By Crystal Clark, September 25th, 2012

In the first book I released three years ago (currently out of print) I referred to several films of note in terms of patterns that deserve our attention, one of which was I Robot, starring Will Smith.

There was a particular scene in that film that has a great deal of meaning for us now that shouldn’t be overlooked. Will Smith played the character of a futuristic detective with severe trust issues regarding semi-intelligent robots living in almost every home at the time. His distrust and the “semi-intelligence” were intimately connected.

When he begins to pressure his boss more and more to consider that robots might be killing people, his boss replies that he’s “going to miss the good old days then”. Upon inquiring what was meant by that statement, his boss explains that the good old days represent a time when people killed people.

Why is this important? Below is a video that represents marketing genius when it comes to portraying police/military drones in an adorable and cutesie kind of way, but they are nothing of the sort, I can assure you. Yet they look so neat when they all fly in formation, flashing their pretty lights for us in all different colors at the same time! Of course they do—how else are your controllers going to be successful at getting to you accept these machines as a “normal” part of your reality? Drones are a gateway technology leading to more technopathic [technocratic] abuses, and a most blatant example of the “all-seeing-eye” if there ever was one.

That said, I’m going to repeat the same message here I posted some time ago on my FB page in response to the attached video [embedding disabled–click on link to open]:


If you’re one of the police or even military officers around the world that have been conned into accepting this technology, whether based on aiding you in upholding the law or aiding you in abusing it, I hope you’ll pay special attention to what I’m about to repeat; not just about the video, but about the drone concept in general:

“This is so wrong in so many ways, and there’s something exceptionally important about this that ALL police should consider. Not only will drones one day put them all out of a job by replacing them, but when that happens, the special club they thought they were in, one that would always look the other way and protect them, will cease to exist. The days of “we’ve got each other’s back because we wear the same uniform” will be long gone. There will be no more uniforms—only machines—and you won’t be one of them.”

If there’s anything meaningful left to say on the issue that isn’t at the very least already implied at one level or another, I have not discovered it. Whatever we cause or allow to be done to others, be it good bad, always comes back to us in the end. This is no different.

*Updated on November 4th, 2012 with the information below:



  1. YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!

    My Shero!!!

    I just got through listening to you on the Monkey show. I found it looking for conspiracy theories regarding the Connecticut massacre. Long story short, I read something you wrote and followed the links. I am Glad I did.

    Your blog have been favorited and now sit on my desktop where I need to keep knowledge, wisdom and (my) spirit connection.


  2. That is chilling – I thought of minority report when I saw the stories come out about the tiny insect robots with nano technology ..People think its * far fetched * Or they bend the knee at the altar of the technology Gods .. I always think how can that be used as a weapon because invariably they are , that film also alluded to so much like remote viewing and playing with time .many other clues to the possible future ..


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