One of the most important things I have learned in my life, especially when dealing with this type of topic, is that timing is everything. With each new awakening to “the unreality of our reality” (to borrow a phrase from James Horak), this lesson instantly becomes an integral part of the process. That is to say, each of us quickly learn, in trying to share knowledge with our fellow man, if the door isn’t already cracked open, we aren’t getting through.  With this new realization we begin to look for subtle hints and clues that people we know and love might finally be ready to hear a different perspective. The topic of 9/11 is certainly no different.

It’s sad that it has taken 13 years to get to this point where Dimitri Khalezov’s  3rd TRUTH is concerned, but I do believe his time has finally come–finally. The oppressive behavioral patterns and suppressive methodologies of a psychopathic elite hell bent on world domination are too easily recognized to be ignored now.  These include perception management, social engineering, paid actors and provocateurs, controlled opposition, subversion, diversion, omission of facts and re-writing historical events of significance. And of course, once those patterns are identified, it won’t be long before an individual realizes what those patterns are really all about: hiding the crimes and true identities of the perpetrators of those crimes. In this we find that most of the intentional confusion is designed to keep people from knowing WHO was responsible for WHAT. Without knowing the ‘who’ part, justice will never be done, and considering that keeps them alive and/or out of prison, you can understand why they work so hard to keep in that way.

Dimitri Khalezov’s 3rd Truth is exceptional in this regard. He can explain precisely WHAT was done, HOW it was done, and WHO did it. As a consequence of reviewing his material, I too have come to believe that other prominent (heavily marketed) 9/11 ‘researchers’ were brought out as a diversion technique in response to his material. A somewhat bold statement perhaps, but how many of you have ever heard of Dimitri Khalezov and his 3rd TRUTH, let alone investigated it yourselves?

The presentation below is long because it’s thorough. Dimitri has also written an excellent book for FREE (link at the end) far more in depth and full of rare images that back up his testimony. Before you decide you can’t benefit from this perspective because you’ve already made camp elsewhere, consider the following and remember that truth is all that matters—-no matter what it is:


  1. After 911 the definition of “ground zero” was altered in EVERY dictionary (an attempt to re-write history and therefore reality perception)
  2. There were only (3) buildings in the US built to be destroyed the same way—two of them being the twin towers & the Sears tower in Chicago
  3. Dimitri specifically names MOSSAD as the culprit, and explains precisely how he knows
  4. Why building 7 was also involved physically

With that I would like to leave you with the following two quotes before posting the video. The first comes from former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (via her FB page), who was the first to publicly admit US political candidates are denied campaign funds if they refuse to sign a pledge to Israel first. The second is from James Horak, the first and only person I have EVER come across in the ‘alternative media’ to recommend Dimitri’s work.

Remember this? On September 10, 2001 the US Army wrote of Israel’s MOSSAD: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.” —Cynthia McKinney


Irina recently posted below a link to news that Silverstein had gone ahead and purchased the Sears Tower in Chicago. In this, though lengthy, video of Dimitri’s you will find the connection of the WTC Towers and Building Seven to this Sears Tower and its ominous significance. Years ago I found that only Dimitri’s offerings satisfied all anomalies in both how the WTC Towers and Building 7 came down AND were mostly reduced to powder (with microscopic iron spheroids present.) This information is well worth noting and it is amazing how both MSM and even alternative media have ignored it. —JCH REVOLT


DOWNLOAD D.A. KHALEZOV’S 3RD TRUTH [Note: Full Edition (not fully proofed) v.4. July 2013. Newer versions are likely available]. His youtube channel is HERE 

Also note that this information in no way negates the additional presence or use of thermite or explosives to ensure the towers would fall within the designated footprint.


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