untitled (35)As another friend and brother makes their way home, we are again reminded how precious life truly is. While Kevin’s daily presence will be sorely missed by many, the lesson he taught us will forever remain: One person can, and absolutely does, make a difference—a BIG one.

I share deeply in the sentiments of my friends and colleagues whose presence in my life have enriched me beyond words—friendships that are the direct result of Kevin’s work and the ripples it sent out. For that alone I will be eternally grateful. Thank you, Kevin, and enjoy your well-deserved and peaceful rest! —Crystal Clark


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sad farewell to a dear friend.. Kevin Smith

Dear readers, subscribers and fellow truth-seekers.

It is with a heavy heart and blurry eyes that I bring the sad and shocking news to you that Kevin Smith, a very dear friend to both James Horak, myself and many others throughout the truth community, has last night left us to journey on this mortal plane alone…. You are sadly missed my friend.

As many of you will be aware, Kevin had a heart attack 3 days ago and after having a stent put in was sent home from hospital yesterday… (a bit too early perhaps). Last night he died, leaving the rest of us and his family reeling in shock at loosing him so soon after such a close call.

If it were not for Kevin, this blog would not exist. He introduced me to James Horak and the rest, as they say, is history….

Kevin, we are all devastated by your death, leaving a gaping hole not only in the lives of those who loved you but the wider community as a whole. You are (I can’t bring myself to say were just yet) a shining light of no-nonsense truth and wisdom, laughs and chuckles, thought provoking questions and open minded discussion on matters of great importance.

As I sit here and write this through blurred eyes and tear stained face, I cannot help but wonder and hope that you are now in a place in the Sun or an EMV, now aware of ALL that is, ever was and ever will be and chuckling your little socks off. Save those of us who love you a seat for when we eventually join you.

Until then we will honor your memory and dedicated hard work to continue to openly speak the truth about matters that affect Humanities and this Planet’s tenuous future.

You will be missed by more than you could ever have known possible…… God Speed Kevin xxxx

All our love and respect..

Torz, James, Shuny, Crystal and anyone else who’s ever known you or called in to your show…


In Memoriam

(by James Horak)

“You matter.” You have a right to know.”

Etched by one intent effort and another

to go where so few others bother

A guiding light to thought with density

the realm of physics with added intensity

Holding open a stage to all when any

answers could be found…

Never denying any cogent thought that

might lead to new ground

Knowing how to challenge issues without


Logic and insight served all means he had

of redress

The prince of a genre, a friend to so many

shoes to fill, cannot any

A right to know is now what’s left

for Kevin Smith now has the fullest sense

of that right to know

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