5 thoughts on “KAREN HUDES ON CORRUPTION: Global Theft & the Nuclear False Flag Attempt

  1. We can play our part by waking others. Karen Hudes is one awesome warrior! Don’t mess with her, illuminati! She forgot to mention British royalty as part of the criminal cartel.


  2. Understood, and point well taken. If there is any truth to the older story of the Ft. Knox/tungsten report, I don’t see how a Hawaiian bank could stand in their way. And at the time of the big win, you too will be standing at the podium of honor, my dear!


  3. At first hearing, it ringed of NESARA revisited. However, unlike “Drake the Insider”, this woman is credentialed. This is a good find and warrants much more investigation, but I’m not prepared to let my guard down just yet on the assertion that “we’ve won”….


    • I agree with you completely, Buzz. What I do try to keep in mind however, especially in honor of those with the courage to fight the good fight, are all the little battles and victories that ultimately become responsible for the big win in the end.


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