“The urgency of our survival on earth has never been better expressed than in this show by Crystal Clark. In order to best example the stark contrast between the reality of that situation and how it is dressed up in fantasy by many of the alternative community, Crystal cuts through the crap and delivers brilliantly and decisively what we must do to achieve necessary change.” –JCH

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  1. After listening to Crystals’ comments regarding the credibility of certain UFO alternative media personalities it has occurred to me, for some time now, that there is a desperate need of some type of vetting process to examine the credentials of so called experts. Crystal has stated that almost all these well known pundits have “taken the deal” based on the testimony of Alan Watt. I respect Alan Watt and I enjoy the many interviews I have heard with you and James, but really how can anyone seriously, on the face of it, believe any of the fantastic tales thrown around by any of these people. There is a saying “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” and I personally believe there is an unseen hand, well funded, raping and pillaging this planet, that much is obvious. Who they are and how they are doing it is completely open to speculation mostly because of the mountain sized pile of information offered by anyone with access to a microphone and a computer coupled with a strong personality. There are millions of people ready to bail water as you put it and I commend your passion which I believe is genuine, but we need a way other than gut feelings to discern the truth to rally around and effect the change that is needed.


    • Thank you for the comment Duff. One of the primary points of the discussion, was to move “beyond speculation” by *clearly* pointing out that those currently in control are doing EXACTLY what their own papers, missives, and think tank studies said they were going to do. I suggest people take them at their word, and in doing so, should subsequently know exactly who is behind it. We’re waaayyy past “speculation”. The 7th extinction of the human race is currently underway and accelerating. It’s in our face, our bodies, our air, water and soil. This is reality–not a “gut feeling”.


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