2010 Radio Interviews

2010 Radio Interviews are listed here in chronological order from the beginning to the end of the year. Youtube links have been provided wherever possible but in many cases MP3 files are the only source and can be downloaded for free via the host’s website—direct links have been provided.

As a reminder, the interview below marked the public release of my first book, WHO ARE WE REALLY 101—Return of the Shaman, via host Mel Fabregas of Veritas Radio. Due to the length of the original recording the show was split into two segments, the first airing on Christmas of 2009, the second on New Year’s Day 2010. Both segments have a first and second hour, the second hour being only available for subscribers to Veritas Radio. Below are youtube videos containing the first hour of the first (2010) segment. To access the first hour of the first segment, please visit the 2009 Radio Interview tab. To access the second half of both segments and/or download the associated MP3 files, please visit http://www.veritasradio.com.



untitled (38)

OCTOBER 28TH, 2010: THE NEXT STEP RADIO SHOW via host Jacob Appleman of Go Find The Others





DECEMBER 22ND, 2010: THE HUNDREDTH MONKEY RADIO via hosts Tom & Ramon (formerly Conscious-TV)


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