THE WINNERS WRITE REALITY: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns

384580_10150450611397010_1806589116_nTHE WINNERS WRITE HISTORY REALITY: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns

Crystal Clark, December 7th, 2012

Most have heard it said the winners write history. More precisely, they edit and re-write it. They remove a few pieces here, make some additions over there, and maybe alter a few names and dates in between. This behavior has a tendency to be passed off as relatively harmless and a relic of the past, but a deeper look at its machinations indicates something entirely different. Every time an event, memory, story, or in some cases even a single word or sentence, is re-written or altered, so is our literal perception of reality. The implications of this are staggering, long before modern technology became a helpful cog in building a bigger machine.

The blueprints for the machine have been passed down through countless generations of hidden hands, the resources of the wealthy pay for its construction, a corrupt political, military and legal landscape protects it, all forms of media and social peer pressure sell it, debt slavery builds it, and our ignorance of its existence strengthens it. Its only purpose is to protect and maintain the power structure of those who necessarily hide behind it, and it has a definition: the officially sanctioned view of reality they have pre-defined for you and therefore allow you to operate within. This pre-defined perimeter of allowable thought(s) has been strictly enforced throughout the ages, both through subtle psychological manipulation as well as brutal imposition.

Thought Crimes Then and Now

550562_361773683905390_521283765_nIt’s fairly well-known that historically, when one civilization conquered another, the new management would often burn the historical texts of those they conquered. This not only promoted faster assimilation of the conquered people, but also sought to remove their cultural footprint from the collective memory of future generations. This theme is echoed in modern films portraying ages past, when some kind of tyrannical pharaoh or dictator swears to his enemy that his family lineage will be removed from written records, and even the use of the individual’s name will henceforth be punishable by death. Fanatical religious movements employed similar campaigns in the past, whose expression can be found in the murderous witch hunts and inquisitions of people guilty of nothing more than unapproved thinking, speaking and behaving. History being examined for what it is in this regard, we find that punishing people for thought crimes is not a recent development.

Tyrannical and narcissistic rulers or dictators, as well as mystics, have always known that mind is the builder: where the mind goes, the actions soon follow—they are reflections of each other. This is true to the degree that without the benefit of modern mind-reading technology and electronic social networks, the only way for those in the past to know if their ‘subjects’ were guilty of unsanctioned thoughts, was to in fact monitor their behavior. Did their actions, readings and writings, reflect the slightest hint of dissent from the officially sanctioned view of reality?

The first to be caught were quickly made examples of by the thought police of their day, but in doing so, thought criminals only became more careful and therefore harder to detect. Cyphers, code words, secret meetings and the use of false bottoms to hide unsanctioned thought contraband were used more and more often. A past example of this can be found in the way Nostradamus wrote his quatrains. A more modern and highly recommended example of a population being policed for thought crimes can be found in the film, Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. The film’s inclusion of inducing a more a docile and subservient population through forced drugging, and its parallels to our currently fluoridated water supplies (and overly-prescribed anti-depressants), in conjunction with the “zombie apocalypse” meme should be duly noted.

A More Subtle Approach: The Illusion of Freedom 

“Totalitarian propaganda…function744_318188618289857_132432883_ns not through external pressure, but through internalized belief. It’s how we get things done in an advanced free-market democracy. And it is the form of deception that citizens of open societies need to worry about the most.”

–Andras Szanto, What Orwell Didn’t Know

Violent methods of openly dealing with dissenters and heretics have a short life span, once the thought criminals move underground.  The failure of this strong-arm control method eventually requires adaptive measures to be pursued, the long-thought-out and well-planned fruition of which you and I are currently living out. This goes well beyond “keep your enemies” closer, which is easily accomplished by ensuring subjects that they really are free to think, say and do whatever they like in a free and open society. This engendered form of false freedom is part of a greater tactic, encouraging and allowing people to snitch on themselves in terms of publicly and freely expressing their true feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Yes, this type of illusory freedom is being used to build dissenter profiles to populate things like “no-fly” lists, but it also can be (and is being) used in a much greater experiment: covert mental manipulation and behavior modification. In other words, you are being psychologically manipulated to willingly change and steer your own mind and behavior in a direction they have pre-determined for you. Until this is understood and resolved, you will always end up exactly where they want you to, but still believe you chose it for yourself.

Social Engineering & Perception Management: Changing the Target’s Mind

kissingerIn order to know if they are being successful at changing your mind, they first have to read it. While there are specific technologies that can do this through direct application, that approach is ill-suited when dealing with a global population in the billions. The right tool is needed for the right job, and in this case, all they need is access to your personal information. This information is provided through electronic records that include everything from where you shop, what you buy, what you read, what you write, who you associate with, and which posts you like on social networks. Further information is collected through surveys you answer, census reports, music sales, show ratings, and even your political party affiliations. Through a process called data-mining, all of these records are consolidated and then sifted to find thought patterns that can be interpreted as your personal disposition, i.e., your personality and character matrix.

[NOTE: There is another technological aspect to this as well, as beautifully portrayed in the Caprica television series. This is a fairly recent prequel to the modern Galactica series and sought to explain how the first Cylons initially gained a type of self-awareness—by uploading the personal patterns or disposition matrix of a human being into a virtual avatar, before later transferring it to a machine or Cylon. This matrix was collected and calibrated with the same data-mining techniques out-of-control thought police (alphabet agencies) are currently using to identify dissenters and heretics of the officially approved view of reality. A recent and chilling example of this is discussed here].

Once this individual *and* collective pattern of thought has been observed and qualified, only then can our modern version of thought police begin to assess whether or not they need to alter it in some way. If the flow is moving in a direction they don’t like, several forms of manipulation techniques are then applied.

Those who read my first book (Who Are We Really 101) when it was still in print, will recall I wrote a great deal about data-mining in this regard in conjunction with emotional manipulation. I explained that marketing agencies especially use data-mining this way because it allows them to reach deeper into your pockets by playing on your emotions. This is also why there is a tremendous need for us to balance our emotions with critical thinking and proper knowledge. Further, the reason our emotions can be used against us and be manipulated so easily, is because most people on this planet really are good people, and genuinely don’t want to see others suffer.

Emotional manipulation is a necessary component of Perception Management and Social Engineering. This is important to keep in mind when these same people bombard you with the useless eater/worthless breeder overpopulation garbage, which is also a form of manipulation. If an individual really was nothing more than a mindless consumer/breeder, emotional manipulation wouldn’t work! You can’t emotionally manipulate a person if they don’t really care about anything. This is exceptionally important to remember, as debasement is another form of manipulation.

 The Four Walls of our Sanctioned Reality Perimeter

486289_10151229103603908_1411489208_n (2)Before we can further observe and identify patterns of personal or social manipulation with precision and clarity, a better understanding of whom and what those manipulations are trying to protect should come first. The sanctioned reality perimeter we are continually forced and expected to operate within, has walls for a reason: the lines that mark where our freedoms end, also mark where their power begins.  The four walls (thought perimeter demarcation lines) are below:

  • Wall 1: Religion and New Age: Interfering in your relationship to God/Creator via pre-definition
  • Wall 2: Finances and Resources: Pre-determining rules and ownership of money and resources
  • Wall 3: Science and Technology: Pre-defining and promoting inaccurate physics and cosmology
  • Wall 4: Edutainment: News, Education & Entertainment: Promoting debasing social patterns

Let’s suppose our universe is a warehouse full of blank white paper—nothing but pallets of paper as far as the eye can see. Moving down the scale to zoom our camera in on earth, let’s suppose each pallet contains 30 boxes of paper, each box contains 20 reams of paper, and each ream contains 500 sheets. Now let’s suppose we found the one sheet of blank white paper representing the knowledge base all of earth-bound humanity should currently have available to them based on a natural phase of development.

Picturing this one blank piece of paper in your mind, add a medium-sized box (constructed of nothing but 4 black lines), to the center of the paper. This box represents the artificial thought perimeter that human beings have been bouncing around inside of for countless generations—the rest of the paper, outside of the box, represents the area in which those who constructed the box, live, understand, and operate from.

I have used this very specific analogy to illustrate that it is NOT otherworldly beings working outside of, and maintaining box, it is people. Remember that reality is a very big place, and because it is, the ONLY place these people have *any* authority, is on that one piece of paper. If your awareness and knowledge base (currently limited to the size of the box) was allowed to expand to the edges of the paper, they would have NO power over you. If this wasn’t the case, there would be no such thing as “thought police” to begin with. Thought police have one job: deflection and redirection away from the reality of this box, the true identities of its creators, and its borders. To keep us from seeing the truth in that, nothing goes in and out of that reality box if they don’t want it to. At least that was the plan.

At the moment, this grand barrier which was created to shield and protect (y)our oppressors, is leaking—it has holes in it. These holes have not gone unnoticed by the perimeter builders, which is why the box is shrinking. Remember the pattern of deflection that MUST be used to maintain their power over your perception of reality, by DICTATING THAT REALITY TO YOU. It is to their benefit to constantly redirect you away from their own dirty faces and bloody hands in this regard, by hiding behind the masks of manufactured enemies; same trick, different day. There is no reason for them to come up with new tricks if people haven’t caught on to the old one(s) yet. Nevertheless, people are catching on, which is why there are holes and leaks in the perimeter. That is why they are shrinking the dimensions of the box (the big squeeze)—it is an effort to regain control. Before expanding on the shrinking box, now that its purpose has been defined, it behooves us to realize just how far they will go to protect it, by better understanding the methods they use to do it.

Rebranding and Repackaging: The Manipulation and Destruction of Language


“Today’s political messages are distilled in the laboratories of public relations and consumer branding to achieve maximum potency. Their power to shape emotions and opinions lies in their uncanny ability to get under people’s skin without arousing in citizens a powerful immune response.”

–Andras Szanto, What Orwell Didn’t Know

As a big part of Perception Management and Social Engineering program(s), being able to gauge personal (and collective) emotional attachments to certain words and phrases is paramount to adaptability—the kind of adaptation necessary to keep the program going in the desired direction without resistance. This is where destruction of language and *rebranding* come in. For example, it’s no secret that the billions of people on this planet are about as sick and tired of continual war(s) as they can get. When our behavior patterns began to reflect our individual and collective disposition in this regard, the term “war” was rebranded as “liberation”. The *exact* same thing was rebranded to alter our perception of it, with nothing more than a word change. This was (and still is) possible because of the emotional attachments to each word.

Once it became known the word “war” was being collectively associated with mass murder and killing innocent people, it was replaced with the word “liberation” as the emotional attachment to this word conjures images of saving people—not killing them. With the flip of a word switch, while the murder of innocent people didn’t change, our opinions—and therefore objections to it—did change; our minds were changed.  The mass murder of innocent people in another country wasn’t just rebranded, it was also simultaneously repackaged with a nice little “feel good” bow on top. To ensure the word switch would have some longevity in its purpose (make it stick for a while), the very same media outlets used to seed the rebranding into the collective, were also busy propping it up with grim tales of Weapons of Mass Destruction—another emotionally charged term, and rightly so. Of course there were no WMD’s actually involved at the time, but we certainly weren’t going to buy the “liberation” word switch without resistance unless we could also be led to believe they were involved, hence the nice little bow on top.

This is all done to ensure that our opinions, thoughts, beliefs and therefore minds are not really our own any more, long before we realize they were stolen, and therefore begin to wonder why it was done, and who actually did it. As more and more people come to this realization however, they also discover that the why part is exceptionally easy to address. As the terms Perception Management and Social Engineering imply, the natural evolution of mankind is being steered in directions that will circumvent that evolution—there is NO other way for the people behind it all to stay in power—they know this. This understanding has been whittled into an exact science that encompasses every aspect of (y)our lives. The official thought perimeter must be maintained at all costs to maintain their power, and everything they do is based on ensuring the rest of us never breach it.

Maintaining the Thought Perimeter of Officially Sanctioned Views: Redirection and Deflection

thCA1RR40VLike the Truman Show, or even The Hunger Games, every time an individual comes right up to the edge or wall of the phony reality perimeter, immediate (and often aggressive) steps are taken to divert them left or right. This not only keeps the individual too distracted and busy to scale the wall, but also deflects them into retracing a previous path within the perimeter without recognizing it. This is done through the destruction of language and rebranding. Rebranding becomes a way to alter the perception of the scenery without really changing it, effectively keeping the individual from realizing they are going in circles. For every bogus implanted belief we outgrow, they have a replacement for. For every “terrorist” mask they put on to divert our attention away from their own involvement, knowing we will one day see through it, they have a backup for. Nothing they EVER offer us is meant to take us past the perimeter of their own power structure—ever.

In this sense, when it comes to ensuring people are going in circles within the perimeter without  realizing it, even their back-up plans have back-up plans. However, something I stress over and over again regarding pattern recognition, is that ALL of those plans use the same pattern. Rebranding is part of the pattern. As an example, knowing there would come a time when Christians would overcome the cognitive dissonance between political/holy wars and their Ten Commandments (namely “thou shall not kill”), a replacement to pass them off to was already in the works—the New Age movement. In an instant, jaded Christians could trade in their version of rapture for the rebranded version of Ascension and feel like they were making progress.

Further rebranding in this regard traded an external savior that would take action on their behalf, for an internal savior that would trade prayer for meditation, but notice that in either case, neither of those two things encourage the individual to take action, through which, the individual is personally participating in the direction of his own life and future. At NO point is the individual encouraged to understand, face, and deal directly with his oppressors—the same people who have *pre-defined* what (y)our relationship to the Creator should entaildefinitions that always keep you within the perimeter of their power. This is the same reason your neighbor will go to prison for molesting your children, but a Catholic Priest won’t. People defending the perimeter will always be protected by those who constructed it, which immediately interferes with any form of meaningful justice in this regard.

Defending the Perimeter Breeds Corruption

33965_10150676716020942_31939022_nThis is where we begin to perceive that there is one set of laws for them, and another set for us.  In reality, the laws are there and set—they are just not applied to everyone. This is the same reason a man who robs a liquor store for $120 will go to prison for life, but a company that steels or “loses” *trillions* of public funds, gets a slap on the wrist and a fine. Is that alright with you? Is that really the kind of world you believe you and your children deserve? Do you really believe you can pray and meditate (y)our oppressive and criminal ruling class into prison for their crimes? At best, perhaps it’s hoped that through prayer and meditation, the “right” people will take the necessary actions to ensure justice is served as the means to end the corruption. It’s worth wondering however, if all those other right and good people are doing the same thing, and expecting you to be the one to do it.

Along those same lines (of thought), from the perspective of those who have built our reality perimeter for us, in their infinite wisdom, they knew that even religion-to-new age rebranding would also fizzle out at some point, so there is another back-up for that: the aliens are going to fix everything for us. Or will they? Seems like they haven’t really decide where to put that brick in the wall of the perimeter, because it’s like a wild card that can quickly rack up a lot of points in the game, depending on how you use it. Certainly the rebranding of “war” to “liberation” is only necessary and effective if a pre-defined (read: manufactured) enemy has been conjured into the equation first. Even the identity of the enemy is constantly rebranded and adapted.

Communism was too narrow for future use, but it served its purpose at the time. Today we have al-queada, but again, being a narrow term, it was rebranded as “terrorism,” a word with enough flexibility to be applied to anyone—even people from space—depending on how they ultimately decide to pre-define those other races for you and play that card. At the moment it looks they’re having some fun playing the card both ways, easily allowing them to rebrand the angels and demons of our past as ET. Still, might not be long before al-qaeda is officially rebranded as space-qaeda. Moreover, the more they pre-define things for us, especially where our “enemies” are concerned, not only are millions of torches and pitchforks sent running in the wrong direction like a predictable cartoon, but our reality box shrinks in the process.

Shrinking the Reality Box: Depopulation, Police State Surveillance, Loss of Freedom & Debt

579081_378407335577402_851030435_n (2)What happened on 9/11 was meant to begin the shrinkage phase at a much faster pace, and everything afterwards has been built on the same pattern of doing the same thing—stopping the leaks and dissolution of the sanctioned thought perimeter. As an illustration, picture the box on the paper in your mind again, and remember that entire page represents most of the information available to people on this planet as a matter of unhindered growth and evolution, the box being how much of that understanding has been passed on to you by those who control its flow. When the internet came in to existence, it began functioning like a massive collective mind, by linking individual minds together in ways that began to dissolve the perimeter of the box. There are a couple of different parts to this, but certainly now you can understand why the very same people in control of the thought perimeter, have publicly admitted the internet—aka the “collective mind”—is now part of the battlefield.

First, the box was partitioned (compartmentalization), meaning it was divided into nearly 200 smaller boxes we call countries. Remembering that one side of the box is labeled News, Education and Entertainment, it was with this wall, before the internet, that managing (y)our perceptions of people living on other countries, as well as the habits and customs of their culture and leaders, could be managed and directed through slanted news stories and propaganda. That was all well and good, until the internet bypassed that form of thought control (broke through that wall), when people from other countries began talking to each other and comparing notes—things didn’t add up. Second, as long as the internet offers anonymity, people working outside of the box who suddenly realized they were part of creating it, and were no longer comfortable with that idea, could, through the internet, get past the barrier and safely share what they knew with others.

In the beginning of the article I mentioned that strong-arm tactics of the past had a severe disadvantage to weeding out thought criminals (dissenters from the officially sanctioned version of reality), because it drove people to become more careful and go underground. This made them harder to detect, recover and eliminate. This tactic was replaced with the feel-good illusion of a free and open society instead, wherein an individual would effectively out themselves and their true beliefs in an environment where no threat to doing so was perceived. However, what we ultimately did with that freedom, regardless of whether or not it was meant to be a real or illusory freedom, has them very nervous.

Through mutual respect, curiosity, moral core and creativity, we collectively found a way to breach the box of control, and consequently reached a point of understanding things for what they really are, faster than our handler’s propaganda and associated word smiths (spin doctors) can adapt to.

Primarily, at least in an overt way, their response has been to shrink the box to a more manageable size, complete with the necessary terrorism needed to scare you into agreement. The Patriot Act and things like the NDAA were NEVER about protecting you from terrorists—it was (and is) about protecting your handlers from you. The reality of this is all around you, well beyond the passive acceptance of technopathic surveillance and an ever increasing police state. Shrinking the size of the box, also means shrinking the occupancy capacity. Have you ever tried to stuff 30 people into a closet? It doesn’t really work. Things like CODEX, Agenda 21, GMO’s, Vaccines, and massive crop destruction through weather modification are here for a reason in that regard.

At this point, despite the religious wrath of God meme and purposefully perverted interpretations of Revelation coming from the top side of the box, New Age rebranding the purposeful assault on mother nature (a means to shrink the box and regain control) as “Gaia try to rebalance herself” coming from another side, blaming out of control solar cycles requiring global dimming or what you exhale as the problem coming from the Science and Technology side of the box, or the mindless consumer/breeder and overpopulation programming coming from the News and Edutainment side of the box, I would like to think reality is still persistent enough to be obvious at some point. Why isn’t it?

In coming full circle, the connection between re-writing history by the thought police, and the abuse, misuse and destruction of language, brings the two ends together and binds them in a nice little knot. In a moment I’m going to provide examples of this that deserve your full attention. Before I do, the bulk of this article has provided the preconditions for a deeper understanding of another equally important pattern that I would be remiss not to include. This is related to a point made earlier: People defending the perimeter will always be protected by those who constructed it.

What this means, is that until that perimeter and its architects are dissolved and removed, NOTHING that truly threatens its stability will ever be promoted—EVER. Not through religion, new age, science and technology, or news, general education and entertainment. Any individual, idea, philosophy, history, technology or information source that is highly publicized and marketed in ANY genre, is in no way, shape or form, a true threat to our global handlers. As the very existence of the reality box, its creators, and the titles of its four sides should naturally imply, for countless generations our ideas of who and what is actually important in this regard, from what we eat to what we wear,  have never been our own. I can’t even begin to express how many restrictions have been placed on the full expression of your own free will, through the simple process of psychologically manipulating your perception of how many choices you really have.

Example 1: Re-writing dictionary definitions

Example 2: Altering your personal internet search results

Inserting, Creating & Promoting Personalities to Defend the Thought Perimeter

550341_10151082565210957_1477959549_nMy great grandmother had a really neat saying: is that a true lie, or a damn lie? When our global handlers observe collective trends in thought and behavior they don’t like, they find and promote true liars to reel people back in. True liars are well-meaning people who really believe what they are saying is true, even though it reinforces pre-selected and officially sanctioned views of reality. This isn’t meant to be offensive—this is something we have all unwittingly done before. If there aren’t enough of those folks around, or they aren’t good showman or particularly convincing, they move to the damn liars. These are generally self-serving and modern-day versions of snake oil salesman that purposefully perpetuate and then exploit senseless and baseless fears for profit. That is actually the definition of monger—as in “fear monger”.

If enough of those people can’t be found, or don’t quite fit what is needed to move the collective in the desired direction at the moment, they are manufactured. Threats and/or blackmail can be enough to do the trick, but so is appealing to an individual’s greed—the “everyone has their price” kind of deal. Now certainly neither of those things are particularly nice ways to turn regular folks living inside of the box into assets that now protect the integrity of its borders, but it can be very effective. In some cases individuals are hired for positions they had every intention of respectfully filling, only to later discover they were hired not for their abilities, but the number of skeletons in their closets—a pre-condition for blackmail manipulation. However, there are still times when even those methods aren’t enough. Maybe it’s because our global handlers can’t find enough morally impaired individuals to take the bait, or maybe it’s because the ones they could approach, don’t have the preferred background in the immediately useful sense.

When all of those methods fail to produce the kind of personality needed to undo the damage a moment of *clarity* can produce in their box-bound subjects and general populace, something far more sinister is turned to. It is cruel well beyond even the grayest edges of human reason and decency, but it is done, and it is done more often than you realize. This is where advanced technologies are used to directly control and alter an individual’s mind, memory and beliefs. This can include the use of implants, but that isn’t always necessary. Many, many people have explained the details and associated technology in this regard, and you can learn more about that in the next two articles in this news feed, written by Lily Morgan. Again, I appreciate her bravery, fortitude, and precise references as a targeted individual of electronic harassment.

Forcibly Commandeering a Mind to Create a Change Agent: Manchurians, Monarchs & MILABS (Abductions)

Artificial/Synthetic Telepathy And Mind ControlAt first glance some of those things may not seem connected, but in every case they have very specific things in common:

  1. 1. Lateral use of the same mind-control techniques and technologies
  2. 2. Secret military or black operation (classified and/or off the books) program involvement
  3. 3. *Consistent personal handlers or “minders” posing as friends, lovers or confidants may or may not be involved.

Change Agents are people sent out into the world to manipulate and sway public opinion, or direct the collective mind away from meaningful progress—spiritually, intellectually, and scientifically. Individuals on the verge of making major breakthroughs in those areas, and/or have a large following or broad fan base may be commandeered against their will for those reasons alone. I don’t mean that in the sense of bribery or blackmail—I mean it in the sense of literal mind control. This can include drugs, hypnosis, military abductions disguised as ET abductions (especially where “grays” are involved), memory removal and implantation, chip implants, inducing multiple personalities via severe physical or psychological trauma, psychotronic weaponry, synthetic telepathy, or as is often the case, a specific combination of all the above. In some cases the mind control programming begins in early childhood and the individual is groomed for a specific mission or public authority position later in life. In other cases the individual is very suddenly altered for a one-time operation.

Individuals who have effectively been mentally reprogrammed against their will to perform certain functions in a Change Agent capacity, either have no full recollection of it being done, or have had memories of the event(s) altered with screen memories that hide or alter the perception of who was really behind it and how it was done. This can include movie stars, artists, music stars, scientists, religious leaders, spiritual leaders, talk show hosts, best-selling authors, producers, and perhaps even prominent public officials and world leaders as well.

In the digital world of media and social networks, these aren’t apt to be the people commenting on large forums (i.e. trolls), but rather the people they are commenting about. That is to say, we are talking about sculpted personalities dealing with the public in very specific areas or genres. These are people who no longer own their minds on a consistent basis, and some of them have actually publicly admitted they were involved in MK Ultra type mind control programs.

In the last decade, aside from Hollywood whistleblowers, these admissions are coming more and more from personalities emerging in the new age sector and/or alternative media. These are patterns of purposeful mental victimization that deserve our understanding and attention. Using the same data-mining techniques previously discussed, important patterns can found in this regard. The first step is to take an inventory of personalities who have discussed and admitted being directly involved with either mind control programs, black projects, or a victim of abduction.

Once this list is populated it can be further refined by using a mental filter that asks the following question: how many of those same personalities are seeding the collective with misguided or disempowering thoughts that will (and are designed to) protect the integrity of our officially sanctioned reality box, using all or some of the manipulation techniques previously described? Which wall are they bouncing you off of? Before taking a brief look at this, please remember these people are victims of a cruel and heinous misuse of technology by people who, in addition to nature and free will, do not value the human mind as sacred.

It’s important to remember that while these people may now be bouncing others off the walls to impede progress, it was done to them first—without their permissionThese technopathic abuses purposefully fragmented their own minds, realizations, and natural development so it could be steered and manipulated by those who did it to them. What they are being used to do and how it is done should be our focus because it is the only way we will ever get closer to a future where it is no longer done and tolerated—to anyone—ever. On more than one occasion I have come to the conclusion that the best way we can honor and help the victims of our global handlers—from vaccine-induced autism and GMO-induced cancer to mind control and genocide victims—is to prevent more of them; to produce a society that will no longer tolerate the cruel and mindless machinations that produce them. In order to do that, we have to admit those things are being done, as well as why they are being done, which is what this entire article is about.

I have again included the four walls of our manufactured thought prison to summarize the manipulation strategies used to create and protect it, as well as maintain the power base of those who hide behind it. Beneath the listing are examples of associated misdirection and deflection techniques, as well as the wall number(s) they are coming from, or being bounced off of, as a means to reinforce it.

  • Wall 1: Religion and New Age: Interfering in your relationship to God/Creator via pre-definition
  • Wall 2: Finances and Resources: Pre-determining rules and ownership of money and resources
  • Wall 3: Science and Technology: Pre-defining and promoting inaccurate physics and cosmology
  • Wall  4: Edutainment: News, Education & Entertainment: Promoting debasing social patterns

Disempowering views of reality constantly seeded into the collective (often through rebranding):


  1. 1. Don’t use your free will to take meaningful actions that will allow you to express it and therefore create (self-determine) the kind of world you want—Jesus is going to come and fix it for you. (Wall 1—Religion; discourages self-responsibility)
  1. 2. Don’t use your free will to take meaningful actions that will allow you to express it and therefore create (self-determine) the kind of world you want, beyond good intentions, thinking happy thoughts, and sending love and light. (Wall 1—New Age; rebranded version of No.1)

3. Don’t use your free will to take meaningful actions that will allow you to express it and therefore create (self-determine) the kind of world you want—The Aliens [insert Pleadian, Plejoran, ect here] are going to fix it for you. (Wall 1: New Age; Wall 3: Science [cosmology, technology and ufology/exopolitics]; rebranded version of No.1 &2)

4. Excessive fear mongering of “doom from space”—Evil asteroids, Planet X, and massive CME’s and associated earth changes are going to kill most of you no matter what you do, so again, please don’t actually take action to create the kind of world you would like because it’s ending anyway. (Wall 1: New Age; Wall 3: Science [cosmology, technology and ufology/exopolitics]; rebranding of non-action and self-responsibility)

5. Love is all you need. (Wall 1: New Age—redirects the individual from the need for proper knowledge and the empowerment of being able to take loving actions that prevent suffering, based on that knowledge; rebranding of non-action and self-responsibility)

6. Overpopulation and selfish consumerism by the useless eaters/mindless sheeple is killing the planet—there isn’t enough food or resources for everyone. (Wall 1: New Age reinforces the ignorance of *manufactured* lack via advanced technologies by referring to earth changes as  Gaia rebalancing herself as though it were natural; Wall 1: Religious fanatics are being snapped into place to support purposefully perverted interpretations of Revelation, Armageddon or end times nonsense; Wall 2: Financial institutions and the UN (via Agenda 21)are seizing control of land and resources based on similar propaganda; Wall 3: Science & technology is being geared more and more towards depopulation via things like vaccines and GMO’s; Wall 4: Overpopulation is being seeded into the collective through all forms of media and general education with Agenda 21 principles being taught to our children in school)

7. Global Warming (already rebranded as Climate Change) is the result of greenhouse gasses and too much carbon—the middle class is largely responsible for this—this is why they are being eliminated. (Wall 2: Finances and resources—Bill Gates has very plainly discussed his views on this in terms of terms of “the middle class being destroyed to save the planet” propaganda, which provides the connection between the phony green movement and global austerity measures—aka, *shrinking the box*. Carbon Taxes are nothing more than a global shake down designed to fleece more of your wealth in the process; Wall 3—Science & Technology is trying to sell toxic chemtrails, geo-engineering [read: global dimming] as the answer to problems NOT caused by what you exhale, but by the people using advanced weather modification technologies to CAUSE the problems they are blaming YOU for; Wall 4: All forms of media and general education are seeding and reinforcing the same propaganda into the collective)

Those seven examples alone should give you a great deal to think about, long before adding bogus terrorism and false flag operations into the mix. Also, many of you likely noticed that the more walls listed as being associated with disempowering fear mongering propaganda and re-direction, the more important they are to shrinking the box in a more full-swing, widespread,  and immediate way.

In some respects and categories of manipulation addressed in this article, there is a great deal more I could have said, but what has been implied should be enough in encouraging others to come to greater realizations in their own time, and on their own terms.

Additionally, I’m sure you noticed that I excluded 2012 fear mongering in the previous seven examples. That may seem odd considering how close we are to December 21st, but there was a reason. Those who have read my books and followed my work from the beginning have always known my thoughts on this date, and at one point there was also an article on the blog page of my original website where I explained the importance of all of us getting to 2012 before “they” (our handlers) did. If I remember right, that article was written in 2010.

On one level or another, they have always known what this moment may mean—not just for us, but for them as well. Many a time, through both written works and radio interviews, I have tried to explain the *misdirected* idea that our global handlers plan their actions on specific dates—this is not the case. Over and over again I have stated that the knowledge they withheld from us, in terms of how our creational matrix is designed on both the micro and macro levels, including but not limited to their interactions with each other, they have hidden because they are abusing and using against us in some way to maintain control.

As explained in depth in my first book, the “as above—so below” connection ties our microcosmic world here, on this planet, to the other stars and planets in our solar system. What happens out there, affects us here, and it does so because it is supposed to. It is part of the creational design matrix that is constantly changing in ways that present us with opportunities for growth, by constantly altering the energies (patterns) we are subjected to. Variety isn’t just the spice of life; it is also the backbone of evolutionary pressure.

When I use the term evolutionary pressure, this is not meant to imply force. Rather, it is a creative way to provide challenges and new opportunities that prevent stagnation and boredom.  This part of the creational design matrix, in terms of planetary movements or alignments, like everything else (with the exception of mind control), NEVER overrides your free will—all it does is provide tendencies. What you ultimately do with those tendencies is always up to you, but an unawareness of those energies and the tendencies they may engender, makes people easier to manipulate by those who DO understand them.

This is the reason Tarot has always fascinated me—this (among other things) was very deeply understood by its creator. The cards have numbers on them, yes, but the numbers are not meaningless reflections of the order they were created in. Each card is associated with a planetary body whose unique participation in, and contribution to, the creational design matrix, is numbered in accordance to its purpose or varietal offering—the one came before the other.

A Future Without the Box: Where Do We Go From Here?

I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me, that humanity has made it to this moment in time. There was a time I wasn’t sure we would, and I know steps have been taken to ensure we wouldn’t. With that I will reiterate something I expressed in my first book: Always are we loved beyond measure by forces greater than ourselves, and never do we walk alone.

A window into the infinite is about to be opened for us, but even though it is, what we ultimately do with what we learn, makes all the difference—quite often, it is the only thing that ever has made a difference. 2012 is coming to an end, but it brings with it an opportunity for an understanding that we have never before experienced. In Tarot, this period of time is represented by the Judgment, World, and Hanged Man cards of the Major Arcana. The next phase or year is very deeply and beautifully illustrated by the Death card, or 2013.

This card not only represents the phoenix—something new emerging from the ashes of the old—but humbly and succinctly expresses there are only two ways or paths available—the fork in the road if you will. The astrological sign associated with this card is Scorpio, and being a Scorpio myself, I very deeply resonate with its honesty and naked wisdom. It asks only one thing of us, but it is the most difficult thing of all: are you so afraid of self-responsibility and honest reflection, that you would trade it for the beauty of life-giving discovery? Its blatant honesty and consequent revelations remind us that the perversion and misapplication of knowledge to the point of genocide and self-destruction, can only end one of two ways, and it is WE who make the choice.

Blessings on your continued journey wherever it may take you,

Crystal Clark


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