LIVE SHOW WITH TOM & RAMON: An Audio Supplement to the Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns Article

The following radio interview with my dear friends Tom & Ramon of is supplemental to the article in the next post: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Techniques. I hope you enjoy them both. You can download the audio version here:


1. Correction: During the show I mentioned the Sun is *rising* farther south. I meant to say the Sun is *setting* farther south. It still is, so you can see it for yourself–you’ll find it setting in the southwest instead of the west.

2. During the show I mentioned that people behave differently in a group setting and how peer (social) pressure (to conform to group think or consensus) is a big part of Social Engineering and Perception Management manipulation tactics.  I found this great video in my FB feed yesterday which clearly illustrates not only how this works, but also that our global handlers *know* it works based on experiments (as seen in this video) that prove it. This is a powerful video–just over 4 minutes long: