RACE WITH TIME RADIO #1O Airs live this evening

RACE WITH TIME RADIORACE WITH TIME RADIO Episode #10 Airs live this Friday evening from 7-9pm PST on www.wolfspiritradio.com with hosts Mhairead MacDonald, James Horak & Crystal Clark.

Topics for tonight’s show address historical mysteries and anomalies, including the cone-head people, the elongated skull people, the JFK assassination and associated characters being simultaneously involved in a cancer-causing monkey viruse cover-up, as discussed in Edward T. Haslan’s book: Dr. Mary’s Monkey.

4 thoughts on “RACE WITH TIME RADIO #1O Airs live this evening

  1. A woman such as yourself, Crystal, needs no defenders, however I would like to point out from experience of diplomatic/international organizations that Ms Hudes is typical and well versed in the type of diplomatic practices that we currently see. Essentially, and i do not mean this facetiously, it boils down to ‘it’s my ball and i am taking it home’. I hope that childish image works across borders.

    Out of the four people present on that call, you, James and Mhairead, behaved with grace and humility, allowing the diplomacy/conversation to continue, despite what may have risen up within yourselves after the outburst. You were the true diplomats and not the person who spent 25 years in diplomacy. You are to be commended, not as a defense, but for itself. You were the people displaying the humanity.

    I do not always agree with all the opinions put forth on your show, mainly because i cannot personally verify all that is said, however i would like to thank you greatly for your obstinance in the face of infantile frailties. Well done, from france with respect – g


  2. Crystal: You were correct in your opening statement regarding Ms. Hudes in the above styled podcast. I’m certain that her exasperated tone was instrumental in the posts generated. Sometimes we as humans react limbically and should engage timely re-evaluation, and sometimes disinformation has a habit of getting its way. I just wanted you to know that I consider you a gracious and magnanimous host.


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