1. From Portugal……
    I had heard about chemtrails (from my in-hiding, ex cia whistleblower neighbour,) but never seen them until I woke up on Sept 22, 2009, and saw a huge white line of cloud billowing over my house.
    For the next six months I felt powerless and angry that some entity, (without consent) was forcing us all to live inside a cocoon! Classic claustrophobia returned after I was stuck in an elevator at 5.
    The next 11 years I watched the soil and water wells dry out and the trees get sick and die. Growing veg became more difficult too. Then in 2017 we too had huge dew induced wildfires like CA and OZ. Heartbreaking to see nature destroyed so deliberately! This was war!
    However!!!!!! For the last month,…… clear blue skies and no more trails!!! Hallelujah. 🙌 Probably because of Covid and air traffic restrictions?
    Maybe TPTB have inadvertently done us and the planet a big favour by allowing the planet to rest, breathe and heal?
    Our nearby deadly accident prone (trucking) highway is deserted. So peaceful again…perhaps it is the still before the storm? God only knows, and besides retaining our integrity to resist evil, having faith in him is our only way forward at this late stage.


  2. I’m afraid this is not uncommon what you are going through ,I live in south west France and over the last couple of years the skies here have been increasingly full off trails which over a few hours turn the sky the classic milky white ,you feel like an idiot when no one around you can see the same thing ,I won’t go into the full story but where we live the southern route of planes going to Spain always use the same route ,and the north bound planes are always in exactly the same patch of sky ,,except on chemtrail day then bizarrely the routes change completely ,I think the powers that be must be rubbing their hands with glee ,it seems only a small percentage of the population seem to be aware of what is going on in the skies around them so as soon as the dreaded c word conspiracy is mentioned you are considered a fool ,I think before 911 even I would have had a problem believing this could happen ,but that was the game changer ,once your eyes are opened they can’t be shut again ,,,thank you


    • We too had the same in Portugal and I tried to discuss it with an “all-knowing” expat Dutch pilot. Indeed, I was treated like a silly kid making up fairy tales.
      Since those days I have come to conclude that it is of no use expending precious energy on those who refuse to 🙊🙉🙈 by trying to wake them up.
      They will have to learn by experience.

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  3. Hi Crystal !

    We’ve recently had a glorioius reprieve from chemtrailing here in Central FL. …until tonight. Our beautiful FL. springtime skies are defiled once again and no one seems to care. I’ve grown more and more outspoken on this matter to friends, strangers, and family, only to be met with the classic “deer in the headlights” gaulk. It seems that they, and the general populace enmasse, have yet to acknowledge the acutely obvious in the skies above them. (one of them actually had the moronic audacity to state that it must have been ‘sky writing’ on Valentine’s Day…I was floored.) There are a small few who have reached perigee with the rabbit hole; they refuse to enter for reasons of either fear, dissonance, or moral relativism. I believe most have yet to come to terms with the mere existence of the rabbit hole. It seems they’d rather remain in TV alpha wave trance.

    One cannot single-handedly march on an AFB or aerospace facility. I continue to plant my seeds of truth awareness through homemade flyers, conversation, email correspondence, and butting heads with local government.

    You and James have been an inspiration to me and I have garnered much encouragement from your podcasts. Keep up the great work!

    Truely yours, Buzz


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