May 10, 2021

For almost seven years I did joint interviews with James Horak on the most important topics of our time. We were, and still are, heavily censored, for reasons that shows like this one make obvious–especially when reviewed with the hindsight offered in the 8 years since it was first recorded. Were the warnings heeded? Why or why not? Where are we now? Is it really a coincidence that today’s overt depopulation efforts are coinciding with the “Great Awakening”? Has the dumbing-down we discussed all those years ago finally come to fruition in a generation simultaneously mal-educated to participate in their own demise out of ignorance? Has that accelerated the agenda as predicted? Are we living in the time of “history being deleted so it can be repeated”? If humanity continues on the path of being led by the least among us, what is the inevitable outcome? Why is it so difficult for researchers still uncovering evidence of lost civilizations (previous lineages) to see that our own civilization is on the verge of joining them–for the same reasons? What are those reasons, and has the “Great Awakening” fully grasped them yet?

I’m re-posting this show because I believe it will leave both new and regular listeners with a great deal to think about, perhaps more so now than before. While the original post is HERE, it has been duplicated in its entirety below. This show is almost 3 hours long and covers a variety of interconnected issues that go beyond the bullet points listed. Given the length of the show, listeners may want to increase the replay speed to 1.25x or 1.5x by clicking the gear icon on the lower right section of the youtube video. This video has also been mirrored on bitchute.

“Humanity once again stands at a most
important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating
and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of
countless wonders.” 
 –Crystal Clark, June 3, 2013

• Acquiring extra-information through dreams (Morpheus)
• Walter Russell, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus
• The risks of leaving records behind for the next civilization
• Hidden/suppressed archeological discoveries and anomalies would tell the truth
• Previous cataclysms caused by misuse of technology via elitist mindsets
• Weaponization of natural systems and genocide
• Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Collapse
• The public has purposefully been set up to fail and take the blame
• Manufactured lack turned into personal guilt
• Greed and planned obsolescence (of products, living things AND people)
• Depopulation as a counter to an awakening public
• Surveillance and data collection: Invasion of privacy and emotional/psychological manipulation
• Data-mining and Artificial Intelligence
• People perish for lack of knowledge—participate in their own demise through ignorance
• Billions of people want an abundant, free and peaceful future (Halcyon Days)
• Emulating and honoring the wisdom of Nature’s balanced interchange system
• Freedom to fully explore individual creative potential and free will
• Overcoming imbalance/split-consciousness with moral integrity
• Taming the ego allows for individual uniqueness to become a cultural benefit for everyone
• Non-violent models of change: balancing the desire for peace with the changes necessary to ensure it

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