July 22, 2012
By Crystal Clark

The way we have a tendency to convolute and complicate simple issues on this planet (what some refer to as “analysis paralysis”), reminds me of the space pen vs. the pencil: NASA once reportedly spent millions of dollars trying to create a pen that would write in space (zero gravity), while Russians bypassed all that nonsense, and simply used a pencil.

That’s but one example of our becoming lost in lots and lots of fancy jargon that sounds totally legit because we blindly trust the people that sold it to us. So much so in fact, that reason became the Gingerbread Man long before it ran off with reality and began daring us to catch him (!).

What follows is not a batch of chicken soup designed to make you feel better when you have the flu (Flu coming from its Latin root influenza; under the influence), but rather to help you address the cause of a condition that persists to the point of self-detriment—to help you see why it persists—this goes beyond reactive healing by insuring the proactive prevention of suffering to begin with.

Very much like honest modern-day healers/doctors struggling with patients demanding they be given the magic pill they saw advertised by new and improved snake oil salesman, I’m also aware that telling people to simply “stop doing that if it hurts” is perhaps more offensive now than it was before. However, is it offensive because someone has the audacity to say it out loud, or because it’s the truth? If you still prefer the magic pill over self-responsibility, no worries, there’s no shortage of vendors for that.

Instead of a Question and Answer session to address what kind of “influence” we’re under, I thought perhaps a Supposition and Reality session might be more effective. The Supposition(s) are the magic pill that makes us feel better by masking symptoms but never solving the underlying issue, Reality being the opposite approach. Moreover, as the title of this article implies, I have purposefully chosen sarcasm to make the points. Even sarcasm has a wondrous way of breaking through all the feel-good lies we tell ourselves (regardless of who sold them to us), because it amplifies absurd and distorted thinking beyond the capability of our minds to reason away as normal behavior.

The (S)upposition and (R)eality session is below. I trust you’ll remember the benefit of sarcasm as you read it. Sarcasm is not only a far better teacher than physical suffering, but also boldly helps us to one day be rid of them both, simply because it is.

Supposition and Reality Session:

S: Love is all we need to make everything right and beautiful again.
R: Knowledge of how to prevent suffering, and then acting on that knowledge out of love, is the only thing that will prevent suffering—it is the only thing that ever has.

S: Nothing can hurt you unless you believe it can.
R: Apparently this “truth” wasn’t shared with all the children/babies that became autistic, severely debilitated or died after being vaccinated by their unknowledgeable but very loving parents. Thanks to recent “advancements” in birth control protocols, we can add teenager to the list as well.

S: We don’t actually have to ‘do’ anything to change our situation.
R: Because not doing anything to change our situation has apparently worked so far? We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas. Maybe Einstein was wrong after all, and we CAN fix the problem with the same mentality that created it—by mindlessly looking the other way; apathy and indifference is where it’s at.

S: He who does not meditate, disintegrates—nothing else is required of us.
R: I’m pretty sure there’s a jail cell waiting for every parent that was too busy meditating, to actually physically get up and feed their physical children with physical food, which would have kept their souls from dis-integrating from their extraordinary and equally physical beautiful little bodies.

S: We are not spiritually advanced, until we can live without passing judgment on another.
R: Are we really to assume this means that child pornography, sex-slave trafficking, molestation, genocide and murder, are “beyond” our ability to judge as wrong? Based on the physical world and the physical body my soul is living in and experiencing, I would say this idea has gained far too much traction.

S: You ONLY get what you attract to yourself.
R: I’m sure you will understand if I let you be the one to tell all the starving, raped, and purposefully murdered people that this is true—apparently Native Americans ‘wanted’ us to give them blankets contaminated with Small Pox, Aids victims ‘wanted’ to be similarly biologically murdered, and brutally raped women or young girls sold into baby-making factories for similar purposes, all ‘want’ to be violated and used this way. Jack the Ripper, gangs that behead tourists, and the NWO/UN thank you for coming to your senses on this one.

S: Prophecies are set in stone.
R: Well, then apparently there’s no need to spend time considering what a “Self-fulfilling” prophecy really is. Free will is just a myth after all. If your parent(s), boss, pastor, spouse, guru, or government, insist(s) you aren’t intelligent enough to amount to anything on your own and therefore be part of shaping a future that goes beyond what they “prophesied” for you, who are you to argue? Edgar Cayce once rightfully stated that to prophesy, is to apply what you know. There is a very fine line between a prophecy and a probability, when people are no longer educated enough to understand the difference, nor the roles they personally play in the process.

S: People only do evil, because they have free will.
R: If free will is the only reason/excuse people need/have to do evil things, I’m pretty sure we would all be dead already. That you do indeed have a choice, does not determine which one you make—you don’t get to blame free will for that. That’s like comparing free will to guns: guns/free will kill people. No, people kill people. Even over many eons, in all the incarnations you will populate, the willful denial of life to thrive (evil) will ‘always’ be a choice. However, it will only be when you stop making that choice for any meaningful length of time, that you will refuse to believe you ever chose it to begin with—start today.

S: The bad guys control us through fear… they want us to be fearful all the time!
R: If you’re going to use the term “love and light” as any kind of meaningful defense to this, at least understand that light equals knowledge—not wishful thinking. They keep you in fear out of ignorance, and nothing else. The many, many truths these people keep from you, is also the light at the end of your tunnel—a tunnel they work really hard (through perpetuated ignorance/dumbing down), to ensure you won’t survive—by ensuring you won’t know how. Your second-graders aren’t doing homework that teaches them how to be good little consumers and global citizens because “love and light” will overcome this sad excuse for an education, but because the light you need, is in the education they are denying you and your children.

S: You can ONLY learn through suffering—that’s what Earth is for.
R: That’s like saying a child should embrace their molester (and a slave should embrace their master), because they would never understand how terrible molestation/slavery is, if they weren’t a victim of it. This idea is equally part of the Luciferian/Satanic world, and is therefore spawned by broken minds that are too sick to know what is right because of it. However, our world leaders haven’t discovered this truth yet, anymore than their loyal followers have. But I promise you—and this is important—should the masses figure this out first, those who truly believe that suffering is the only teacher, will end up being the only ones that suffer for that belief. Read that sentence again if you must—it means what is says. Read it as many times as it takes to really understand it.

S: Life out in the Universe beyond Earth, is just like it is here—the Star Wars movies said so.
R: Since we’re clearly the most intelligent beings that EVER lived, what we do, cause or allow to be done here, on this planet, surely means everyone else does the same thing—kind of like friends that cheat on their own spouses, being absolutely sure we all do it too. There’s just no way we’re projecting our own inadequacies onto others, because we see storm troopers (reptilians) everywhere, and our satellites are constantly recording how many non-conformist planets they blow up—not! At the very least, try to remember that Hollywood is not only the main arm of perception management, but paid for faking the moon landing footage because it is.

S: Our leaders are in league with hostile ET’s that will let them go to other planets and hide out while they kill the rest of us off.
R: To that I would say, “don’t the let the door hit them in the ass on the way out!” but I think we’re all intelligent enough to know that if this were true, “tickets to underground bases” wouldn’t be necessary. The alternative/new age media can’t have their cake and eat it too on this one.

S: Reptoids from another planet are “making” our leaders do their bidding.
R: If reptoids/reptilians were really the ‘almighty’ gods of our past returning to enslave us, they certainly wouldn’t need our help to pull it off, would they? If they were as evil and technologically advanced in the weapons sector as everyone claims, they wouldn’t give a damn about your free will—slave masters CLEARLY don’t honor the free will of their slaves—ever.

S: The Annunaki/reptilians only come here in large numbers every 3600 years in accordance with Nibiru’s orbit.
R: That makes no sense at all of a race we have been led to believe is hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us. In all that time, they never learned to build fleets capable of interstellar travel through things like the wormholes and stargates Hollywood keeps insisting they must surely have? Look how far our own race has come in the last hundred years alone, and honestly ask yourself if that makes sense.

S: Nibiru is the planet our evil slave master and progenitors/reptiods come from—and it’s coming back now!
R: Of course it is, because Sitchin said it comes back every 3600 years, and we have many, many records of all the previous times it came from 1588 years BC, and 5188 BC, and 8788 BC… seriously folks, really think about this. If you have the time to pay for and read Sitchin’s suppositions in this regard, you surely have time to read the Book of Enoch, which can be downloaded for free. Not only that, but some honest self truth-seeking and therefore due diligence should have you checking out

S: Even though the Annunaki are a civilization hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than we are, they STILL need our gold to fix the atmosphere on their home planet.
R: Are we really expected to believe that a race this advanced (and apparently hostile to boot), has not learned how to restore their atmosphere on a permanent basis, or has not simply migrated to another planet that doesn’t have the same problem? Those who believe the Annunaki capable of the hostile take-over of other planets, might earn some brownie points with their assumed slave masters by pointing this out to them—just say’n.

S: Our planet is being terraformed by very advanced aliens so they can take it over after we all die from the changes.
R: I guess this means that of all the different planets in the ENTIRE Universe, the ONLY one that will suit them happens to be ours, but only if they kill it first. (Come on people, really?) If I was hostile and had the kind of weapons our government ‘claims’ hostile ET’s have, I would have just killed all the people, and taken the planet for myself—especially before they developed weapons to defend themselves with. I wouldn’t have bothered teasing them with my existence over thousands of years, before actually doing it, by making sure images of me were carved on their ancient stones, or included in their paintings from the 15th Century. If I really needed their planet for my survival, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t waste time playing mind games over thousands of years—maybe that’s just me though. (?)

S: ET’s are going to come and fix our problems for us.
R: Like they did in the Dark Ages? It was already pretty ugly back then. Has nobody ever heard the term “co-dependency”? That’s a teenager’s dream, isn’t it? That they can skip school half the year, but know that mommy will take the test for them at the end so they can pass. ET’s are not your mommy—you will do it on your own to prove your worth and ability to evolve into a greater community because you did, or you will fail because you didn’t. Anyone on this planet who has ever had a drug addict for a child or sibling, already knows this. Nobody can save you from yourself.

S: ET’s are the cause of all our problems.
R: Like they were in the Dark Ages? I seriously doubt the “Iron Maiden” and “Guillotine” designs came from ET’s. Maybe the Pope has more info on this, but if I recall correctly, he did say that ET’s don’t suffer from original sin… so… yeah—there’s that.

I could go on and on with the S&R session, but I have enough faith in your capacity to reason for yourself that I can’t see why it would be necessary. This is the truth of it all right there—the pencil: we cannot run from ourselves. People surely try to though, over and over. People that insist only meditation (utilizing the soul self) will fix things, are running from the demands of physical actions required of their material bodies to affect change. Those who believe only in the material self and its actions, are equally running from their own souls.

Stop running from the shadow of your other half, and become whole again. The future of (y)our human family depends on it. Who you really are, is who they really need—all of it. And, to be sure, you need it just as much as they do.

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