(by Crystal Clark, 6/26/2020)

Not long after the financial/housing crash of 2008 I watched two news pundits interview a woman (whose name I can’t recall) about the reality of the crash. The severity of the event was constantly shrouded in confusion by the media, so they asked her to clarify whether the crash was a small recession or a full-on depression. Her reply was a marvelous truism. From the everyday perspective of the general public, “if it’s YOUR house getting foreclosed on, it’s a recession. But if it’s MY house getting foreclosed on, it’s a depression”.

Here we are twelve years later in the midst of another contrived crisis (again being opportunized as another society-transforming event) and I can’t seem to shake the feeling of deja vu. The following comes from an article titled, Pro-BLM Mayor Cries “Domestic Terrorism” After Her Home Vandalized, and sums it up perfectly:

Fueling the mob is all fun and games until it turns on you.

A mayor from Washington state who has been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement — even as it has, at times, descended into rioting, looting, arson, and killing in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death — cried “domestic terrorism” after vandals damaged her home.

There’s also this little gem from an article titled, CHANGE OF HEART: Portland Mayor Says ‘I Don’t Want an Autonomous Zone’ After Protesters Target His Home:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler shut-down the prospect of an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in his city just hours after protesters targeted his home; calling the cop-free area a “distraction” from the cause

When it comes to leftist mayors paving the way for globalism in their communities using Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist tactics, it’s all just a cutesy, super fun block party, as long as it’s YOUR home, neighborhood, business, property or statues being destroyed, but it’s domestic terrorism (!) when its THEIR home, neighborhood, business, property or statues being destroyed. Now that these two mayors understand the crocodile will eat them too, they aren’t so sure they want to keep feeding it.

It’s always good to see just how fast people change their minds about a thing when reality becomes too persistent to be ignored. A good old ‘reality slap’ can still work wonders. Which, of course, as repeatedly discussed here, is why censorship of the true nature of reality is a must for any successful reality revision attempt—people will rarely participate in their own demise if they know that’s actually going to be the end result. For the non sociopaths/psychopaths (remembering that psychopaths especially lack the ability to project the consequence of their actions) out there, that’s just human nature. Working against our own best interests isn’t generally something most of us do knowingly and willingly, hence the gargantuan snow job necessary to overcome it.

The title of this article comes from the following interview conducted by Jason Goodman of Crowd Source The Truth, featuring Venezuelan expatriate Elizabeth Rogliani, who has a chilling warning for Americans regarding recent trends in the this country. For the veteran reality-miners out there it will connect more dots through the images it conjures of other prominent and divisive malcontents associated with rituals being performed in places of power, among other things. For those just getting used to the feel of dirt-crusted fingernails, welcome to the dig, and beneath the video are some salient points raised during the interview with some added commentary (in maroon text). As a primer for the material covered, she explains her reasons for speaking out (English being her second language):

“I feel that the statues coming down, the religious symbols being attacked, and everything seems just too similar to what we lived through in Venezuela…Christopher Columbus statues were taken down, then religious symbols were decapitated as well, the police was taken apart in 2001 and replaced by new police. So it was all just seeming very similar to what we already went through, of course in a different way. I understand that America, the United States, has a different system, but we cannot underestimate people that are so willing to destroy it, because they’ve obviously studied the United States. they know their laws, and they know where to attack. They’re not in government right now, at least not in the highest office, but they obviously want to get there. So I wouldn’t underestimate what they can do when they actually get there–if they get there. Let’s hope not.”

Commentary: What role did the United States play in the demise of Venezuela?

That’s an interesting question and I think you’ll find her answer(s) surprising, maybe even shocking, depending on how much propaganda you’ve been exposed to over the years. Throughout the interview Goodman tries repeatedly to insist (insert his personal belief) that the United States played a specific role in Venezuela’s ruination, and yet she repeatedly rebuffs him. Why? That isn’t meant to be a shot at Goodman but rather a reflection of just how pervasive anti-American propaganda has been over the last couple of decades, especially in America itself. As Yuri Bezmenov explained in the previous post, this is called ideological subversion and the youth of a nation are the most heavily targeted or “brainwashed” during the process. 

There are complexities and nuances here that I think we all need to look deeper at because there’s far too much at stake, both here and around the world, to continue to give new revelations the shallow treatment. At the 4:54 mark is the first time Goodman interrupts with the idea that America is responsible:

Goodman: “Uh huh. And I think a lot of people–well, let me rephrase that–I think I believe, that the United States played a role in the destabilization of Venezuela. Do you have an insight into that?

Rogliani: “I’m not sure I would agree. What would you say to that, you mean the sanctions?

Goodman: “Well, there’s sanctions of course, and obviously the petro dollar, and all the pressure that’s been put onto Chavez when he was alive, because of all the oil in Venezuela. It seems that any country with oil is either taken by the United States or given a lot of problems by the United States. 

Rogliana: “Right, but the United States–Venezuela has had oil for a while now. Everyone has known about this…we had the oil boom in the 20th century, and our economy was really strong because of it. So suddenly, out of nowhere, the United States suddenly wants our oil when Chavez takes power?

Goodman:: “Meaning what?–that the United States was not interested in Venezuela before the discovery of oil?”

Rogliani: “In the 20th century, throughout, Venezuela and the US were pretty much friends–they were friendly, and our economy was strong. The lives of our citizens, excuse my English, our salary was three times our neighbor’s salary so a lot of people were trying to go to Venezuela. And it was a safe county. We could close our door without locking it. To say it was the United States , it’s a strange thing. Maybe the world played a role because no county is an island that isn’t influenced by outside sources, of course, but he did this to us. These policies that he put in the country are what ruined the country.”


Her comment regarding no country being an island free of external sources is of significance here. I often used to say that people who don’t know what globalism is, and what globalists are attempting to turn the world into, have no idea what’s really going on. So then, what is globalism? In a nutshell, globalism is a global, fascist, corporate police state that is meant to be run and ruled over by 12 specific families in perpetuity. Things like the Trans Pacific Partnership were meant to be the corporate charter of this new government and begin dividing the world up into regions and industries for each specific family to have dominion over. As an example the TPP designated Vietnam as the new cheap labor center of their new empire. This is why they seek the end of national borders around the world—they intend to redefine them all. 

As this pertains to her comment specifically, globalism is a global phenomenon, which means that seemingly separate events in different countries around the world are in actuality working in tandem towards the same end. In other words, her assertion that the United States didn’t disrupt Venezuela until Chavez came to power, means we need to also look at who was in power in the United States during that same time period—these are coordinated events. Chavez was in power from 1999 until his death in 2013. During that period of time the United States had 3 different presidents in the following order: Clinton, Bush, Obama. 

The next part of the conversation is both thought provoking and revealing on several fronts. The history lesson she provides on Chavez is one rarely given. I would ask the reader to pay special attention to how the exact same patterns that ruined her country of origin are very clearly being repeated here in the United States–and not just the United States.

Rogliani (7:40): By the way, and i don’t know if you know this, but in 1992, right before I was born, there was a military coup against the President Elect, who was Carlos Andres Perez then. He was pretty much doing stuff that the political class [globalists] didn’t like. He was privatizing a lot of industry that was previously from the government. The political class did not like that. And there was a coup d’état against this President, by Hugo Chavez. A lot of people died–300 people died–hundreds of Venezuelans were killed while he was trying to basically assassinate the President and his family. He didn’t achieve it then, he went to prison, but then the President after Carlos Andres Perez took him out of prison, basically saying you are forgiven. That was a big mistake, in my opinion, of course.

Commentary: Hugo Chavez imprisoned for attempted coup and assassination of President Andros Perez

Remembering that the globalist agenda is MAKING USE OF Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist/Socialist/Communist ideologies to push their agenda through under false pretenses, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that globalists didn’t like Venezuela having a President begin to institute polices that took power away from the state (privatizing industry previously controlled by the government) by giving power back to private citizens. This same political class would have been supportive of a socialist like Chavez then, who, as she explained, was the one really responsible for the ruination of Venezuela with his socialist policies.

The following information comes from in an article titled, Photographs of Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Socialist Coup.:

The civil-militia coup in Venezuela, led by Hugo Chavez, that began on February 4, 1992, was a response to the social discord regarding the ‘pacted’ democratic system that had been in place since 1958. The pacted democracy, a written guarantee that the signing political parties would respect the election results, prevent single-party hegemony, collaborate to fight the rise of a dictator, and share oil wealth. However, as oil revenue began to decline, the public lost faith in the political institutions. The government became violent in order to suppress opposition and maintain power.

Hugo Chavez, at the time of the coup, had the loyalty of about 10% of the Venezuelan military force. Five army units moved into Caracas to seize crucial military and communications installations throughout the city, including taking control of the Miraflores Palace, the presidential palace. Chavez’s ultimate goal was to capture President Carlos Andres Perez on his way home from an international trip, and allegedly execute him.

There were three separate attempts to capture Perez, all of which failed due to betrayals, defections, errors, and other unforeseen circumstances. Rebels were able to take control of large parts of cities such as Valencia, Maracaibo, and Maracay with the support of civilians but Chavez’ attempt to take Caracas had failed. He eventually gave himself up to the government. Chavez was imprisoned in San Carlos military prison

In November 1992, there was a second coup attempt. The rebels, who had been in contact with Chavez, took over the state-run TV station and broadcasted a video Chavez made while in prison which called for a popular uprising. The coup, however, largely failed.

The coups, were, however, successful in ruining Perez’s public image and discrediting the neo-liberal capitalist reforms and President Perez was impeached on May 20, 1993. Former President Rafael Caldera won the subsequent election and pardoned Chavez, which allowed Chavez to run in and win the 1998 presidential election.

Commentary: What really happened to the missing zoo animals

From here the interview takes an unusual turn and understandably, Rogliani is somewhat reticent to discuss the issue.  At the 10:17 mark they begin discussing the fate of the animals in Venezuelan zoos and she refers to strange rumors that surfaced in the beginning, which seemed to originate from a high profile (public) priest that was once a fervent advocate and supporter of Chavez. That devotion to the Chavez and the party changed dramatically after he accepted an invitation to the Presidential House, wherein he claims to have witnessed unholy (blood) rituals being performed there on the animals. Afterwards, according to Rogliani, the Priest vowed never to return, abandoned the party, and fled the country.

If you read the previous essay on Ideological Subversion then this part of the Rogliani interview certainly rang some bells as it pertains to the seemingly unusual marriage between satanism and ideological subversion: 

However, what compels me to elaborate on Yuri’s repeated reference to demoralization as being integral to ideological subversion has a lot less to do with Christianity than it does with the current marriage between ideological subversion and satanism. To be precise in what I mean, satanism has a core tenet: to free adherents from the shackles of their conscience. To demoralize them. In that, i’m not simply referring to initiation rituals that also demoralize the initiate, but rather the idea that one cannot achieve true fearlessness and power without first abandoning reason and morals. The infamous Cremation of Care ceremony performed be elites in front of the large owl statue–the ritual in which they sacrifice the effigy of a dead baby–means exactly what is says on the box. It means they are willing to achieve their goals by any means necessary.

I decided to dig a little bit and came across this. A deeper dig may produce something more substantial for those interested. The following comes from an article titled, Venezuelan Pastor: A Curse Has Destroyed Our Country

“Our main problem is spiritual,” Soto says. “Many are being touched by the Lord but many still cling to witchcraft, Santeria and all kinds of idolatry. The spiritual war is intense because the late president Hugo Chávez was a Santeria priest himself and made all kinds of pacts and satanic rituals, aided by Cuba’s Castros, in order to hold on to power, and hand Venezuela over to the darkness of communism.”

While Rogliani admits she has no way of knowing if the rumors and claims made by the priest are true, she elaborates on the issue in another surprising way.

Rogliani (12:01): While I was living in Caracas, and i can say I remember my family also commenting on this, there were people walking around the city, every year more and more, wearing all this kind of white clothing. And I remember my mom talking to my uncle about, she said, “why do I se more and more people wearing all this–why?” And he said, “These are Santeros.” Like witch kings.

Goodman: You mean like Santeria?

Rogliani: Yeah, like Santeria. 

Goodman: Whoa. 

Rogliani: That started happening more and more in the city. She (mom) said, “I never saw this before”. 


One of the things I really like about Jason Goodman’s style is that he will immediately look up articles on topics the guest brings up, in real time, in an effort to confirm what they’re discussing. In this case, at the 12:47 mark, Goodman brought an article up on the screen from NBC news from 2008 about Venezuelans increasingly turning to Santeria. At another point during the interview Rogliani states this became more prevalent at the same time religious symbols were being destroyed throughout the country. “Religion doesn’t have a place in Marxism”. 

In reality, religion doesn’t have a place in globalism, because globalism IS the new religion. Remember that the phony sustainability movement was meant to replace the religious ten commandments with Gaia worship and a new set of environmental commandments during the final push to global governance. Also, recall that Yuri discussed the final phase of ideological subversion as ‘crisis’ and for decades globalists have publicly stated they intend to use the environment as the ‘right crisis’ to bring their new order in. 

It’s no coincidence that I began this article with a reference to the 2008 economic/housing crash and references to deja vu–a deja vu that extends well beyond the crocodile metaphor relating to mayors instantly having a change of heart when they suddenly find themselves becoming victims of of their own policy. There’s another pattern repeating here–something else we’ve seen and experienced before–that also deserves our attention in direct relation to the 2008 crash here in the United States, and what Rogliani recounts as the noticeable beginning of Venezuela’s decline:

Goodman (9:01): Can you describe the decline and your departure?

Rogliani: Yeah…when all that started happening, when it was really bad, I was already out of Venezuela. So I left Venezuela in 2008 but I continued going back every year, up until 2014. But, every year, because I was not there and would come back, I would notice a difference. When you’re there, when things change [slowly or incrementally] you don’t notice as much. And when I would come back every year I noticed these places that used to be businesses–thriving businesses–were abandoned, or homes where no one was there. And there’s an island me and my family would go to for vacation, Margarita, completely abandoned. 


For the United States, this exact same process began after the 2008 crash. Not only are there STILL shopping malls with empty stores and boarded up businesses all over the country from that event (which the covid “crisis” is no doubt meant to make worse), and not only were millions of homes foreclosed on and/or abandoned, but the ensuing “bail-out” began a swift move towards more socialist government policies. To be clear on what I mean we first need to define terms:

1any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

2aa system of society or group living in which there is no private property

ba system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

3a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

First and foremost, corporate bailouts (rewards in the form a massive redistribution of wealth) for such monumental financial failures are NOT free market capitalist principles, but the abandonment of them. Second, it was that same event that federalized both Fanny May and Freddie Mac. For those unfamiliar with the reference, the following comes from a wikipedia page titled: Federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:

The federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was the placing into conservatorship of the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) by the U.S. Treasury in September 2008. It was one of the financial events among many in the subprime mortgage crisis.

Lastly, let’s not forget that globalists are pushing the otherwise socialist theme of NO PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERSHIP, as a tenet of their new one world Gaia worship strategy, and this orchestrated financial crash put them off to a pretty good start down that path. It’s that same principle moving more and more goods to a “cloud” based system where the individual no longer personally OWNS the product or program, but rather can access it remotely instead, often for a fee–you may purchase usage time, but not an actual tangible product.

97993817_2869236216445827_2827433870683537408_nIn another segment of the interview Elizabeth Rogliani explains that their police force was also replaced. When Jason Goodman asks her to elaborate on the difference between the two police forces, she explains that the new or replacement police weren’t the least bit interested in solving any crimes, even serious crimes like murder. This absolutely mirrors what we’re seeing take place here in the United States, although there may still be some confusion as to why a replacement force is necessary for a new regime to take power. The old police force–the reality that will be revised and blanketed over–was generally constructed to protect the people from an oppressive government and other violent citizens. The new government–the new reality or revision–is an inversion of that process. It’s meant to protect the oppressive government, and in some cases even violent criminals that remain useful to the new government’s agenda, from the people who will naturally try to oppose them both. It’s not a coincidence that at the same time illegal foreigners are committing heinous crimes against citizens and getting away with a slap on the wrist, that the leftist [globalist] political class here in America are also releasing thousands of violent criminals from prisons in leftist cities under the guise of covid, and AT THE SAME TIME are letting leftist youth demand an end to police while taking over several city blocks in major cities.

The following segment of the conversation is also very telling, and begins at the 37:00 mark:

Rogliani: They’re criminals, not protesters

Goodman: They’re insurgents–this is an attack on the United States.

Rogliani: Exactly…enemies foreign and domestic. Well, these are domestic–with the aid of foreign governments, because this is not just people inside…I know for a fact the Venezuelan government has a hand in it. 

Goodman: How do you know that?

Rogliani: Because in the protests, in Miami, they caught some people that were in the Che Guevara International Coalition reunion in Venezuela in February. So these people were in that reunion, that were shaking hands with President Maduro and what not, they came here and were inciting violence in the protests. So to me, that’s a clear indication, and they were–at least what I read in the news–they were caught, and they were interrogated, and they confessed to having been put on planes and been paid to do that, by the Venezuelan and Cuban governments. 

Final Commentary

While I have only highlighted a few major points here, this interview is incredibly thought provoking and consists of revelation after revelation. I strongly encourage the reader to watch it in its entirety, check out the rest of Jason Goodman’s equally informative videos, and perhaps even donate to his efforts so they can continue.

With that i’ll leave you with another reminder that there are two different realities struggling for full manifestation upon the earth, while again revisiting my thoughts on the matter as they still are:

“Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.”  –Crystal Clark, June 3, 2013


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