thCAF9K4SPThe COSMOLOGY tab has been completed and populated with information regarding cosmological anomalies and astronomical discoveries largely unknown to the general public. As a static location for specific information this section takes an in-depth look at these issues from several different angles, including scientific, historical, political and philosophical views.

This was done to facilitate a well-rounded perspective of these issues because it is not enough to know what has been hidden from the bulk of humanity without also taking the time to understand why it has been hidden, who is doing it, and how the same patterns of secrecy (withholding proper knowledge) are broadly and repeatedly applied not only in conjunction with fear mongering and emotional manipulation, but as the necessary precursor to their efficacy.

Sources for personal examination and self-study are necessarily included in combination with discussion as to how this knowledge not only resolved countless anomalies uncovered during my own research and experiences, but also how it benefits us all in our reach for greater understandings from which we can procure and build a better future for mankind.

Any new or relative discoveries outside of the information contained in the COSMOLOGY section will be presented as new articles and posted here in the main feed.

Crystal Clark, January 25, 2013


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