RACE WITH TIME RADIO #9 with Karen Hudes: Is gold an answer to being independent from the NWO?

•Power Transition Model: Rule of law vs. corruption
•Current state of global financial and corporate corruption
•Debt slavery and bankers extracting wealth of peoples and nations
•Complicity of main stream media in corruption
•Network of Control: Secret conglomerate appointing the same board members to multiple corporations (including banking and media)
•Faction 2: Multiple agendas within government & military; prevention of US nuclear false flag
•US Military told to stand down on containing Fukushima meltdown
•The consequences of not changing directions
•Critical positions in the military now being filled by traitors
•Axis of Evil and General Wesley Clark on attacking 7 countries in 5 years—all countries without central banks
•Antal Fekete’s alert on a trend analysis indicating a major financial crash without change
•Restoring the people’s wealth: A good time to hit the reset button and cancel all debt?
•World Bank’s role in moving towards a cashless society
•The Dinar: Just another scam?
•The Ukraine flap and WW3 (MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction and Israel’s Sampson Option)
•Recent Banker suicides
•Iceland as a model
•Article 5 & Constitutional Convention (2/3 requirement met in 1929)
•The second (secret) Constitution: When Admiralty Law replaced Common Law and Vatican started getting out tax money
•Putting the people back in charge and letting countries decide their own directions
•Local currencies and bartering
•True freedom requires the oppressors and corruption to get out of the way
•The importance to building coalitions and networks
•Humanity is at a major turning-point and fork-in-the-road
•Why excuses, blame-shifting and “just following orders” won’t cut it anymore
•The importance of self-responsibility and getting involved

IMPORTANT NOTICE OF CORRECTION: During the show I misspoke and stated Karen was part of the corruption, rather than stating Karen was part of *exposing* the corruption. It was a very informative show and I’m personally grateful for Karen’s participation in bettering the human condition. – Crystal Clark

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