RACE WITH TIME Episode #4: The Elements of Social Engineering & How it is Applied

Crystal Clark and I have tried to obtain an overview of the cultural, economic,
political, military and social encroachments upon the individual that the New
World Order portends. In this segment we deal with that of social engineering,
it’s methods and applications of this modern era; how, as an instrument of this
intended feudal corporate fascist police state, it serves its masters.

All of this and much more were discussed in this expansive,
set-the-record-straight 4th episode of RACE WITH TIME, with hosts James Horak
& Crystal Clark. Shows air live every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month on
Wolf Spirit Radio from 7-9 pm PST.

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for
hosting the broadcast and for publication permission.

James’ website: www.emvsinfo.blogspot.com

Courtesy for graphics: http://information-machine.blogspot.com

Courtesy for audio editing:  http://www.youtube.com/user/OmetaOne

One thought on “RACE WITH TIME Episode #4: The Elements of Social Engineering & How it is Applied

  1. Crystal….I wanted to congradulate you on your outstanding presentation. You are a researcher and activist of the first order, and we are all fortunate to have access to this fine work. I hope it serves to awaken and guide those beginning their journey. Thank you so much!


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