RACE WITH TIME RADIO #8: When Opinion Forming Becomes Mind Control

The official narrative of egyptology is nonsense, the pyramids were built in a very different manner and scientific evidence exists that the Sphinx is much older. The Jewish exodus was led by Akhenaton, Carter found the scrolls that prove that and are now hidden in the Vatican and in Cambridge. Akhenaton also started monotheism. The Arc of the Covenant is in Ethiopia, the Etruscans spoke Latin. Kids in the UK get conscripted in the MI5/6 and for the CIA in the US.

Other topics discussed are the Antikythera mechanism, the Black Knight Satellite, Phobos – the ultimate Hall of Records. Aberrancy can not be tolerated when you have star-travel technology, we have to get civilised. The EMVs, Oppenheimer and Teller. There are no races on Earth. What do you stand for – the words on your tombstone.

James Horak: http://emvsinfo.blogspot.com/

Courtesy for publication permission: David Corso, wolfspiritradio

Courtesy for graphics: information-machine

3 thoughts on “RACE WITH TIME RADIO #8: When Opinion Forming Becomes Mind Control

  1. I have been listening to James for about 2years, I was raised deeply religious christian. I still feel traped by a fundamentalist religion that threatens people with hell, I looked you up to see what should I read or whatever I feel trapped with the guilt religion puts on a person


  2. I am deeply grateful for these “Race With Time” programs, and all of the awesome folks who participate and facilitate them. Tonight, as always, it was terrific. I also appreciated Crystal explaining about her first book, and why she pulled it. I wanted to get a copy because I was so amazed at her second book, and now I understand what happened. I totally honor your integrity, and thank you for offering your knowledge via your website and these programs. Blessings all~ways.


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