It’s always a pleasure joining Dale on Dale-After-Dark. πŸ™‚ Links to sources mentioned during the show are provided on the youtube video. Here’s the direct link if the video fails to load:Β [NOTE: This is a re-upload as the first was removed from youtube for a copyright claim filed against the host. If you enjoy the video please consider subscribing to Dale’s Channel]

Jack Otto on the Khazars

Rewriting reality and the use of thought police to enforce it

First essay on Reality Revisionism

Second essay on Reality Revisionism and the environmental movement

Dimitri Khalezov on 9/11

Treatise on the Sacred Science (Intelligent Design) and phases of destruction–catastrophic biosphere and biodiversity collapse

Contraceptive Corn

Vaccine Sterilization

Link to the common core presentation

Link for Putin at Valdai

Nutritionist Adelle Davis books on Amazon


  1. Brilliant show Crystal, concise, logical, & to the point and heart of things! Is there a way you can post links to the references you spoke about? Thanks for your contribution to humanity. β™‘


  2. links no longer works…copyright violation, yeah , right! can it be viewed, downloaded from somewhere else? Pleeaseee!


  3. Hi Crystal:
    I’ve followed your videos via for a year or so, mostly those with you & James Horak. You both have interesting points of view, passionate, although I sense James’ passion is losing strength. (Hope he is not ill.)

    Thirty years ago, I was looking into the same issues you are pursuing now, ending-up with a working theory which I use to evaluate information. Here are two questions: (1) was there ever a time humans did not eat animals? (2) historically, when did human misery begin? As you noted in your recent video, history is constantly being re-written. We have to be careful we are working with pre-edit history. The answers are interesting; I’m not being opaque – the answers are in the journey. (Actually, I think James might be able to handle this issue better – given his background. I’ll try to forward this question to him too.)

    Very best regards,


    • Those are great questions Bad-Clown, and in fact today I was working on the next essay in which you might find an answer to at least one of those questions, where ‘misery’ is concerned. What IS misery for a human being, and how much of it is tied to a life being lived without self-determined purpose and direction? Is this not where it begins?

      Where eating meat is concerned, reviewing the patterns of design provides many of the answers we are looking for, even to questions we haven’t yet thought to ask. We often determine whether or not animals eat meat based on the design of their teeth.

      While the same can be done with humans, as sentient beings with more complex physical forms, our behavior is not wholly constricted by form. For example, we don’t have wings, yet we learned how to fly. πŸ™‚

      James is doing fine–he is unable to access the internet, but will be back soon. Thank you for your questions and concern.


  4. Amazing show, Crystal. Way to dismiss the reptilian eyelids and focus on the real issues. I greatly admire your ability to have a cogent conversation about the situation we face on this planet. Much love.

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  5. Crystal, has Mr. Horak recommended any books after Bergrun, aerobiology, TE Lawrence, Dunne, and Mars science before 1900? I’ve enjoyed each of these.


    • Great question Erich. As you probably know he is a fan of the classics (Moby Dick, Tolstoy, ect), but I don’t know of anything else specific. You may want to see what you can find on King Hamurabi as he was the true origin of the 10 Commandments, and James has often mentioned TLP or Transient Lunar Phenomenon–at the moment there is still some information available on the net about TLP.


      • Just finished the Hammurabi and oddly enough there are 2 laws that relate very specifically to problems I’ve had on my farm. Both cases ruled in my favor and contemporaneously too, but local corruption interferes with enforcement and my hope to work in cooperation which is tested every day.


      • If we hope to save this world, corruption in all its forms must be dealt with and ended. This requires a thorough understanding of the driving force behind the bulk of the corruption, which was the impetus for writing essays on Reality Revisionism, its purpose and those responsible for it—those bent on instituting global governance. Until this is addressed and those bent on world (and therefore personal) domination, or what the MIC refers to as ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ are removed from their positions of power, a proper, equitable, and genuinely sustainable reality can never fully manifest. Where your local corruption and your land/farm are concerned, you may have better luck attending local ‘sustainable development’ meetings being pushed down via the UN’s Agenda 21 program, where you’re likely to meet others of like mind who are dealing with similar issues. Rosa Koire, the author of the book Behind the Green Mask, has excellent lectures on youtube about the entirely nefarious Agenda 21 program, and how to combat it at the local level.


  6. Great podcast, Crystal. I picked up on a whole poopload of additional details that I missed during my initial reading of the essay. Thanks…your the best! Would you be so kind as to post your source link re: ebola being a worm parasite. This is just the discussion ammo I would use on my vaccine-enthusiastic friends. πŸ™‚


    • I have the link–as in only one–and I’m not the one who found it. In other words, I knew Ebola was a parasite *before* I searched for links to prove it to people–i’m not saying it’s a parasite because I found the link first. In fact, I searched the internet for days and literally couldn’t find *anything* that hadn’t been changed (revised) from parasite to virus. So, I began helping a group of folks try to realize that if Ebola really was a virus, WHY do they keep showing the same image of a parasitic worm to represent it? If there really is an ebola virus, why not just use the right image for it? Someone in the group, from the UK I think, found the following link when doing a search in their country. It is the ONLY one I know of, and because that is the case, I’ve discovered that even if you provide it to people, because there aren’t others out there to back it up, they still won’t believe it. Hope you have better luck than I did:


  7. Hi Crystal, would it be a helpful analogy regarding the two competing forces in humanity, to say that an unstoppable force cannot reside in the same universe as an immovable object. thank you again for all your sound thoughts.

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