FEAR MONGERING: Truth, Denial, or the new Politically Incorrect?

Fear Mongering: Truth, Denial, or the new Politically Incorrect?

Crystal Clark
August 14, 2012

As I discussed in my first book in great depth, patterns are an exceptionally important thing to pay attention to; they tell us a great deal, not just about the world around us, but about ourselves as well. Very much like a shadow, patterns have no life of their own—they are merely reflections of something else.

Using a social media outlet like Facebook is something I put off for some time, but not only has it turned out to be a wonderful tool for connecting with others of like mind, it’s also an excellent tool for discovering emerging patterns in the mindset of people whose “thought feed” I see. It’s true that this and other types of social media are used by tptb to see the same thing, and they do have some interesting algorithms that alter an individual’s feed, as a means to alter their perception. Search engines do the same thing, and this was proven and subsequently discussed in a TED Talks presentation, wherein the presenter clearly showed that if five different people search for the same thing on the internet, they will get five different types of results—this isn’t by accident.

Once we know this takes place, we can get around it by taking the time to personally visit the FB page of people we know have something important to share—we have to “go find it” because it’s no longer in our feed, but it’s there nonetheless. In taking this step, we notice other significant patterns. Patterns that go beyond what our psychologically tailored feed was hoping to convey or impress upon us, if you know what I mean.

All the same, like anything else, a sharp tool can be used one of two ways: for good or bad—heal or kill. A scalpel in the right hands saves lives. A scalpel in the wrong hands takes them. The same is very much true for behavioral pattern recognition and the data-mining social networks that provide a platform for the information being mined to congregate in the first place.

In other words, while the alphabet agencies might find your “thought feed” a good tool for understanding how better to manipulate you (or how well previous manipulations have taken hold) I also personally find it a very valuable tool for similar reasons: to see what they are doing, how it’s being done, and how people are responding to it. Because I’m a big fan of ending the needless suffering in the world—psychological manipulation being part of that—I’m entirely interested to see how well it’s working, and whether or not people are “buying it”.

I bring all of this to your attention because there is a pattern I have seen rearing its head over and over again in this form of social media. Whenever too many people are posting things that really deserve (y)our attention, even and especially if they do it independently of each other so that it comes from all sides in the “feed”, the same perplexing response to that information can be found in the feed shortly thereafter: “I’m tired of the fear mongering”.

Why is it “perplexing” though? Why does it happen, and what is the shadow of this pattern reflecting back to us? As the title of this article indicated, in order to answer that question properly, we need to honestly assess what fear mongering really is—to define it in ways that matter. That’s an important step, isn’t it? If we can’t define something, we can’t understand it. If we can’t understand it, we convolute it. If we convolute it, we can’t grow from or beyond it.

The question begs to be asked then: Is fear mongering a truth we can’t accept for ourselves so we deny it by calling out “fear monger” when we hear it, is it a pre-programmed response to the truth unconsciously driven by relentless perception management designed to make sure we won’t accept it, or is it really just fear mongering? How can we know the difference, and why is it important to do so?

Unlike the social engineers of perception management who have been far too successful at “telling” you what you should think, I’m simply going to ask you a few questions with the expectation that you will answer them honestly—to and for yourself. The questions are mine, yes, and while they have indeed been strategically selected (based on see a need, fill a need), the answers are yours. These particular questions have also been selected to help you see/remember what you ALREADY KNOW—to also help you see how much time, effort and money is being externally applied to confuse you into believing you don’t really know—but you do. Below are the questions then, and they all have similar endings for a purpose:

  1. If I show you that vaccines are harmful because I don’t want to see your children become the next victims of BigPharma, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes you and your babies could have a better life for knowing this and acting on it?
  2. If I show you that GMO’s are altering the codes for life in ways that have been shown to make animals sterile, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes you and your children could carry on your lineage and have a better life for knowing this and acting on it?
  3. If I show you that technologies like HAARP exist and have been written about in military dossiers that discuss having “Full Spectrum Dominance” over your lives through the wrongful use of this technology, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  4. If I show you that fluoride is a toxic byproduct of industry, and that it actually causes brittle teeth, bones, and brain damage, am I fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  5. If I show you that the people in power on this planet are instituting things like Agenda 21 and Codex to deny you your God-given right to a healthy life on purpose because they are genocidal maniacs, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  6. If I share with you that chemtrails are polluting our air, food and water with toxic chemicals that will make you sick, am I fear mongering, or am I trying to help you see that a better future lies in ensuring they stop doing it?
  7. If I share with you that there are no evil ET’s or “space hazards” coming here to kill us all, and that these are perception management tools used to keep you from seeing the true evil on this planet perpetuated entirely by human beings, am I fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  8. If I share with you that a young girl died after taking the 3-phase HPV vaccine, and that HPV rDNA was discovered in her system, and even give you the definition of rDNA and what it does, am I fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  9. If I share with you that during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill debacle, they not only released tons of a toxic substance (Corexit) to hide what they did, but also released a synthetic organism (SYNTHIA) that is self-replicating, am I fear mongering, or am I one simple person—who is also a mother—who hopes that if enough people know what is really going on and act on it, all of our children will have a future?

I pose the question again then: Is fear mongering truth, denial, or the new politically incorrect? Why would it be the new “politically incorrect” you might rightfully wonder? The first problem with anything politically correct, is that it is, by its own definition, political; you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of thing. This is not just about bribes and career elevation, either, mind you. It’s about being popular and “well-liked” to get more votes, subscribers to websites, buyers of books, and all around contributors to our campaigns, whatever they may be.

Along that same vein, what we don’t ask ourselves nearly often enough, is WHY being politically correct works, and WHO it works for! Have we really so thoughtlessly arrived at a place where being popular is more important than a future? We don’t want to “offend” people with the truth after all—how rude—they may un-friend us on FB, stop buying our albums and books, and might even begin to look down their noses at us for having the gall to offend people with fear mongering, er, I mean the truth.

There is not a singular group of wishful do-gooders on this planet that hasn’t been affected by the *implanted need* to be politically correct—not one. Politicians are busy selling the Christians on more brown-skinned wars, and the Christians are busy buying it not only to feed their own egos, but feeding the death and money/usury machines (which go against their own scriptures in the process), which is no doubt enriching to so-called Christian religions that are themselves promulgating white supremacy because they are just *sure* that anyone who isn’t Caucasian, bears the mark of Cain.

“Go get those mongrel rag heads” they yell with torch and pitchfork in hand, never taking the time realize that those supposedly heathen non-Christian people and the countries they live in, actually have some of the same commandments where usury is concerned, and unlike their Christian counterparts, they actually kept those commandments. We aren’t bombing those people off the face of the earth because they are brown, non-Christians, or terrorists that don’t have some of the same values, no. We’re trying to remove them, because they had more sense than we did, and *refused* central banking as a result. That wasn’t particularly politically correct of me say now, was it? You’re damn right it’s not…but it’s the truth and it needs to be heard.

There is an enormous pile of these politically incorrect truths, practically begging us to see them for what they are, clean house, and live a bright, free and abundant future for having done so. But politicians blame the opposite party for all our ills, religions blame people of other faiths, and new-agers call it fear mongering—sshhh—that’s too confrontational…we can’t talk about that. If the truth hurts other people’s feelings, you can’t say it—but you can say Namaste—never mind what the world actually means.

Of course the divinity in me recognizes the divinity in you, but do you? Is it “divine” to bury your heads in the sand with gentle smiles on your faces, pretty pictures in your head, but no meaningful actions necessary to alleviate the suffering of billions that will eventually include you and your children?

Divine (sentient) beings that they are, what does it generally mean to them when they say, ‘let go and let God?” What does it mean when rightfully angry victims of injustice, suffering and wrongful death ask, “Why would God allow this to happen?” What good does it do to use the word Namaste, if you don’t really mean it? Life is all rainbows and butterflies, and if you say anything different, even if your parent is dying of a cancer that never should have happened because the local mine bought off the EPA, your beautiful child became autistic or died after a particular round of vaccines, or all the animals on your ranch died after being fed GMO seed, well, you’re just not using the power of intention properly to make it go away—you’re a FEAR MONGER.

If facing reality and fully expecting the other people on this planet to pony up and do the right thing as a result makes me a fear monger, then I am guilty as charged. Notice I didn’t say “guilty as charged and proud of it”. The way we  people on this planet behave, relentlessly feeding self-serving and polluted beliefs to the point of self-destruction, is nothing to be proud of. On top of that, the very idea that we’ll become “Debbie downer fear mongers” for even discussing what the real problems are in the hopes humanity will actually deal with them, is nothing to be proud of either. I’m at a complete loss as to when “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil”, became transformed into the politically correct version of “Hear no Truth, See no Truth, Speak no Truth”. We are better than this, and until we recognize it and act on it, our future will continue to be a shadow we didn’t have the courage to face.

Before I wrap this up, I would quickly add that yes, I’m fully aware of the power of the mind and meditation—I’ve written a great deal on similar subjects myself. What I also wrote about, is that these same spiritual methods were also practiced in the previous [six] destruction episodes, but it was not enough. How many Essenes, true Gnostics, or even those from Lemuria, Atlantis, or the writers of Sanskrit, do you see around now? Spiritual well-wishing and meditation alone wasn’t enough to save them then, nor will it be enough to save you now. Like any other history lesson gone awry, what we don’t understand, we will repeat.

I want better than that for you, and better than that from you as a result. By the same token, what reason do I have to hope for something better, if every time the cruel side of our reality is presented, you run and call it fear mongering? Have I missed something? Is there any particular reason you and the other billions of people on this planet are not capable of making things right again? If you really believe you are a powerful, sovereign, co-creative being capable of handling whatever comes your way, where is the fear in that? Do you believe it and therefore mean it, or don’t you? Will you use the full capacity of that power, or won’t you?

You can despise, resent, and ignore the “fear mongers” if you like, with a proper understanding of it, or, you can also utterly fail to see the reason behind those who cry “fear monger” every time you tell them a truth that the fear-monger-reply indicates they are not ready to deal with. What hope is to be found in that? When will people be ready to deal with it then? I’m sure there were plenty of fear mongers living in the past destruction episodes as well, and because they are no longer here, perhaps being politically correct was equally responsible for their downfalls. As it is today, I’m sure plenty of people back then thought they would have more time to get their act together, but tomorrow always comes.

You ARE brilliant. You ARE intelligent. You ARE capable. You CAN do it, and every living thing on this planet is betting its future on you *knowing* that this is true, and taking correct action because of it.

Perhaps I can’t do without the analogy because I live in Las Vegas (!), but I suppose life is like a casino in some ways, in that you can’t win if you don’t play—not to be confused with “thinking” about, or “intending” to play. I’ve seen that result before: someone hesitated about which machine they wanted to play, and in the meantime, someone else walked up, played it, and won!…happens more than you might think.

Like the rest of creation, because the only two horses in the race are the 1%  or the 99%, I’ve placed my bets on you and your courage as well, even though your social “mind/thought feed” is telling me you believe you’re the underdog. That’s a curious thing, given how many researchers have explained the power of belief. Simple ideologies like this get blown out of proportion more often than not, but in this case especially, it has its proper place. Still, while belief may only be the first step, it often proves to be the most important. Without the belief that getting to the top is possible, all the steps in between never hear the sound of footsteps.

Blessings, Crystal Clark

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