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Beyond the order of presentation, every page and article has been pared down to focus on the core issue. This issue is clearly expressed on the CORE PERSPECTIVE page. Familiarity with this perspective before continuing enables faster recognition of its movement in every article written here—its movement through every aspect of (y)our lives in fact.

As an author and philosopher I fully understand that no philosophy is timeless—this is not possible when change is the only constant. Nevertheless, a good philosophy has an important purpose in helping to lift the culture to which it is applied, to ever greater states of awareness, living and being.

That being said, I have also come to understand there is something far beyond the uplifting philosophy of the day; something with a timelessness matched only by its necessity to be understood, regardless of place, time or scale. That particular core or ‘something’ is a singular question. When the importance of this question is lost to a civilization trying to persist and interact with its environment without it, that civilization inevitably loses itself and any hope for a future at the same time. This is fast becoming our own fate as well.

We can change that, but only when we take the time to ask that most important question, the very asking of which clearly demonstrates an understanding that survival is a naïve hope at best without its answer: What does it take to create, regenerate (recreate) and uphold life?

Moreover, what I have written about here and its pattern of presentation serve to make another, but equally important point. While it is true that the most important question naturally drives the most important answers, those answers also drive more questions—as they should. Not just any questions in this regard however, but rather very, very focused questions; the kind of questions endless distractions are purposefully created to circumvent.

Knowing how natural systems are designed to create and regenerate life, doesn’t just teach an individual how to uphold and protect it, but also how to destroy, alter and control it. This affects everything from reproduction to weather patterns. It should be said I take no pleasure  in pointing you to technologies derived from people who sought this knowledge first, for all the wrong reasons. However, through pointing it out, it should naturally become more apparent why the question—let alone the answers—have never been shared with the rest of us.  In other words, that you personally have not asked the question, does not mean others haven’t. Learning what is being done with this knowledge in the hands of the ill-gotten few, also shows us the path to changing our situation:  The knowledge must be shared with everyone, and abuses cannot be tolerated.

There are seven billion people here, most of whom we have every right to believe would choose a better future and way of doing things, if they only knew how and had the resources to back it up. Are each of us prepared to be one of those resources?

I’ve heard it said that it’s not enough to just live—people must have something to live for—this begins with hope; hope for something better and more stable. The ruling minority (shadow group) of people on this planet who asked that most important question first, solely to laud it over and control others, want you to believe they are your only hope. The majority that consequently never learned to ask the question for themselves, don’t know where else to place their hopes, and often become hopeless because of it.

Somewhere between the narcissistic and psychopathic abuse of the knowledge at one end, and the profound ignorance of it at the other, lies the central core of the future of the human race. My hope lies in you finding and populating that Center. It  has more than enough room, and while it already has a few tenants, I know they would enjoy your company. The last tab on the menu will help you find them.

Blessings, Crystal Clark


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