Featured Image -- 1473RWT Radio airs live this evening from 7-9pm PST on The first hour will include James Horak, Mhairead Macdonald & Crystal Clark answering previously submitted written questions from listeners, and in the second hour we’ll be taking/answering call-in questions from the audience.


Although this will likely be covered in more depth during the show, James has written an excellent and very eloquent summary conveying our mutual feelings on the matter:

“Our last show on Wolfspiritradio will be tonight at 7PM Pacific Standard time. While so many listen to the woo woo cooing of a large part of the alternative media, we have come to the brink. The madness that has allowed the progression of the Fukushima meltdowns has at least made newsworthy enough the reporting of nuclear waste leaks at Hanover, Carlsbad, NM, and elsewhere. Events that might not have made it to the news were it not for gathering public interest. But, just as at Fukushima, the official releases have been focused on purely handling public perception and not truth.

We will connect the recent wave of earthquakes and the magnitude threat posed by shifting conditions in Yellowstone to such irresponsible practices as these. Together with the extensive extraction of oil and now fracking, subsurface detonations in the past, the madness of employing HAARP, and the decline of an atmosphere that once shielded us from full spectrum light, this planet has been brought to the very crossroads where one more wrong turn can easily lead to our extinction.

Instead of the slow death by an already poisoned environment, you may have a fast one. You have little time left to turn it around. My colleagues and I feel we are simply trying to find new ways to say the same things.” —JCH



RACE WITH TIME RADIO #1O Airs live this evening

RACE WITH TIME RADIORACE WITH TIME RADIO Episode #10 Airs live this Friday evening from 7-9pm PST on with hosts Mhairead MacDonald, James Horak & Crystal Clark.

Topics for tonight’s show address historical mysteries and anomalies, including the cone-head people, the elongated skull people, the JFK assassination and associated characters being simultaneously involved in a cancer-causing monkey viruse cover-up, as discussed in Edward T. Haslan’s book: Dr. Mary’s Monkey.

FUKUSHIMA UPDATES: RWT Episode 7 & Ohio Exopolitics Radio

The topic of discussion is the ongoing Fukushima nuclear meltdown with Crystal Clark & co-host Mhairead MacDonald and very special guests.

These individuals are, without question, some of the most important, educated, and leading voices on the past, present, and undoubtedly future horrors of the systemic corruption and renegade science of (and behind) the nuclear industry:

Kevin Blanch (artist, anti-nuclear activist and post-fukushima AML Leukemia survivor), Andrew Ebisu (anti-nuclear activist and filmmaker).

Their individual and tireless contributions to bettering the human condition can be found at the links above and easily followed via youtube and Facebook subscriptions for current updates.

Thanks to David Corso for publication permission: WolfSpiritRadio

Kevin Blanch:WEBSITE: thepostignoranceproject
Andrew Ebisu: FACEBOOK: On Fukushima Beach
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Mark Snider hosts Crystal Clark and James Horak who discuss the most impacting of events, Fukushima in detail with attention to concerns others have declined to address, like that of the China Syndrome. Signs of isotopic particle contamination have spread to even middle America while focus on leaking reactors elsewhere is coming more and more into fashion. The time has come to take a stand on important truths about nuclear safety, carefully weighing the industry’s value versus its risks. These are the issues the show will examine. -JCH