Mark Snider, James Horak & Crystal Clark – Parasites – 29 Nov 2014

dd26bd1b-93ec-4a8b-bb10-db3d7c3d7e78_ohioexopoliticsradioJames Horak & Crystal Clark discuss the true nature of ebola as a parasitic worm, the elite’s deluded view of the lesser classes as parasitic humans, and dive deeper into the nefarious mechanisms, mind-viruses, disinformation, and knowledge-hoarding practices of globalist fanatics bent on denying mankind access to the beauty, wisdom and power of intelligent design—on both microcosmic and macrocosmic scales—even to the point of driving our civilization to full ruin in the process.
James Horak’s website:
Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

4 thoughts on “Mark Snider, James Horak & Crystal Clark – Parasites – 29 Nov 2014

  1. Thank you Crystal, (and of course James, Mark, and Kevin).
    I really enjoyed the show. When you mentioned the Ebola worm revision I about fell out of the chair. Of course its a parasitic worm – named after the Ebola river following the early few outbreaks…. I know that, was taught that, and still COMPLETELY missed the switch… talk about experiencing a full range of emotions all at once… I look forward to all your future shows ! 🙂

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  2. The truth is just so clear and logical and easy to grasp, no? And now we have a number for which I have been yearning: 10. Yes, I guessed it will take BRICS 6, if at all.

    It’s nice to learn my instinct about BRICS and their general intentions is not unique. The small country where I live now reflects this shift in power and one can more easily see the struggle manifest in events. The move toward brics ideology is clearly happening.

    Does Mr. Horak read questions from here too? The comments section of his site is working strangely regards to google id. Should I repost my questions about language origins?


    • Thank you for your comments and questions Erich. James will have extremely limited access to the net for a couple more weeks or so. In the meantime, if you’re unable to post them on the EMV blog, please feel free to post them here and I will make sure he gets them when he returns. 🙂


      • These interviews are my link to sanity, Crystal. I posted my question about language origins in your previous entry comment’s section. Thank you.

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