June 5, 2021

This is another incredibly important and powerful speech from guest speaker Dr. Andrew Wakefield at the HEALTH AND FREEDOM CONFERENCE that I have again transcribed for posterity and readers around the world whose country-specific censorship laws prevent access to the original video.

As they pertain to several points made by Dr. Wakefield during this speech, while simultaneously helping us become more reality literate on numerous other important happenings that were and are being handled the same way, there are a few points this author would like to remind readers of first. Let’s start with a particularly nasty political tool used often in reality revisionism. Here we have the “wrap up smear” tactic being explained by a giddy Pelosi:

I’ll admit, I was incredibly surprised to hear her explain this, in detail, especially considering this is precisely how the American people were duped into going to war after 911, which was covered in a 2014 essay called THE ROLES OF PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT & SOCIAL ENGINEERING IN REALITY REVISIONISM:


An example of this would include pre-seeding a narrative binder into a newspaper, in the form of a claim that a specific country (character), which the new narrative has already begun to pre and redefine as the villain (terrorist), “has weapons of mass destruction,” prior to the intended reality revision (war against a competing reality). If a recognized authority figure (lead actor) were to later appear on a news program (enter the stage of the theater) to sell this new war or reality revision, they would then quote the previously seeded source (pre-event narrative binder) as proof the reasons for the intended revision are already well-known and documented by others.

Considering that example was based on real events it may sound familiar. Not only was the Iraq war started over a lie, but was also the beginning of a massive global reality revision responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people competing for, and living in, a different reality than the one the revision created—their reality was stolen and replaced with someone else’s version.

For those who don’t know, or are too young to recall, this exact same tactic was used by Dick Cheney just prior to the Iraq war, and was the event or basis for the previous two paragraphs on lateral narrative binders. There, I used a generic template and took out the names of people and places to better show the pattern of abuse and it’s role in reality revisionism in general. Until Pelosi went on television in recent years admitting this tactic is genuine, I didn’t know they actually had a name for it—wrap up smear.


Before then Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on a political television show to sell the public on the case for going to war with Iraq, globalist revisionists had previously seeded a story into a well known political newspaper, claiming Iraq had WMD’s. When Cheney later appeared on television to discuss the issue he very specifically referenced that newspaper article as the “evidence” for WMD’s in Iraq. While it later came out that claim was false, that admission didn’t rebuild the country or bring its dead back to life. Let’s also not forget, that Cheney’s company Halliburton made almost $40 BILLION dollars off that same war. This was covered in an excellent documentary called IRAQ FOR SALE: THE WAR PROFITEERS, and the trailer for it can be found in another essay here called THE DEFUND ENDGAME PART 2: TRANSITIONING LOCAL CITIZENS TO GLOBAL CITIZENS. Rather than post the supporting article links here, I encourage readers to do an internet search for the phrases “WMD’s in Iraq was a lie” or “Cheney lied about WMD’s in Iraq” to learn more. But why bring this up during Dr. Wakefield’s speech?


The wrap-up-smear example used in the 2014 reality revisionism essay, was applied to a country, not an individual. However, as Pelosi intimated, this is an extremely versatile tactic, and it has become more widely used to destroy the individual reputations of any opposition to globalist agenda (destroy competing realities), and this is exceedingly necessary when you have so much opposition that ‘suiciding’ them all just isn’t an option. Having been a victim of numerous and prolonged wrap-up-smear campaigns himself—for trying to save the lives of our children—Dr. Wakefield knows this all too well.


The second issue I would like to remind readers of, comes from a 2012 article called GREED TO DEATH:

“When corporations became involved in war profiteering, things changed dramatically in more ways than people realize. Overly greedy and amoral capitalism has ONE rule: destroy the competition. In military and political wars this begins with bribery. If that doesn’t work, character assassinations, literal assassinations, and bombing countries back to the stone-age (er, I mean “liberation”) are the military industrial complex’s way of achieving a “hostile takeover”. Also, there are profits on both ends of this process: weapons manufacturers make billions to destroy the competition, and when that’s done, contractors make billions more in the rebuilding phase. Moreover, remember that propaganda using the ‘destruction of life—savior of life’ meme is used to get the buy-in of the masses to move forward with these projects unhindered.

What really changed the game however, was the bio-tech industry following suit. Because these companies cannot patent the original designs of nature and creation, those same divine designs are now their greatest competition. What do greedy corporations do to their competition? They destroy it. Yes, that means that these companies are literally destroying nature, blaming someone/something else for it, and then creating artificial and unnatural replacements—this is the primary purpose for genetically re-engineering nature. Human genetic engineering is sold as a good thing to “save” people from “bad” things like disease (which never addresses the root cause of disease), and similarly, genetically modified foods are marketed as the “answer” to global food “shortages” supposedly caused by things like overpopulation or drought.”

I included that material to remind readers how long this has been going on, while keeping in mind that because of a few mattoid elite living out their God complex, we now live in a world where death is the biggest business this planet has ever seen: manufactured lack, war, disease, famine, false flag terrorist attacks, opioids, human trafficking, ect, ect. To be clear, I am in no way anti-capitalist, which is why the previous statements were qualified with “overly greedy and amoral”. Things like ‘disaster capitalism’ or ‘too big to fail’ and ‘too big to jail’ are not the result of our Constitutional Republic and it’s reliance on liberty-minded capitalism, they are the result of the abandonment and perversion of them both, which again, is societal restructuring (big reset) through order-out-of-chaos—building a new world on the ashes of the old one. As explained in a previous article, the ideological subversion of our youth is playing a huge role in that process.

Of related importance, another exceptional guest speaker at these conferences, Dr. Christine Northrup, recently explained the following:

“The other thing, is every single vaccine manufacturer, except Moderna, which has never [before this] brought anything to market, is a serial felon…ingredients, now I’m not going to read through all of these, but I’m going to get to some of the main things. The main thing you need know is they have mRNA—it doesn’t occur in nature—which means that once you’ve been injected, you can be patented. mRNA is the active ingredient, and MODERNA’s company name stands for ‘modified RNA’: MODRNA.”

Here Dr. Northrup shows the audience a slide with the following quote from MODERNA’s CEO, Stephanie Bancel:

“mRNA is like software: you can just turn the crank and get a lot of products into development”.


I came to this country, this great country, in 2004, as a political and professional exile from the United Kingdom. I went to the great state of Texas. [crowd cheers and whistles] America to me—sometimes you have to come from outside America—from another regime, from another country, to understand what an extraordinary place this is. And to me America was an oasis to a man in the desert. Why? Because, America has a system, that allows, in the field in which I was working, which was on behalf of children with neuro-development disorders, autism, possible vaccine injury. The philanthropic structure of this country, the tax incentives, the wealth creation possibilities in this country meant that philanthropy can thrive, and therefore private, independent research can take place. Why is that important?

Because I went to the biggest medical school in the world, the University of London, and when I was there, they entered into what they called a “strategic alliance” with GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK). What that meant, was that GSK had first call on anything that was done through research in the medical school. And for that, they paid a pittance. Pocket money, for that pharmaceutical company which we as academics thought was a great deal of money. It was nothing. Nothing to them.

What that meant was, that GSK controlled not only what research was done, in that institution, but what research was not done. And since they were the principle manufacturer of the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine in the United Kingdom (UK), my research was not done.

Coming to America, with its system of philanthropy, with its enterprise, with its freedom, meant the work could continue. And it did continue, but that was to change. By degrees, that was to change, and it was changed because the power accumulated by the pharmaceutical industries meant that they bought the medical profession. They bought the medical regulatory bodies. they bought the medical journals. They could decide what was published, and what wasn’t published. And all of that came about because of an act that was passed in 1986.

Eventually they caught up with me and I was no longer able to run that institution, I was no longer able to work, in my chosen profession, on behalf of these children. I was accused of all kinds of things: child abuse, of scientific fraud, of medical misconduct. It takes 5 minutes to destroy the career of an academic physician—5 seconds—and a lifetime, if ever, to restore that. So what do you do? I had a choice—you make choices—do I work for the pharmaceutical companies, do I work for the Harvard Public Health Policy, or do I work for the mother and child sitting across the desk from me, who are telling the story about the vaccine injury that has destroyed their family? [Crowd claps and cheers] And because of the way I was raised in medicine that for me was a very simple choice. The consequences, not so much. But it was a privilege to have done it.

What had happened over the years to me is that, because of the position I had taken, people would come to me, from industry, from within government regulatory agencies, and say, “we have done a terrible thing, and I can no longer live with it, and here is the evidence”. I had extraordinary stories, insider stories, about the misconduct within these agencies and industry. And I thought, I am going to become a filmmaker, and I am going to tell these stories, and I am going to become your worst enemy. [Cheers erupt from the audience]

What I want to talk to you briefly about today is the power of film, because the world understands film, Americans understand film, and if you can entertain people, if you can get them sitting forward in their seats, if you can tell them a story—a true story—then they will get it. You can do the heavy lifting. You can condense that into a believable, an understandable, narrative, that people will get and take away, and potentially change the world.

The first film I made was a terrible tragedy. We were called in to help a child in Chicago with profound autism. He was 17 years old, he was strong, he was completely mute, he had regressed following a series of vaccines at 18 months. He lived with his mother and God-mother, and their lives were hell on earth. When we were called in he was in 4-point locked restraints in the pediatric intensive care unit. He had been given a total of 28 psychotropic medications, each one to offset the complications from the last, all of them making him worse, and worse, and worse. It was the measure of the complete misunderstanding of the medical profession of what autism actually is, and he was chained to his bed. Padlocked to his bed for a total of 85 days.

We went in, we got him out, we drove him through the night to New York, we had him investigated for the medical aspect of his autism. He had inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), he was put on the right medication, and he started to get better. But the problem was, that his mother was estranged from her husband. They had nowhere to live, and so when they got back to Chicago they were going from hotel to motel to hotel, they were exhausted. And the problem with this poor kid is every time he hears a siren, they were coming to take him away. They were coming to take him back to the hospital, to medicate him, to chain him to his bed, and he would destroy the hotel room and they would get thrown out and have to move on, getting more and more exhausted. He was getting violent, he was beating them up, they had bruises.

The next time we were called to see him, he had fallen back into the hands of neuro-psychiatrists and he had ended up back in pediatric intensive care in the Lutheran hospital [in] Chicago where again he was chained to the bed. He was on two intravenous sedations, and one intra-muscular for sedation which was an aesthetic for horses. And still he was bending the bed frame.

We left and we went to find his mother, [who] at this stage had completely—the look in her eyes, the light had gone—there was something different. And we went to try and find some safe place, to get this child out, to get him to be able to recover away from these drugs and this restraint, and half way through the week, his insurance ran out. They took out his IV, took off his restraints, and put him out on the street. And one week later he was dead. His mother, had killed him, and attempted to take her own life, as had his God-mother. They failed, and they ended up in Cook County maximum security.

And on the face of it, in the media, this was the story of a crazy mother who hated her child, and none of this is any advocacy for murdering children or suicide. This is about telling stories of what actually happened, and she would languish there for a very long time. And we decided to make a documentary that told the real story about what had happened—about a mother who loved her child so much, and can longer bear witness to his suffering—that she decided to take his life and her own. And that was what the story told. She was in prison for 4 years. She had not even faced trial. She was accused by the state prosecution of aggravated murder. She was to get prison for life with no chance of parole.

Christmas 2017 I got a phone call from a pro-bono lawyer in Chicago, saying, “The state’s prosecutor contacted me. He’d heard about the film you made [Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis]. He said he wanted to see it, so I sent him my DVD. He called me back a week later, and he said, ‘we’ve seen this film and we can no longer prosecute this case in the same way. She will be released from prison next week.'” [Audience claps and cheers] And that, that is the power of film. And it was rather like the story of the starfish on the beach with the little boy throwing it back into the sea—well it saved that one, didn’t it? And then came VAXXED. Who has seen VAXXED? [Audience cheers]

VAXXED was an extraordinary story. It was extraordinary because it was the first time in history that a CDC (Center for Disease Control) insider—someone from the vaccine safety office of the CDC—had come forward and said, “We have done this terrible thing, we have committed this terrible fraud. We have tested the hypothesis you gave us”.

Interstingly, I went to testify before the oversight committee on government reform in 2000, then I shared with the CDC, at the time, what I thought was going on with children with autism and the MMR. I said, “I believe one of the things is the age of exposure, and I say that because the younger they get the infection, the greater the risk of adverse reaction to the infection.” So, is it that children who get the MMR earlier are at greater risk, than children who get it later? They tested that hypothesis and they found it to be absolutely true. They then destroyed the evidence, covered it up, and changed the data to show the MMR vaccine was safe.

So for 14 years the CDC deliberately, wantonly and recklessly put America’s children and the children of the world in harm’s way of permanent, serious neurological disease. That is the greatest crime against humanity ever. The NAZI’s never pretended that they were your friends. Stalin never pretended they were your friend. [Audience claps and cheers] Their duty, their duty, was to protect the health of the children of this country, but they did completely the opposite.

And when we made VAXXED, and VAXXED got into the Tribeca Film Festival because Robert De Niro has an autistic vaccine-injured child. But it got in on its own merits, and then it was pulled—it was censored—our film was censored from an independent film festival. Why? Because the pharmaceutical interests in the sponsorship for that festival, wanted that to happen. And when that came to the attention of Robert De Niro he went on the Today Show, he went on Good Morning America and he said, “We never should have done that. The film should have played. Everybody should see this film.” And that’s what happened.

It became a phenomenon, world-wide, overnight. Thank you for that censorship, because that made the film an extraordinary success. Suddenly people wanted to see the film they were told they could not see. [Audience applauds]. And then finally, the last movie, was a story of the 1986 Act: the government taking away liability for vaccine injury and death, from the pharmaceutical industry. All based on a lie. How many people in this room, before covid, knew that the vaccine manufacturers have no liability for death and injury caused by the vaccine? That’s right, far, far less than 100%. No we know, that with covid vaccines they have absolutely no liability whatsoever.

The industry had the perfect business model. Children were mandated to get vaccines by law, or they couldn’t go to school otherwise, and they had no liability. All they could do was make a massive profit. And that is what they did. And as a consequence of that they became so powerful that they bought politicians, they wrote policy, they bought media, they ran editorials, they bought the medical profession. They owned everything.

And the one thing they did not own, the one thing they could never own, are the hearts and minds of the American people. [Audience cheers and claps] You are not a commodity. They are not here, just to allow the pharmaceutical industry to profit, out of their misery. To take billions of dollars for the sale of the vaccines, and then trillions, for the injuries caused by these vaccines. And that, is where we are right now. [END OF VIDEO/END OF TRANSCRIPTION]



Ideological subversion, in all its forms and from its many sources, is something the human race must acknowledge, understand, penetrate and overcome, if we are to survive its agenda. Being a ‘good person’ is not the culmination of thoughtless repetition of popular slogans and agenda driven or sponsored group-think; simply waving some verbally nebulous flag meant to convey you have virtuous ‘thoughts’. Being a genuinely good person requires factual knowledge from which wise actions may be planned and carried out.

Long-time readers know the way this author writes. The method I use is very similar to the way reality revisions themselves build on top of each other, each giving way to the successful implementation of the next. In that sense, so too do these essays have a particular order or succession, for similar reasons: that the reader may take what was previously offered, and utilize that new realization to better understand what comes next, whether in an article here, elsewhere, or in reality itself. This was recently expressed in the idea that if you want to extrapolate and forward project where nefarious agendas like globalism plan to go next, the best place to start is by looking at where they have already gone.


When things like this are put together, things like eugenist Bill Gates attempting to sell the case for killing granny, at the same time socialist/globalist ideological subversion is simultaneously painting the elderly as ‘drains on the system’ because they no longer ‘produce’ anything, at the same time Governor loyalists killed off thousands of elderly by stuffing them full of CV19 patients (and were handsomely rewarded for it), at the same time trying to convince the population that the sweetest children in the world (Down’s Syndrome) should be aborted, at the same time pushing assisted suicide for people who are simply depressed, at the same time pushing demonstrably false over-population narratives, at the same time suicide rates (especially in children) all over the world are increasing, an undeniable foreshadowing begins to emerge, and we need to pay attention to it. We need to understand where it will go, before it gets there.

When it comes to how this new system or ‘great reset’ plans to deal with the possibility of millions and millions more people, of all ages, becoming permanently disabled or incapacitated, certainly this author could just tell you where it will go, based on where it has already gone in the past. But today, I simply don’t have the heart to say it out loud, and honestly, I think most of you already know.

The future of the human race is not a bumper sticker asking us to ‘be the change’. The future of the human race is asking us, pleading with us, to be the impassible boulder on the road to oblivion—it’s asking us to be mighty.

Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.

–Crystal Clark

P.S. I also highly, highly recommend the following 15 minutes of WHO WHISTLEBLOWER ASTRID STICKELBERGER PLANET LOCKDOWN INTERVIEW. She’s Swiss and has some rather eye-opening things to share, reminding us once again that global governance means what it says on the box—every nation on the planet. She also identifies some of the people, families and agencies involved, like GAVI, WHO, World Bank, IFFIM, COVAX and CEPI.

Also, here’s a little something for our Dutch brethren, although the title is somewhat of a misnomer. While the title of the document is accurate, what it’s meaning portrays is not. This Dutch MP is not reading the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report on the pandemic, rather he’s reading the 2010 Rockefeller plan for it, which is but one of the many reasons reality miners refer to this as a ‘planned demic’. It’s good to see the Dutch have some politicians still paying attention.


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