LIVE SHOW WITH TOM & RAMON: An Audio Supplement to the Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns Article

The following radio interview with my dear friends Tom & Ramon of is supplemental to the article in the next post: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Techniques. I hope you enjoy them both. You can download the audio version here:


1. Correction: During the show I mentioned the Sun is *rising* farther south. I meant to say the Sun is *setting* farther south. It still is, so you can see it for yourself–you’ll find it setting in the southwest instead of the west.

2. During the show I mentioned that people behave differently in a group setting and how peer (social) pressure (to conform to group think or consensus) is a big part of Social Engineering and Perception Management manipulation tactics.  I found this great video in my FB feed yesterday which clearly illustrates not only how this works, but also that our global handlers *know* it works based on experiments (as seen in this video) that prove it. This is a powerful video–just over 4 minutes long:

2 thoughts on “LIVE SHOW WITH TOM & RAMON: An Audio Supplement to the Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns Article

  1. YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!

    My Shero!!!

    I just got through listening to you on the Monkey show. I found you looking for conspiracy theories regarding the Connecticut massacre. Long story short, I read something you wrote and followed the links. I am Glad I did.

    Except, no disrespect, those guys got on my nerves. They seem to be seeking PLEASURE while avoiding Pain. That is not reality. Pleasure and pain is a part of life. Right now we live in HELL. Killing kids = hell.

    There is a high hell and a low hell. Suffering is a LOW hell. I chose reality and chose to Deal with it.

    This WORLD need Changing. And only WE can Change it.

    Your blog have been favorited and now sit on my desktop where I need to keep knowledge, wisdom and (my) spirit connection.

    Keep doing what you doing.


    • Thank you for your comment Mr. Blackman. Tom & Ramon are dear friends and, like many others, have done their best to find better ways of being and existing in the face of adversity. They have overcome their own unique brands of struggle and loss, and would like to help others do the same.

      These two wonderful individuals are extremely kind hearted, intelligent, funny, very open minded, and are *genuinely* looking for meaningful ways to create a better future which benefits us all. It doesn’t get much better than that. What more can we ask of people? 🙂


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