Crystal Clark joins the show to discuss her article “Globalist Reality Revisionism & the Four Directives: Dimmunization, Dehumanization, Dumbing-Down & Depopulation.” We talk about psychopathy, elite pedophilia, eugenics, psychological warfare, full spectrum dominance and the agenda of the criminal globalist elite. MP3 File Download HERE. 




Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada

National Geographic [The Psychopath Next Door 2014] Full Documentaries 2015



  1. Dear Crystal,

    I am so happy to have found you today. Not many people understand true psychopathy (because of forced ignorance by the corrupt medical community), so people are generally oblivious to their existence. It is burdensome trying to enlighten people to the fact that those in power and making policies are destroying our country and many others worldwide. Here’s my blog:

    The first step is education. The Psychiatric Association is no help because it is run by psychopaths – in particular, David Kupfer, the Chair of the DSM-5. It’s a good thing that we have now changed over to the ICD-10 which has a diagnosis code for psychopathy. Here is my main attempt to educate the public: TED-Ed Lesson “What is a psychopath?”‎

    Some other efforts I am making is paid advertising of http://NoPsychos.Org , http://NoPsycho.Org , I don’t have any funding, so progress is slow.

    Also, Janet Cascadia wrote a book called “The Tyranny of Psychopaths” Her blog is at We have been corresponding by email.

    We three could pool our resources and possibly push this movement to the tipping point.

    Thanks for your work!
    -Tina Taylor

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  2. Hey Crystal…the following illustrates how well your website is named. A big box retailer down here advertised Black Friday sales about 36 hours earlier than the official start of the event. The Sheeple, with full knowledge of this, chose to camp out in front of the store anyway in eager anticipation of the “opening”. You probably recall how many times I’ve intimated how difficult it was to help awaken them. We’ve reached an all-time bizarre low. For the first time, I’m laughing “with” the monsters.


  3. Hi Crystal, many thanks for your recent talk. What is your advice to your listeners / readers in terms of ‘using time wisely’ mentioned towards the end of the broadcast? It seems there are very few ordinary people left who are not happily plugged into the Matrix; most intelligent people, I find, have a difficult time believing that 1) Govt is psychopathic and that 2) Govt run by Elites has been staging Reality Revisions for decades (as far back as the faked Sharon Tate event, farther back to Abraham Lincoln’s faked exit or to Custer’s ‘last stand’ — see research of Miles Mathis here Ive discoursed until there are no more words to use: explained the Hegelian Dialectic, Communitarianism, Technocracy, Post-Democracy, Order Out Of Chaos, reality revisions, fluoridated water, Agenda21, and so many other hoaxes and evils and -at BEST- am barely able to appear sane to listeners. And at worst, these discussions have cost me friendships. In your opinion, what is the best way to use the small amount of time we have left to prevent the final desired outcome of globalist psychopathy? Thank you!


    • Thank you for your question and comments Al. I don’t have a personal prescription for individuals, beyond the positive change they can affect in their own spheres of influence. Do your best to protect yourself and your family from contaminated food and water sources by using Lugols solution to protect the thyroid, water filtration for fluoride, and organic food where available–preferably while supporting local farmers. Finding groups of people with like minds can be helpful for local solutions and forming support networks. If you live in the US I recommended finding and joining a local chapter of Oath Keepers. Rosa Koire (author of Behind the Green Mask) has done numerous presentations (available on youtube) on how to fight Agenda 21 at the local level by attending City Council meetings.

      A friend and colleague has often said that until people go 2 days without food they will remain in denial. I hate to think he’s right, but I too have met my share of head-in-the-sanders. If and when those 2 days ever come, I strongly suspect every warning we’ve ever offered will come rushing back like a flood.


      • Thanks so much, Crystal, I appreciate your time and response. I dont live in the US and blessedly the local water supply doesnt contain a fluoride additive (there are other problems with the water so I do use filtration. Ive not heard of Lugols, so Ill look into that, thank you!). Also, there arent Oath Keepers or City Council meetings locally I can attend. Like minds with regard to Reality Revision are thin on the ground where I am. I suppose local circumstance will vary across the world. However, Ive had some success with Rosa’s presentations – but even if people sit through to the final syllable, Ive never seen the scales drop fully from anyone’s eyes: people seem confused (or angry) when told the truth – they *might* be willing to admit the remote possibility of skulduggery and will perhaps come as close as, ‘well, history is riven with bad people who want to control the world, isnt it’. But this is usually only admitted for the local level (the evil king or local despot, for instance). Confronting the enormous globalist scale and architecture of the Four Directives is more than most can cope with or are willing to seriously consider, I find. It’s particularly difficult conveying such information to parents with small children – no parent wants to imagine that their kids are being intentionally dumbed down in schools, or, much worse, that their children’s future (if they have one) very likely will be an inescapable nightmare of slavery crafted by psychopathic Elitists to which all will be oblivious. And NO ONE wants to accept that they’ve fallen victim – even in a minor way – to a massive propaganda machine operated by their own government. Denial is a quick and easy coping strategy so most people happily consign such difficult, unpleasant conversations to the dustbin of conspiracy theory – the controlled media makes this all the easier to do convincing them they’ve made the right decision. Where I live, no one would ever undertake the experiment of food deprivation for 2 days – the only way they will experience real hunger and scarcity is when it is purposefully visited on them with finality and malice – and as you say, if and when, national governments start forcing entire populations into manufactured scarcity and hunger, it will be too late for experiments and to say ‘oh, you were right’. The very last thing I want in this life is to hear, “you were right”. But I am struggling to find useful tools that help people to fully grasp the unprecedented weird state the world has entered – before it’s too late. Needless to say this is challenging, as even simple concepts like ‘media black outs’, or a ‘controlled mainstream media’ are difficult for people to take on board. There are many infected pillars holding up the globalist psychopathic structure: health (vaccines, eugenics, fluoride), environment (climate change lie, Agenda21), religion, warfare, controlled media, economics (technocracy, communitarian trade treaties, rule of corporatocracy), politics (fake elections, world governance), education (common core), agriculture (GMOs, manufactured scarcity)… all of your readers know that this list is endless and reaches into every corner of life and the planet. But in those who dont yet know, Ive observed a curious intransigence in accepting that any *single* pillar could be corrupted and infiltrated (never mind about so many others). Most people will reply “I dont know” if asked how WTC7 collapsed. For them, the “I dont know” somehow is enough of an answer to live with. Most people become mildly outraged if the veracity of climate change science is questioned, even if they’ve never read (and hardly any one has) a single scientific report – faked or legit – on the subject. The lies have taken on the appearance of a sickened truth, and the real Truth sparks anger and resistance…

        On a different note, I return to your site often and am always very heartened to find new posts. Please don’t stay away too long!

        Many thanks, AL

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