Race with Time 10 | Lets stop repeating History – Coneheads Truth and JFK Assassination Truth revealed

Race with Time – Episode 10 with Crystal Clark, Mhairead McDonald and James Horak

Lets stop repeating History – Coneheads Truth and JFK Assassination Truth revealed

It has now become clear that we are plagued by justice being so poorly served by the whitewash the Warren Commission served up to the American people. As a turning point in the history of this nation no other sticks out so painfully. Can we finally get it right and restore the rule of law and order to a system so grossly in need of it? In doing so, hope that this communicates to an encroaching federal government that has abandoned our checks and balances system and obedience to oaths of office? We can no longer afford to put off finding out. I need to correct my mistakingly mentioning Norman Mailer as the ex-husband in question of Marilyn Monroe’s. I should have said Arthur Miller instead. JCH

Website of James Horak: EMVS Info

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso of Wolfspirit Radio

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2 thoughts on “Race with Time 10 | Lets stop repeating History – Coneheads Truth and JFK Assassination Truth revealed

  1. Since you feel compelled to tell me how YOU really feel about it, let me tell you how I really feel a about it…It’s a sad state of affairs when an endless stream of mis/dis/mal-information is in EVERYONE’s way, and, as Orwell once stated, rather than admit they made a mistake, people will instead develop a “protective form of stupidity”.

    With Karen Hudes I found someone I not only believe is trying to do something good, but also someone who *repeatedly* stated in other shows that she knows we don’t all have it right and we therefore need to leave room for personal error and growth, and that working together to get to the bottom of things was important–I took her at her word–a mistake I won’t repeat. Blaming mentally diminished “cone heads” for all of humanity’s ills is as bad as blaming mythical hostile reptoids. If Karen continues on this course, at no point will she have to worry about being literally suicided, like so many others in the financial industry, because she and her message are being suicided and destroyed with disinformation.

    What’s even worse, is that we didn’t even ask her any “hard” questions…you know, the kind required of TRUE journalists? The pathetic overuse of ‘political correctness’ has become the foundation of our own demise. Nearly the entire alternative media has become one, big, corrupt back-slapping/mutual admiration club—that’s why it’s failing so miserably at affecting any real kind of change. THOSE are the kind of people we are REALLY in the way of–is she one of them too—are you? I can’t say for sure, but in the meantime i’m happy to place my hope(s) for the future of the human race in the more discerning—what other choice is there?


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