cause of disease), and similarly, genetically modified foods are marketed as the “answer” to global food “shortages” supposedly caused by things like overpopulation or drought.

This is a ruse based on perception management sold through relentless propaganda that, again, never addresses the real culprits or sources of the problem. An excellent example of this is the fact that chemtrail spraying uses aluminum that is moving soil PH out of the *natural* range plants need to thrive and grow—plants are a food source. Low and behold, “aluminum resistant” genetically modified foods enter the scene. Nature is the enemy because it cannot be patented—it is therefore being systematically destroyed and replaced with Frankenstein Science that either doesn’t know how vital the original design is to creating, regenerating and upholding life, or simply doesn’t care. Using weather modification to create severe droughts and floods also feeds this greed-to-death cycle by destroying large food crops which also drives up the prices in the market.

This is a form of manufactured lack that creates wealth, especially when you can bet on the weather in the stock market. I don’t suppose anybody has checked to see if people betting on the weather are also paying weather modification companies to change it at the same time? Considering our President can invest in vaccine companies (then publicly push their use), members of DHS can invest in airport body scanners (then mandate their use), why bother to check on weather rigging in the stock market?

This kind of unbridled greed and ignorance is going to end one way or another. The captains and deck hands of the ship are either going to do what is right and turn it around (nobody dies), there will be a mutiny when dissenting passengers are pulled from their cabins and forced to walk the plank (many people could die), or another ship of fools keeps sailing mindlessly into another self-destruction sunset and we all go over the edge together. Personally, I prefer option one.

Below are a set of videos that illustrate the sad and corrupt state of affairs the greed-to-death cycle has created. It’s important we understand how quickly this ideology causes a steep decline in life forms and natural processes necessary to sustain life on this planet. Why? First, we cannot correct a problem if we don’t understand the cause. Second, part of the correction and re-centering phase is to ensure a future wherein even the slightest hint of returning to such a dire situation, will never again be tolerated.






5 thoughts on “06. GREED-TO-DEATH

  1. Crystal, in “06. GREED-TO-DEATH” after “Below are a set of videos that illustrate the sad and corrupt state of affairs the greed-to-death cycle has created” I found:
    Video #1 “doesn’t exist”
    video #2 “no longer available … account … terminated”
    video #4 “private”
    They must have been good. Could you write their titles or locations?


  2. This is a great article and drives home many crucial data points. To really appreciate one aspect of the profit motive of death, after your loved on has passed of a “curable” disease, one only has to participate in a typical funeral planning of a family member(s) at your local parlor. Religious concept such as”resurrection” are part of the problem regarding burial as opposed to efficiency of cremation. Logical falilacy is employed, manipulation of people when they’re vunerable takes place, and “bait & switch” is applied. You’re told that the base-line concrete vault is simply not enough to protect your “loved one” because of the water table, not to mention your investment in this beautiful over-priced casket that “matches beautifully with your floral selection”, must be protected by a much more superior “lined” vault…did they mention that it’s the same material used in pro football helmets? This is nothing short of predation of the grieved.


  3. Hi. Since I learned about Resource Based Economy through The Venus Project have been doing what I can to share this. Perehaps we can communicate.


    • Michael, I have genuine appreciation for those working diligently to test and create systems that are not driven by money, such as resource-based economies. In the interim my work is centered more on ensuring those resources (from which such an economy would depend) will still be available to us in the future. Change is a team effort and with so many issues to address, the capacity for contribution is endless. I’m glad you found your passion. Keep up the great work! 🙂


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