1. I certainly believe that all too many people, the vast majority in fact, are totally conformist but the fact that the only dissenter conformed so quickly, without even asking people what was going on, plus the quick conformity without showing any signs of facial puzzlement by the rest, makes me suspicious.


    • My first thought when I watched it was the unwitting participants weren’t chosen at random, but rather chosen based on careful psychological profile screening that looked for personality types prone to conflict avoidance, ect.


  2. I find this too difficult to believe. Perhaps it’s just another phony like the Stanley Miligram and Philip Zembardo experiments which were revealed to have been twisted and false.


    • I don’t think any of us want to believe it (social conformity exploitation), and yet what we see happening in reality tells us something different. Social Engineering and Perception Management both rely on it. Heavily. As does Project Mockingbird, marketing, Astroturfing, digital troll farms, fake news and Public Relations. We’ve even created a word for the people most susceptible to it, crass as it is: sheeple. It’s my hope that through exposure we can render it useless. A colleague of mine used to say, “opinion-forming is the first step towards mind control”. This is truer than most realize, but we can change that. Thanks for the comment.


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