One thought on “AGENDA 21

  1. I really/really like your work. Unique, courageous, articulate, under-appreciated, insightful , authentic, accessible, skeptical, fierce….
    I especially liked your work with James Horak. I know you both put
    it all out there, and there was nothing more to be said, but….
    The river of history moves, and new opportunity arises.

    On a personal note. I am 71. Live in Hilo, Hawaii. Been teaching
    [a] religio’, [b] a class with great radius called, “Modes of Thought,
    [c] spirituality and meaning in life, [d] ecology and society at Hawaii
    Community College in Hilo for 12 years. I consider myself: “An
    educator and a poet-philosopher.” I am rather a Taoist monk by
    nature. Quiet and humble by style and choice.

    Know of my deep respect and admiration for your ‘work in the
    world’ You are my favorite female ‘warrior.’


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