The Man Behind the Curtain

By Crystal Clark
February 18, 2012

Most people are familiar with the film, The Wizard of Oz, and certainly the themes it presented to us are equally valid today. The three main characters believed they were lost and/or incomplete somehow, and set out to find the wizard—an external savior with awesome powers—to cure all of their ills.

The journey was bizarre and treacherous, and upon completion of it, to their utter shock and dismay, the wizard refused to see them. Why would such a great and powerful being deny them his service? Believing they had nowhere else to turn, they refused to leave and demanded an audience. As the flustered wizard uses every mechanism at his disposal to scare them away, he’s unaware of the small dog pulling back the curtain concealing his true identity.

The three main characters are shocked to discover the great and powerful wizard is nothing but a man—an old, frail, and simple man. Without the mirage of super-human power being projected by his advanced technology, the truth of his identity and real power are revealed in an instant. Even more bizarre, knowing his true identity has been revealed, he irrationally responds by simply pulling the curtain back and continuing the charade! “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” he spouts. To the credit of the three main characters however, they aren’t about to let it go—and they aren’t keeping it to themselves.

This is very much the position that humanity is in now, with one exception: the man behind the curtain in the film, didn’t go as far as to say that aliens made him do it. He wasn’t quick enough on his feet to pretend that there was another curtain, with another wizard behind it, to keep the illusion going.

In the real world, the truth has been cloaked by more than one curtain. Our world leaders are the curtain, and they shield us from the faces of those behind them. Should our gaze sneak past the well groomed automatons in front, again we find more ordinary men using advanced technologies to project the image of master wizards who, alone, can save us. Save us from whom? There are even more powerful wizards they say…they come from the stars and are insidious, world-destroying, soul-eating creatures. If we don’t give all of our power away to our own wizards to protect us, all will be lost. Our human wizards behind the curtain, and the ever increasing destructive technologies they develop, are our only hope, they say.

What they say is another curtain, and if we pull it back and take a good long look, we see something quite different than what we are told. It’s not aliens that put fluoride in our water, it’s people. It’s not aliens poisoning our air with chemtrails, it’s people. It’s not aliens injecting toxic vaccines into our children’s bodies, it’s people. Aliens aren’t suppressing clean, advanced energy technologies to get rich from oil, and aliens aren’t modifying our weather to destroy world food crops while capturing record profits from the continued manufactured lack—it’s people. It’s not aliens poisoning our planet’s oceans with toxic oil, corexit and radiation—it’s people. It wasn’t aliens that enslaved people, and it’s not aliens rigging our elections. It’s not aliens feeding you teleprompter propaganda night after night through the television. It’s people—human beings—that rewrite our history books, dumb our children down, murder and destroy anyone who dares create a world of abundance and equality, and more importantly, it’s human beings that tolerate it.

This is not merely implied, supposed, or theorized—it’s a fact. Quite often we hear people say that some sort of veil is lifting, and consequently, we are seeing things as they really are. I would suggest that the veil and the curtain are one and the same, and we hide behind it every bit as much as the mysterious wizard. We do this because, to see the man behind the curtain for what he really is, is to see ourselves for what we really are: willing participants in our own demise. We must acknowledge our participation however, because it is the first step to change. Furthermore, if we don’t refuse what is happening to our planet and our race, we are accepting it by default.

If we strip away all the curtains and all the false wizards, the only thing we see staring back at us, are the seven billion beautiful faces of humanity and the choices they make or allow to be made on their behalf. If we no longer accept that all powerful wizards are the only ones that can save us, what kinds of things happen? It wasn’t wizards and aliens that built suspension bridges, created magnificent symphonies and the musical instruments that manifest them to our ears, nor was it wizards or aliens that created beautiful poetry and masterpieces. It wasn’t aliens or wizards that created healing centers or wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights—it was people—people just like you and me. John Lennon, Malcolm X, Ghandi, Tesla, and Martin Luther King, were simply human beings. They saw the men behind the curtain for what they were, and they wanted something better for their human family.

The credit for our successes and our failures should be given where it’s due—to humanity. And while I’ve listed only five extraordinary people that shared their visions of a better future with us, today there are literally too many to be named. When you hear of groups showing up to their City Council meetings to demand that fluoride be removed from their water supply, or that chemtrails be investigated and stopped immediately, or countries burning their GMO fields and banning these crops entirely, remember that these are people. There are people defecting from the wizard’s palace left and right, and they are telling you what they saw behind the curtain: corruption, insanity, world-wide manufactured lack, and widespread death for profit.

What I personally find so remarkable about these people however, is their innate understanding that aliens are not our problem—human beings are. The truth of the matter is that we don’t need the help of off-world wizards to kill us off…we’re doing a fine job of it all by ourselves. The same goes for the equally invented and over-sold terrestrial terrorists that can’t wait to destroy our country. If one takes a good look around, it’s not long before the same conclusion is drawn: it’s already being done from within—they can simply sit back and watch it happen—at least until they are too busy watching it happen to their own country.

While I applaud all of the often nameless, and remarkable people for doing what they know to be right to protect the future of our human lineage, there is a catch. We have looked the other way far too long, giving the men behind the curtain more than enough time to create the most inconceivable, horrific, mass killing technologies, that they may well be close to perfecting. If these technologies are unleashed fully, be it energy or bio technology, the magnificent race of human beings will come to an end for the seventh, and perhaps final time.

The question then becomes, how do we prevent it? Perhaps the best way to answer that, is to honestly consider how we got to this point. How does a race practically drowning in rules, laws and checks-and-balances, designed to prevent such things, bypass them all to the point self-destruction? The answer is always the same: corruption and the inability to see the final outcome of it; the refusal to follow it through to its natural conclusion—extinction.

Certainly the term “dereliction of duty” comes to mind, yet this is a duty we all have to our fellow man, in whatever circles we travel. We have always had the responsibility to ensure the safety and evolution of our race, whether as a cook, mother, politician, cleric, doctor, scientist, educator or military personnel. We have however, in my view, reached a point where some of these circles and those who travel in them, have a great deal more responsibility in how this turns out.

I appeal to those of you in these positions—as a fellow human being. I appeal to whatever sense of honor still remains in clarity of purpose to your race, to fully recognize what it is you have done, and are being asked to do.

Given the eons that span mankind’s attempt at becoming a fully manifested race, I ask that you take more than a moment to consider that only six times have so few people had so much power over life and nature, and never once have we survived it.

There are more and more individuals on the outside working hard to educate people regarding the breadth of corruption in every aspect of our lives, which means that more and more people are coming forward to share what they know is taking place behind the curtain—perhaps you’re one of them.

Should this be the case, there is another element involved. It’s not enough that I express what we need from you in your current capacity. If we are to work together, you must tell us what you need from us as well. We are listening…

Blessings on your continued journey,

Crystal Clark

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