RACE WITH TIME Episode #3: TPP (Part 2)–When Greed Isn’t Enough

RACE WITH TIME Episode #3: When Greed Isn’t Enough

  • TPP & FEMA Region III updates
  • UN Arms Trade Treaty: global gun registration and regulation
  • Constitutional transgressions and political corruption
  • Republic form of government requires an involved and responsible public  for oversight and direction
  • Treason: Fast & Furious and supplying arms to Syrian rebels
  • The many Orwellian faces of the Cremation of Care ritual—are you wearing one?
  • People need to plug back in to reality and help by taking appropriate action
  • The UN is a front for the New World Order
  • Lawlessness: turning a blind eye to corruption means your silence is consent
  • Corruption of the Supreme Court the gateway to the destruction of our Republic
  • Shoulder-shrugging won’t fix anything; don’t get depressed—get busy and involved
  • The overpopulation lie: when all you see is overpopulation, all you have is depopulation tools
  • Corrupt corporations (not the public/sheeple/useless eaters) are destroying our environment
  • Did the NRA covertly sell out?
  • The legal system has been contaminated— loyalties have been confused (and/or purchased)
  • Eustace Mullins and Common Law
  • Administrations vs. regimes: the Constitution is our ONLY social contract with government
  • John Kerry: patsy, imposter, or both?
  • Why would they do that?—Howard Hughes, Qui Bono and the military industrial complex
  • Kevin Blanch (not David Blanch), Lauren Moret and the Fukushima depopulation nightmare
  • Strontium 90 the predominant cause of rapid onset leukemia
  • Fear of confrontation allows aberrant behavior to thrive and continue
  • The ultimate insanity: using a neutron bomb to neutralize Fukushima radiation
  • Increasing disease & more virulent strains of flu
  • Overview (lending to genius) prohibited as a threat to New World Order agenda
  • The psy-ence behind helium, carbon, alpha particles and CERN
  • Helium is not an element—doesn’t react to/combine with anything or degrade—NO such thing as Helium 3
  • Helium disinfo began during WW1 by the military industrial complex
  • Proper knowledge of helium kept secret from the public by gas companies based on extraction/use being a corporate “trade secret”
  • Helium being part of the secret of the sun

All of this (in the first hour alone) and much, much more were discussed in this expansive, set-the-record-straight, and 3rd episode of RACE WITH TIME, with hosts James Horak & Crystal Clark. Shows air live every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month on Wolf Spirit Radio from 7-9 pm PST.

RACE WITH TIME EPISODE #3: Articles referenced during the show:

  1. Microbes & Machiavellian Mindsets (Aerobiology, climate and chemtrails) can be found HERE
  2. Cognitive Dissonance & Detachment or Spiritually Enlightened? (Cremation of Care in New Age Dogma) can be found HERE

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast, Shuny (OmetaOne) for doing the audio editing, Patrice from Information-Machine for producing the graphics, and co-host James Horak for his special (out-formation) insights. It’s always a team effort!

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