UPDATE 8/17/20: Copies of the documentary are nearly impossible to find as Youtube continually purges it under the Orwellian classification of “hate speech”. You can however, still find original content from the whistle-blowers featured in the film HERE and HERE. In lieu of the missing documentary I have posted it’s original trailer and an update from Patrick.

UPDATE #2 8/17/20: Given the nature of Patrick’s video (posted after the ShadowGate trailer below) and the unyielding reach of the deep state’s cancel culture censorship purges, I have transcribed most of it (maroon text). 

SEE DOCUMENTARY HERE: https://lbry.tv/@millieweaver:c/shadowgate:4


I should be arriving in Ohio sometime this afternoon–wanted to point out that this, coward [referring to the TV playing a D. Bongino interview on FOX behind him]–I don’t know what he is. I know he’s a liar. He’s lied to me–lied to everybody.  He’s absolutely lying to everybody. [Turns TV volume off]. So, I’m heading out–I see these people on FOX News, and again this isn’t about FOX News…what they’re doing is just wrong. 

I’m going to show you something this afternoon, hopefully, on an interview i’m planning to do when I arrive in Ohio. I’m not going to say who or where because the problem is, I’ve got a lot of people telling me that I shouldn’t go to Ohio. They’re saying that there’s an infrastructure in place that, once you get into Ohio, they won’t be able to help me. And i’m just thinking, wow–I’m literally a verified DOD whistle-blower. I was an information insurance security officer for the Department of Defense for 10 years. I filed a whistle-blower complaint against General James Jones’ Dynology in 2015, when they constructively terminated my employment for the fact I refused to provide administrative access to a classified network–a CLASSIFIED network–to a division chief that didn’t have the memorandum, the proper documentation, to HAVE administrative access to that network. It’s called National Security folks. It’s called Army regulations–it’s called DOD regulations. And if I were to give that person access, which people do all the time because they are afraid of losing their damn job, you’ll see.

You know, the emails I have, these aren’t classified. Everything i’m talking about is public knowledge. Go to clearforcedotcom. People attacking Millie and her family right now, and completely ignoring the fact that clearforcedotcom, if you go to their ‘about’ page, and you look at who’s on the board of directors–the people determining whether or not you get a job that you’re applying for now, or lose a job–is Obama’s former National Security advisor, Obama’s former head of the C!A.

The only thing I’ve added to this conversation is the fact that a small component of the clearforce [software] application, of cleaforcedotcom, was built from the core of the shadownet. I know this for a fact–I know this--but what does that add to it? It adds to the fact that, okay, a DOD taxpayer-funded psychological warfare application was used to build the core of this. But the core of this is as malevolent–the whole concept of clearforce–and these social credit scores–it’s just wrong. Right? 

So it’s like, screw the shadownet component–the DOD taxpayer-funded weapon component of it [for the sake of argument] which is pretty hard to kind of say screw that–but okay, set that aside. Is Millie Weaver your biggest problem? I don’t think so. Dan Bongino, FOX news, MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski, Gillian Turner–VP for Jones Group Intl, FOX news host and VP for the company that owns shadownet, right?–same address as me. We [the public] need find out what’s going on here folks. I know what’s going on, , . And that’s just as jacked up as it gets.

If you want to sit there and [praise] Dan Bongino–he’s a friggin IIA asset. His actions, every action since I met him and handed him my keytam [?] and showed him and told him who I was and how this connected literally to a book. Screw the fact he says he’s not a journalist. Well, you’re a friggin author who wrote a book called SpyGate, and someone, who brought you factual information that contradicts and/or provides more information for context–to the book that you published–well, what responsibility do you have there Mr. Bongino? Right? And now Dan all of the sudden opens up a social media platform, Parler–oh my gawd people, wake up–Democrat and Republican…

[Next Patrick refers to the numerous times this tech was offered to Trump who repeatedly turned down using it, especially during the election. He then makes an appeal to Trump to have his back during his own personal attempts to drain the swamp in light of the warnings about traveling to Ohio].

I’m on high alert right now. Why should a friggin American patriot, an Afghanistan veteran, be on alert–worried about going from one state to another right now–because of corruption and a deep-state that has separated a mother from her family? And are trying to take her daughter away, right? So instead of trying to figure out what the purpose or reasoning behind that is, let’s just say it’s far too coincidental–with me being on the phone as it’s being uploaded, and the cops showing up and taking them away–as the documentary exposing some of the highest levels of corruption in our government [was in the process of being uploaded at that exact moment–the same documentary now being digitally purged].

And what I can personally testify to has been covered up by Dan Bongino, by Devin Nunes, by Adam Schiff, by Nancy Pelosi, by Lindsay Graham, that piece of sh–I shook his hands–told him my story. He never would take my calls back. I even drove back and spoke o his people a year later. 

People, we’ve got to fix this. I’m heading out now. It’s sunrise. I’m not really giving out much info on my location. If people want to track me they can track me, but i’m not going to make it easy for them. And things are not going to be as easy for them right now as they were before, because people are watching them. [smiles] Good day and  God bless. 


For people who didn’t take the time to watch the documentary before it was scrubbed, the impact crater of him saying, “because the same thing I was hired to do by General Jones overseas, is what i’m seeing them doing right now, here in America,” isn’t going to sink in any deeper than the “fake news is the enemy of the people” slogan.

However, for those that did take the time, I trust you’ll recall the other individual featured in the documentary (Tore) explaining how ‘localization’ was used against the citizens of a foreign nation in trying to get them to side with the Talibana political group that was now becoming militant (physically violent)–and trying to convince locals that siding with them would keep things like their local businesses from being destroyed. If that doesn’t sound hauntingly familiar to what’s been happening in this country lately, you haven’t been paying attention.  

The maker of this documentary (Millie Weaver) was arrested at her home yesterday just before this documentary was released. Thankfully Weaver live-streamed the arrest, clearly showing she was not only shocked by it, but the arresting officers weren’t particularly forth-coming as to why the arrest was taking place. After asking repeatedly, Weaver was finally told a grand jury had indicted her for ‘burglary’. Given the nature of the documentary, my guess would be that’s someone’s way of saying she had access to documents they wanted to keep secret, and they didn’t appreciate it–not unlike charges they might slap Assange with if they could. Along that same line, if the arrest was meant to preempt the release of the damning information, thankfully for us, it clearly didn’t work. With a little push (sharing it) a million more people might become more reality literate as a result. [Update 8/16/20–the video keeps getting removed from YT–as long as people keep mirroring it I will continue re-post it. You may need to refresh your browser.]

The documentary features the extremely enlightening testimonies of two separate, long-time military contractor operatives, providing in-depth accounts of how the shadow government is (and has been) weaponizing data harvesting and using military grade software to conduct massive psychological operations all over the world, especially during elections, including in the United States. According to Patrick B.:

ShadowNet was the commercial version of IIA, [that] being Interactive Internet Activities. That’s the military nomenclature for what basically you’ve heard being described for the last 3 or 4 years: all the fake news, the fake news journalists, and fake news stories–fake dossier–all these things are attributes and characteristics of IIA, which is social media psychological warfare. We began that really in 2007, right after policy guidelines first came out we were on one of the first contracts with DOD that i’m aware of.

Patrick further explained this modernized form of targeted information warfare is well beyond the days of dropping flyers from airplanes during wartime propaganda efforts. With this new technology came “micro-targeting” by turning social media into a psychological warfare application allowing for target selections ranging from individuals to groups to entire nations.

These kinds of psychological operations are literally everywhere now, and were covered in a recent post called THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN ALL OF YOUR MEDIA IS BASED ON A PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT:

What was the purpose of that–what was it meant to accomplish? To be precise, what type of behavioral modification was that meant to cause IN YOU after watching it? Did it work? How do you know? There’s a provocative admission I refer to over and over again in all my writings, wherever they may be–even in the early books. And in it lies the unmistakable yet still largely invisible truth: “It is not a matter of what IS true that counts, but rather what is PERCEIVED to be true.” –Henry Kissinger

Now, let’s make the invisible, visible again–let’s lay the reality of it bare for all the world to finally see. Again, you’ll want to keep a local copy of this. It’s the reasoning behind the mattoid madness, especially in today’s mockingbird media and it’s cooperative and co-dependent Hollywood counterpart. And it’s all based on a psychological experiment done decades ago that helped them to understand you better than you know yourself; to opportunize that understanding and turn it against you without you ever knowing it happened. And is still happening. Over, and over, and over again. Something I would very much like to see the end of, and in a moment, I think you will too.

At the 6:47 mark of the documentary, Tore (Linguist, Naval Intelligence contractor) explains her job was called “localization,” a strategy wherein particular groups are specifically targeted, ranging from “a whole country, city, a certain religious group, a 6-block radius like CHAZ,” and you then try to get into their heads: what they eat, how they walk, talk, think, what makes them happy or sad, what drives them nuts and what buttons to push to get the required response–and then you opportunize that data (use it against them). She points out this can be done to alter ideology, sell certain products, or function as a form of behavioral modification in getting people to move in a “pre-determined direction”. In other parts of the documentary she refers to this being used to ‘hack reality’ by altering what people think reality is.

What Tore just described is Perception Management and Social Engineering, both being necessary components of reality revisionism based on the predicate that people will react (modify behavior) over what they PERCEIVE is true, rather than what IS true, and in so doing, solidify the intended revision as the new reality. This was discussed in depth in a 2014 essay–this comes from the sub-section of that essay titled,  TRUE REALITY VS. THE SCRIPTED NARRATIVE REPLACEMENT (REVISION)—BEYOND WHITE LIES:

Reality revisions are the result of carefully scripted changes in the predominant, widely held narrative. I used the term ‘widely held narrative’ rather than the word reality because as it stands, so many revisions have already occurred that the truth and narrative not only vary wildly, but belief in the scripted narrative (revised reality) is now the predominant view.

One of the most important things about testimonies like theirs, especially in relation to social engineering, perception management and reality revisionism, is that when people like this come forward and tell us how the trick is performed, the audience (public mind) is no longer invested in the illusion (narrative) because all they see is the trick. That’s unimaginably important today because reality literate people not only become immune to this kind of targeted psychological warfare, but will also then find it both repelling and appalling. If you’re still new to the idea of social engineering, I recently resurrected a 2-hour radio show on the topic that discusses it in depth: SOCIAL ENGINEERING SATURDAY: The Elements of Social Engineering & How it is Applied.

At one point Tore mentions movies–intimating that some of them are letting the cat out of the bag. This is true, and i’ll give you an example. How could the swamp turn an otherwise ordinary civilian into an temporary operative? Let’s say they had a “package” that needed to be delivered during a precise window in order for a live covert operation to be successful, but their delivery guy was just hit by a car. How could the tools being discussed by Tore and Patrick help save the operation? Through Google Earth they could immediately discern if there are any large pockets of people nearby, giving them a larger data pool to mine–perhaps there’s a large apartment building across the street from the car accident. From there they could begin mining both the financial and GPS data of renters in the complex to find 1). someone who is home, and 2). someone who is home and deeply in debt–maybe somebody who needs money to pay for their mother’s cancer treatments. Bingo–they call them up and offer them $20,000 to finish delivering the package, via wire transfer, no questions asked. That would be a form of selective targeting, and a hypothetical scenario already similarly portrayed in movies.

But is it really a hypothetical scenario? Just two weeks ago, in the SILENCE OF THE LABS essay, I told the story of having met a programmer–20 years ago–who admitted to me they were responsible for writing a software program that would begin tracking all of our children. When telling that story I recounted how he first apologized repeatedly for having done it, before explaining he did it because he needed the money for his cancer treatments. Was that really a coincidence?–that they specifically chose him for that–a man who, like most people 20 years ago, never would have touched that job with a ten foot pole unless their personal situation was so dire? Was he selectively targeted? Probably. 

While the testimonies of Patrick and Tore only go back so far, the pre-cursors to the more modern and refined versions (and uses) have been around for decades. What I saw sales people doing with customer data in the mid 1990’s shocked me back then, which is why I wrote about both the dangers of data mining and ‘disposition matrixes’ in a book published in 2009. The idea is not new, but the prevalence of its abuse, where it’s going and how fast it’s getting there, should literally be raising the hair on the back of people’s necks, but it isn’t, because too many people still have no idea it’s even happening. Not all that surprising when we know the media is not just the apologist cover-up machine for it, but also an integral part of its delivery system–something Patrick confirmed right off the bat in the documentary.

The documentary is excellent, names names, and begins to build a far clearer picture of the unreality of our reality. The true nature of extremely important events is exposed throughout, although often in subtle fashion (SR). While the word “illegal” is used, more obvious and descriptive words are reserved for the viewer to come to terms with on their own, in their own time. 


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