SILENCE OF THE LABS: A War on Knowledge


How do scientists and archaeologists feel about governments suppressing their findings and keeping the public in the dark? The answer can be found in this *excellent* film. Not only is it in line with depopulation, Agenda 21 and TPP schemes, but loudly echoes elitist sentiments regarding “their” use for intellectuals in the general population. They don’t want anymore scientists–they want ignorant workers just smart enough to push the buttons, and just passive enough to accept their situation. It’s good to see these folks speaking out on “the war on knowledge”.

2 thoughts on “SILENCE OF THE LABS: A War on Knowledge

  1. This was a good fine, Crystal: informative and disturbing. All pundits of “disclosure”, in Canada and U.S. alike, should watch this and make a determination how they might best spend their energies. The ruination of the Pacific Rim, and possibly the Earth, by the failure of Fukushima Daiichi, will not be stopped: at least not by humans. Thus, the puppet government of Canada’s sad vision of economic superpower status will not be realized. Good work!


    • Thanks for the kind words of support Buzz. 🙂 I was exceptionally delighted to find this documentary because the WAR ON KNOWLEDGE is not only real, but also a major reason for so much suffering. “People perish from lack of knowledge”. Indeed, and Fukushima (as well as the death-dealing nuclear industry as a whole) appears to be no different.


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