Crystal Clark on Starborn Support Radio Sunday Evening (5/25) from 5-7pm PST

00j0j_cGejuexPuBw_600x450yI’ll be joining the folks at Starborn Support Radio this evening for a two-hour interview from 5-7pm PST or 8-10 pm EST to discuss the Sacred Science of Life and the global, catastrophic outcome for mankind if it continues to be hacked, violated and destroyed.

The direct link to listen live via blogtalk radio is here:

The direct link to their website is here:

Join us if you can and we’ll see you at the show!


3 thoughts on “Crystal Clark on Starborn Support Radio Sunday Evening (5/25) from 5-7pm PST

  1. My compliments on a great interview. You were quick to get the woo-woo in your gun sights and corrected them with style and grace. And thanks for the grade school story…you’re a lot more tenacious than I thought 🙂


      • Crystal, I didn’t start to awake until around 2006 when a 9/11 slap-in-the-face data stream hit me with full force, with every stage of the grieving process confronted and fulfilled. Prior to that, I was a garden variety sheeple in bliss…one step behind the Judas goat, loyal to the establishment and even working for them prior to and during the actual militarization of same. Once an autodidact, the game was on. Had it not been for you and James, I would not have found my way to the next level. We the listeners owe you all a debt of gratitude for your courage to share your knowledge without reservation. Thank YOU, and peace be with you and yours!


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