By Crystal Clark, May 29, 2020

While new copies are no longer available, it’s been 11 years since my first book was released. It took me several years to write it, and in that period of time (2005-2008), what I saw happening to the internet was already disturbing in relation to the subject of this article. Not necessarily in a censorship way, but in more of a ‘search and replace’ fashion. The most potent example I observed during that time was a significant alteration in returns for searches on the term “greenhouse gasses”. At the time I was writing the book, in the beginning, most of the search results on the internet for that phrase would pull up endless pages of links to companies selling carbon injection kits for greenhouse growers. Yes. You heard that right. You see, the term ‘greenhouse gasses’ was originally referring to greenhouse growers using carbon injection kits in their grow houses because carbon is plant food and therefore PRODUCES A HIGHER PLANT YIELD. Since plants in return provide us with oxygen, that’s generally considered a good thing.

As it stands today, most people still have no idea this is the case, and this part of the discussion is to explain why: as soon as Al Gore began the hard sell of the global warming narrative, consistently using the term greenhouse gasses (GHG) in that narrative, the search returns for the term were subsequently altered to show nothing but results for Al Gore and global warming–ALL OTHER REFERENCES TO THE CARBON INJECTION KITS WERE REMOVED. Or buried. Or non-personned. Or shadow banned. People have different ways of referring to it. Personally I prefer the term Reality Revisionism because, ultimately, that’s exactly what it is. More importantly however, because of the work I was doing at the time, I literally watched it happen in slow motion. By the time the book was completed and officially released no more references to carbon injection kits being used in greenhouses would come back in the search results for GHG. Not one. Of course this made it difficult to persuade people that reality had been revised in that regard because when they would search for any remnants of the pre-revised reality and original meaning of GHG, there were none to be found. But of course that was the entire point of the revision–to remove any references or anchors to the pre-revised reality because that reality was in direct competition with (and therefore in opposition to) the new narrative, or replacement reality being blanketed over it.

In this sense there’s little doubt censorship is fundamental in reality revisionism, because it’s the primary method through which references to an alternate or pre-revised reality are systematically removed from the collective consciousness. A hybrid of deletion and digital wallpaper to which each younger and successive generation is more susceptible, having no real world experiences or memories of the pre-revised reality–and no traces of it to be found any longer. Nothing but a distant memory or cloudy dream now–fairy tales told by old-timers. As astonishing as that alone is, it’s only nipping at the edges of something much deeper at the core of so much happening today.

In all my years of doing this, there’s one particular item that has been censored more than anything I’ve ever seen. In a moment i’m going to show it to you and I can’t recommend strongly enough that you save copies of it before it too vanishes forever. It’s powerful in it’s implication. Remarkably so. For all intents and purposes, for OVER A DECADE, I have watched the censors repeatedly and relentlessly render it invisible to needful eyes. Doesn’t matter where I post it on any form of social media–even ‘private’ groups–nor how many times and under what circumstances. Over and over again, despite my best efforts, I consistently remain the only person who can see it. That needs to change.

Before I show it to you, I want you to see it in action first; to feel the unsavory grime of it on your skin as it silently weaves its way through nearly every aspect of your life–through the media. Yes, yes, we all know about Project Mockingbird. What ‘we’ don’t know, due to the alarmingly invisible nature of the source of it, is the reason for it. WHY does Project Mockingbird exist? WHY have all the once great reporters been transformed into dutiful repeaters? WHY does it work, and HOW do we/they know it works? The video below epitomizes it, but even then, so many are going to watch this video but not see–not until we make the invisible, visible again:

What was the purpose of that–what was it meant to accomplish? To be precise, what type of behavioral modification was that meant to cause IN YOU after watching it? Did it work? How do you know? There’s a provocative admission I refer to over and over again in all my writings, wherever they may be–even in the early books. And in it lies the unmistakable yet still largely invisible truth:  “It is not a matter of what IS true that counts, but rather what is PERCEIVED to be true.” –Henry Kissinger

Now, let’s make the invisible, visible again–let’s lay the reality of it bare for all the world to finally see. Again, you’ll want to keep a local copy of this. It’s the reasoning behind the mattoid madness, especially in today’s mockingbird media and it’s cooperative and co-dependent Hollywood counterpart. And it’s all based on a psychological experiment done decades ago that helped them to understand you better than you know yourself; to opportunize that understanding and turn it against you without you ever knowing it happened. And is still happening. Over, and over, and over again. Something I would very much like to see the end of, and in a moment, I think you will too.

The implications of this are staggering, though perhaps not immediately obvious. On the surface it appears to simply show that most people are shockingly affected by peer pressure or group think–“nobody wants to stand out in a crowd” kind of thing. That’s certainly a big part of it, but it’s been perfected and weaponized in ways that are also remarkable. And chilling. It’s being used for more than just something akin to establishing ‘herd immunity to reality’ when attempting to install a new reality during reality revisionism. What happens when it’s used to get people to participate in their own demise under false pretenses? And I mean that in terms of its direct use as a psychological operation.

Here’s an example, remembering again the power of realizing it’s not what IS true that matters as much in this scenario (psyop) as what is PERCEIVED to be true. Have you ever watched a film portraying a Game of Thrones type of power struggle in, say, the middle ages, in which a smaller group wants to overtake the throne of a larger group, using this method? They begin spreading false rumors (through the parrots/media of their day) that their clan/family/king has joined with several other clans/families/kings and are planning to attack the otherwise larger family/clan/king soon. Word gets back to the king they are soon going to be attacked by this new horde, but before they can send riders out to confirm, the attacking army shows up at night and camps right outside of the king’s castle walls.

Of course they don’t really have the numbers to successfully pull off a REAL attack, so in order to avoid an actual battle they can’t win, they must present the perception that they do indeed have superior numbers. This is done by having each soldier light 10 fires, instead of the customary one fire for each soldier. The next step is to send a rider to the gate with the message that if the King surrenders before dawn he and his family will be spared. The king hears the message, climbs to the tower, looks at the camp below and perceives, by the number of blazing fires burning against the deep black of night, that he is definitely outnumbered. This is a form of psychological warfare that, if employed successfully, will have the King surrendering before dawn–before he has the chance to see the truth in the light of day.

From a modern-day perspective we could say this particular King was trolled, meaning the extra fires lit for creating the perception he was outnumbered was a ye old troll farm technique. That’s the entire purpose of troll farms today in the digital world–to cast doubt on a specific segment of reality and those who believe it. This is the ‘perception management’ aspect of reality revisionism that I’ve written about extensively in other essays. As another example, It’s the reason that phony political polls are churned out before elections. Keep in mind that phony poll numbers can also be used for cover in stolen elections because perceptions of outcome are managed heavily enough that rigged outcomes aren’t questioned because they matched the pre-outcome predictive polling (predictive programming)! In cases where the perception management isn’t able to modify behavior enough to actually cause the predicted outcome, we get a parrot media asking “how they got it so wrong” instead of admitting the polls were fabrications to begin with.

It’s the reason media personalities keep repeating phrases like “new normal” ad nauseam, and why so many media personalities and officials only wear their masks when the cameras are on. It’s also the reason for the Amazon video I showed you first. The entire purpose of that propaganda piece was to present the illusion–the perception–that a majority of people are doing something that they aren’t. The creation of that perception is of course designed to modify the viewers’ behavior into “doing it too” which would then revise reality in such a manner as to later make it true. In more crass terms, it’s how they move the herd in a pre-determined direction through the illusion that it’s already happening–that it’s already a done deal. Or, a means to move the populace in a pre-determined direction through the illusion that individuals wanting a different outcome are outnumbered. Both uses are a psychological operation. I encourage you to watch the Amazon video again with this in mind, and maybe even consider if that PR attempt wasn’t somehow connected to Gates recently investing so much in the company. Keep in mind that Public Relations is really about Perception Management.

Over the years other videos have exposed similar psychological operations, but the Asch’s Conformity Experiment in my experience remains the most difficult to transmit to this day. Perhaps many of you have seen the “bell” experiment in which a phony dental office is set up with a social conformity operative in the waiting room that promptly stands up every time a bell in the background goes off. Nobody knows why she does it, nor why the bell is going off, and even more shockingly, none of them dare to ask. Pretty soon everyone in the waiting room is doing it, even newcomers arriving long after the original operative who started the whole thing in motion has left the building.

Other experiments done with monkeys attempting to reach for a banana suspended from the ceiling are perhaps even more revealing in that regard. After the first monkey is punished every time (with a shock if I remember right) he tries to reach for the banana (behavioral modification), that same monkey will personally attack any new monkeys introduced into the environment when they try to reach for the banana themselves. The original monkey is now enforcing the behavior modification on others.

I had forgotten about that particular experiment until a video recently started circulating in which a woman was attacked by other shoppers in a supermarket because she wasn’t wearing a mask. The monkey experiment immediately came back to me and I found myself wondering if the video was real or a means of causing behavioral modification (i.e. social conformity to masks) in viewers based on the perception they may also be attacked and thrown out if they don’t personally socially conform to ‘new norms’ being pushed down on the masses by social engineers with questionable agendas.

This is the nature of the reality, or rather our constantly managed perceptions of it, that we currently live in. But they say that once the audience sees how the illusion is performed, they no longer see the illusion–all they see is the trick. And now that you’ve seen it, I hope you’ll bring into the light of day so others can see it too.



  1. Both the Asch and the Milgram experiments are so revealing of how easily humanity is controlled by the ruling sociopaths. The coronavirus scare shows they still herd us effortlessly, and after months of this deception, the vast majority of people still don’t have a clue.


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