I see many, many people quoting Buddha in terms of judgment—how we will be more spiritually advanced if we one day learn to live without it. Of course we should know better than to judge people on things that don’t matter, but we have every right—and in fact a responsibility—to use the kind of judgment ONLY sentient beings have, to alleviate suffering.

The idea that judgment as a *whole* is beneath the only beings on the planet that actually have the capacity to use it any meaningful way, is accepting full-on anarchy, and dare I say, a complete perversion of what Buddha meant. Are you so sure you don’t need judges, or even laws, for that matter? Is it really beyond your spiritual evolution to judge pedophiles, murderers, greedy banksters, corrupt politicians and genocidal maniacs?

This reminds me of a recently circulating image, showing two old ladies holding a sign saying, “Fuck the cops.” Would it be as funny if the image were reversed? If the image was of two cops holding a sign that said, “Fuck old ladies”? (You’ll pardon my so-called French here).

Each and every one of you have been gifted with an intellect and therefore moral capacity that is the ONLY thing separating all of us from the animals. Neither of those signs are funny, and misunderstanding what Buddha meant, doesn’t change that. Good Judgment should reflect this truth back to us, and when what he said is *genuinely* thought upon, it will reflect more than that…

Blessings, Crystal Clark