May 14, 2021


It’s incredibly difficult to know where to begin with this one, but the word (and problem with) “incredulity” seems a good start. When broaching topics of this magnitude, the phrase, “the audacity of audacity” often enters my mind. When it comes to the power public incredulity delivers to nefarious agendas, for the simple fact the public can’t bring themselves to believe such endeavors exist or are happening, perhaps Josef Mengele (a NAZI SS officer also known as the ‘angel of death’), said it best: “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” This truism still plagues our ‘modern’ civilization, having a profound impact on how readily an individual will contemplate new discoveries of magnitude–whether wondrous or tragic–based solely on the sheer vastness of the issue itself.

The incredulity phenomenon can become a major impediment to human progress, understanding, and reality literacy. This is both known to, and relentlessly exploited by, the globalist elite. It’s a step beyond “our ignorance is their power,” having other far-reaching consequences beyond an entire generation participating in their own demise out ignorance, while operating under the false pretenses of doing the exact opposite.

In refusing to contemplate ideas that could potentially illuminate previously dark and dormant aspects of reality, we are short-circuiting our own evolution, and the growth, wonder, and opportunity we would otherwise derive from it. Remember that contemplation of an idea, is not the same as acceptance of it. It’s simply a willingness to accept we don’t currently know everything there is to know—which also means we don’t even know what we don’t know—but we would like to try.


Without question, some of us are far more prone to poke and probe ‘reality’ because our personal experiences have shown us that currently celebrated reality models simply do not account for, or even remotely begin to offer coherent explanations for, the kind of reality we have seen and experienced as individuals. I freely admit i’m one of those individuals, as are many of you, and we aren’t alone by any stretch. In fact, the recent addition of the word “normies” to the lexicon of modern reality miners directly reflects the number of people now recognizing that ‘normal reality’ is largely a farce, with ‘normies’ being those who have yet to realize this, or are too afraid to leave the comfort zone that model errantly promises to provide. The “Great Awakening” also emphasizes this, yet it also highlights the ensuing dichotomy or split in the population between the normies and everyone else, a development this article intends to explore well beyond the boundaries of current reality models.


“Reality Revisionism” and “reality mining” are terms I use to explain not only how to detect when a reality revision has happened, is happening, or will happen, but also how that realization creates within the aware individual the need to dig up the pre-revised version of reality. Or, in this case, the kind of incongruities in the story line that drive us to seek a more fitting reality model–one that will resolve the anomalies being ignored or papered over. In past articles and radio shows I have used a particular scene from The Matrix as a touchstone for this: when Neo sees the black cat walk by twice and says, “huh, deja vu”. This immediately alerts his companions that “they’ve changed something”—a reality revision was made to the program causing a ‘glitch’ or discontinuity, seen in the repeating cat.

While I reference that scene to metaphorically explain reality revisionism causing a discontinuity in the story line (official narrative), very real glitches in our reality matrix are happening constantly, and are still largely going unnoticed. As an example, it was 12 years ago I first noticed the moon was not in the proper location one night. It returned to ‘normal’ the next evening, but that event (glitch) has had me paying far more attention to the position of the sun, moon and planets over the years, where more observable glitches were seen–soon my family began to notice. My husband came home from work one day and explained he was absolutely astonished to find the sun had risen in the wrong place that morning. The next day however, it was ‘normal’ again. Along those lines, it’s gets even stranger, and when it comes to incredulity I caution the reader to recognize they too can and should be able to observe this phenomenon themselves by simply paying closer attention to it.

We have lived in the same home for almost 15 years–the front faces due north, the back faces due south. I’m also an artist, so i’m careful where I hang my paintings because they are originals and I don’t want them getting direct sunlight. A few years ago my husband and me were watching TV around sunset. The TV was on the same wall as one of my paintings, placed higher up and closer to the window. As the sun was setting, the living room—facing due south—was filled with light, and for the first time in a decade since we moved in, the entire painting was in direct sunlight. We were both incredibly surprised, looked at each other and thought, “hmm, it must be happening again”. If you find our reaction underwhelming, keep in mind that after years of repeatedly observing similar phenomenon and seeing that the world keeps turning and the bills still have to be paid, it starts to become almost ‘normal’. At the same time however, we do of course try to understand what it means. Is it the planet, rather than the sun itself that is out of place? Obviously, in that scenario, if the earth has shifted on its axis, our home would no longer be facing due south as before which would account for the change.

This sudden glitch in the matrix lasted for so long that I had to permanently relocate the painting. Moreover, the cause of this particular kind of glitch, the EMV’s, and a split reality may all be interconnected issues explained by one particular event of magnititude–an event i’m going to let the reader explore on their own at the end of this essay, with all of these points (glitches) in mind.

Many of you know about my experiences in acquiring extra knowledge through ‘dreamtime’, so aside from the previous re-post about Halcyon Days and Morpheus (the God of Dreams), I won’t cover it here again. While that experiment produced remarkable results that I shared with the world given the content, one of my more uncanny talents is something I refer to as LGP—Lucky Guesser Phenomenon. LGP isn’t just a fancy word for “psychic”. Not in my experience. The primary difference is that a genuine psychic knows exactly when they are tapping into the “source”, whereas I literally have no idea it’s happened without some type of confirmatory feedback. From my perspective, i’m just being creative and pulling things out of thin air.

For example, during my first radio interview in 2009 on Veritas, I covered a section of my book that detailed how I eventually enlisted a very gifted psychic while looking for answers. I wrote about her in the book under the pseudonym Margaret–her real name was Annie. I thought I picked ‘Margaret’ because it was so far removed from her real name as a good measure of protecting her privacy. When the book was nearly finished I met with her again and asked her if I could use her real name, at which point she told me that her parents actually fought over what to name her when she was born–her father wanted to name her Margaret, and her mother wanted to name her Annie. I about fell out of my chair. Even more, after I tell that story to the Veritas show host, we begin discussing the interconnected layers or mechanisms that make up ‘reality’, where I then say, “let’s pretend you’re a…(pause here as I try to pick something random)…Libra, and,”–at which point he interrupts me and says, “I am a Libra”.

Something is obviously happening here, completely unbeknownst to me at the time, but it’s nowhere near the commonly thought of ‘psychic’ experience, because again, without confirmatory feedback—if Annie hadn’t told me about her naming experience, and Mel hadn’t told me he actually was a Libra—I never would known those weren’t just random or creative guesses. But what is happening? I honestly don’t have a precise answer to that, so Lucky Guesser Phenomenon will have to suffice. While those kinds of “guesses” about random things and people are uncanny, I had a much more profound experience with the second book, years after I wrote it.

The first book was finished in 2008 and released in 2009, at which point I began doing radio interviews about the material. What fewer people know however, is that in December of 2010 I released a second book, this time fiction, that explored the possibility, causes, and ramifications of a split timeline or reality. That book is also no longer in print, but its description and used copies from other sellers can be read/found HERE for confirmation:

When Tomorrow Comes begins a brand new chapter of the WHO ARE WE REALLY series through a fictional account of competing realities and timelines, the hearts and minds of those who created them, and the interconnectedness of all things. As we journey through the love and loss of two different realities, we may find ourselves wondering: Are they us, and are we them? Perhaps when one timeline breathes in, the other one exhales…

James Horak did his first public radio interview in 2010 on the Kevin Smith Show. I was pointed to it by a woman in the Veritas forum who thought I should listen to it because his assertions as to the nature of our global predicament were so similar to my own. I took her advice and listened, but, you see, incredulity affects us all from time-to-time, and because of who he claimed to be, and how he knew what he did (which I will let you discover for yourself), I initially wrote him off. Nevertheless, there absolutely were things he discussed during that show that stuck with me, like thorns in my mind, and over time I found myself wanting to know more. I finally contacted him in 2011 and after countless hours, days and months of conversing, I found him to be not only credible, but remarkable, and we started doing radio shows together.

While I sent him copies of both books, over time it became obvious he never read them (not something I held against him!), even more so when one of our colleagues came across an unusual story in 2013 put out by French scientists: they found a literal microchip in Napoleon’s skull, and reported it to the world. This was not a hoax, and in fact they claimed to have discovered it while collecting DNA from his remains in an effort to ascertain what kind of condition was responsible for his short stature. It was only when James was approached with this French story over its validity, that he began to tell one of the most remarkable stories ever told, second only to that of the existence, true purpose and nature of EMV’s: the elite had successfully attempted time travel, and in so doing, had not only forever altered the course of mankind, but simultaneously caused a split in the timeline. Moreover, it was the microchip THEY (not aliens) put in Napoleon’s head that created in him a bias that severely altered his behavior–and therefore our future–so dramatically, it gave the elite the money and power they use to control the world to this very day.

My mind was absolutely reeling from this revelation, in a number of ways. Given my propensity for LGP, I was forced to wonder, how much of the second book, written years before this, was actually true then? In WAWR 102, where the timelines had split, characters in the book suspected that technologies like weather modification, using devices like HAARP, were ultimately responsible for the split. And, if you can bear with me and suspend your own incredulity for a moment, would you believe that not long after James privately confirmed to me that technologies like HAARP can indeed change time, I found a research paper that claimed technologies like HAARP could change time. Really. That research paper is extremely difficult to find now, but I seem to remember discussing it with James Horak during a radio show we did together on The Hundredth Monkey Radio. Whether it’s this one or not I can’t be sure, but persistent reality miners can ferret that out independently.

Another topic of note in WAWR102, was that after the timeline split into two, one timeline had progressed more naturally and the people were doing well, whereas the other had nearly been destroyed by an elite gone mad in their pursuit to dominate and control all life on earth. They had so badly decimated the protective elements in their atmosphere using technology like HAARP in weather modification attempts, that it was nearly impossible to grow food, or even live, outside of extremely large domed cities created by the elite in a manner more akin to FEMA camps than cities. People living on the outside, and still using cash, were branded by GNN (Global News Network) as terrorists. But more importantly, there was a segment of the population in the harder timeline known as “simuls”—people who could remember both timelines simultaneously. In that particular story, this was rather extreme and even included memories of people who no longer existed, in that timeline, after the split. The majority of the population remained oblivious to the change, so only the smaller sub-group of simuls even suspected a split had occurred. Not only did they suspect it, but soon began to notice that odd ‘things’ were suddenly appearing, somehow crossing over from the other timeline, and began to believe (and even hope) that soon ‘people’ from the other timeline would start crossing over to offer them aid. I encourage the reader to keep all of this in mind when listening to the James Horak interview with Unicus Radio posted at the end, especially when topics like Captain Nemo are discussed.


Over time, here in our own ‘reality’, we have observed the development of a similar phenomenon we call the “Mandella Effect”, while at the same time we have an elite trying to discredit the issue. The phenomenon is so named because it all started with, “… large number of people have a false memory about an event or fact. Nelson Mandela’s death in 2013 was the initial event to spark the conspiracy because multiple people remembered him dying while in prison in the 1980s. People claimed they recalled news clips and TV coverage of Nelson’s funeral. But that’s not what happened. After being released from prison, the activist was the president of South Africa and he lived for the next three decades. But, Nelson Mandela’s death was only the beginning. Since then, people online have found multiple instances of the Mandela Effect. People have tried to debunk the phenomenon by saying the Mandela Effect is a simple case of misremembering events or facts. However, others chalk it up to explanations as wild as parallel universes and merging with other dimensions.” That quote comes from a page at entitymag that also lists 50 popular examples of small parts of our reality that have changed.

Moreover, as these (Mandela) changes are subtle and peripheral, having no real impact on the way in which our reality is functioning, that would indicate these changes are a side-effect of something else—like ripples in the water. The obvious question is whether or not those changes are the direct result of the time travel experiment that is only known to us publicly because of the impossible yet factual microchip recently found (and only recently manufactured) in the skull of man who died in 1821? Although I’m not currently aware of any new or ongoing ripples of that nature, some of you may recall a few years back a video I posted on Facebook made by the CEO of a technology company that sells product databases to supermarket chains. He made the video because at the time, he had numerous customers calling and complaining that his software was automatically changing the name of products in their databases, which included the change from HAAS avocados to HASS avocados. He made the video to explain that his software wasn’t making the changes, nor could it—something else was causing the changes—and he felt it was due to the Mandela Effect.

There is one more aspect to this that I would be remiss not to point out. If it is true that the elite went back in time to alter the future in ways that put them in control over the outcome (and planet), there’s another serious caveat that I strongly encourage the reader to consider: this means that the elite could only predict–and therefore perfectly mirror and cause—a specific reality model or outcome UP TO THE MOMENT THEY WENT BACK IN TIME. If I remember correctly, the elite conducted this experiment in September of 2013. This can be a difficult concept to convey, so let me state it another way, through a likely not-so-fictional story.


Over the years I’ve often thought about writing another fictional work titled The Book, in which a similar scenario is played out: a nefarious group of people go back in time to change the future, and it works because, when they go back in time they deliver a book to earlier members of their lineage that outlines, step-by-step, every major person and event that MUST be funded and repeated exactly, to produce the exact same scenario that affords them the opportunity (once the tech becomes well enough understood and available in the future) to go back in the first place.

An extremely detailed record or book (or even set of volumes) would most certainly have to be sent back, because it would literally be the only way that each step it took to create that outcome, was repeated exactly. Furthermore, that book would also have to contain the names of every prominent individual whose nature, ideals or inventions would have to be silenced if their manifestation would alter the human course away from that goal. This record/book would then necessarily include names like Tesla and other prominent figures that would need to be neutralized (including the murder of the man who invented a car that runs on water), but would also, in this author’s opinion, necessarily have to include the names of prominent individuals (like Bill Gates and perhaps even Epstein) whom they would need to back, fund and promote, as well as any other technologies and scientists (like CERN) that would be instrumental in achieving their goals in the future. Remember, Napoleon was not only one of those pivotal people, but the first on their list, as in the original timeline, Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo—altering that event/outcome was the first step.


The problem with all of this however, as far as the offending elite are concerned, is that book or record and the information it contained, was only good or accurate UP TO THE DAY THEY WENT BACK IN TIME. Personally, at the moment, I don’t see how it could be otherwise. To be clear in what i’m implying here, that means, for the first time in almost 200 years (2013-1821), from September of 2013 onwards, the elite have been flying blind because that’s where their book ended. And, if you ask me, it shows. For the last decade they’ve waffled about making one mistake after another, desperately trying to spin and manage repeated backfires, no longer having a blueprint providing any surety to their actions. More than ever, the Trump presidency and their overtly absurd reaction to it, is but one glaring example of them being caught wildly off guard as to what the future (beyond September 2013) may hold. As a side note, I recently heard someone say they believed the reason so many people had trouble understanding the way Trump communicated, was because it was the first time in decades they had a leader that didn’t use NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) when he spoke to them. I agree.


As our modern mattoid elite busy themselves with pushing God aside so they can take his place, this too (EMV’s) is a topic that has been highly censored, and having been part of attempting to disseminate that knowledge, I can tell you the ‘alternative’ media played a major role in that censorship. I very quickly discovered, all those years ago, that the alternative media at the time was being operated in the same manner as the main stream media: only those who could be counted on to repeatedly push false narratives and never stray too far beyond the boundaries of the pre-approved or sanctioned reality narrative were heavily promoted.

However, as the “Great Awakening” implies, much has changed since then, which is why readers will find me re-posting radio shows that were done almost a decade ago. For various reasons, beyond the censorship, the world wasn’t ready then. That too, has significantly changed. People no longer blindly accepting that any advanced technological discoveries found in the deep past were the work of “aliens”, is a fantastic example of the kind of change that offers real progress in thought and discovery. Also, as we personally grow and evolve, and then re-read or re-listen to something from years passed, we will inevitably pick out things we didn’t notice or heavily consider the first time around, as a reflection of that growth. And, to be sure, we’ve all grown a lot in the last decade.


In terms of re-posting shows, it was actually something said in the recent re-post, THE POWER OF HINDSIGHT–MORPHEUS, HALCYON DAYS & THE FORKED ROAD OF CHOICE: A Brand New Beginning or the Same Old End?, that set me on the course of writing this particular essay: it reminded me of Dolores Cannon’s work. It’s been ages since i’ve read her books, so I decided to listen to some of her past shows, feeling it might also be cathartic in cleansing my soul of the endless propaganda we’re being fed. I sifted through some shorts, but continued looking for something meatier, and then “randomly” chose one (from September of 2015) that I didn’t recognize—something new was perfect for my mood. The beginning content wasn’t quite what I was looking for in a cleanse, so I started skipping through it 10-20 minutes at a time until I saw her showing a very particular set of photos of an object quite literally morphing in both size and shape. The images are remarkable, and my first thought was that these are images of an EMV. This actually shocked me because I have never heard or read her discussing EMV’s, and have never had any reason to suspect she was aware of James Horak, or even Dr. Norman Bergrun, the man who discovered them in our lineage.

I listened to her commentary around and about the photos, becoming increasingly intrigued by her interpretation of them—it was incredibly similar to James’ own explanations as to what they are. The Delores Cannon video can be watched HERE (until it gets censored), and her commentary on the images and their meanings begins at the 1:45:48 mark. Because the censorship apparatus is ‘on a tear’ I have transcribed some of it below in brown text, but only on video can you see the extraordinary images. For those not familiar with Cannon’s work, the “they” she’s referring to in these sessions in the sub-conscious mind of her clients. It’s an interesting phenomenon to say the least, and while James Horak strongly discourages people from using hypnosis because it can widen the divide between the conscious and subconscious mind (what he refers to as the ‘split consciousness’), and I would suggest people heed his advice, these sessions were already conducted years ago and are extremely revealing about numerous topics, especially the deep past.

For those not already familiar with James Horak, because Dolores Cannon nearly always delivered these kinds of revelations through the “new age” filter, to give the reader a more balanced and objective view of the Cannon material, I want to first highlight the following points James has made about these particular topics over the years:

  1. The EMV’s are an aspect of creation (intelligent design) that both create and manage solar systems that host complex and sentient life
  2. Destructive elements in a previous lineage nearly cracked our planet in half. This scar or crack is what we refer to as the Grand Canyon. There is currently an ongoing EMV operation running in Utah (near the crack) that is performing the function of holding our planet together so we may continue. The elite are aware of this operation.
  3. These entities are massive, and in the past our satellites have captured images of an EMV enveloping Mercury to protect it from a CME coming from the sun. James has discussed this many times over the years. Listeners may recall I brought this up during my last interview on FreemanTV, where Freeman admitted seeing the footage when it first came out and even kept a copy of it.
  4. EMV’s are living entities that are task-driven, have always existed (even as far as the ‘extended community’ is concerned), and are thought of and referred to as “The Hands of God” by other people in the universe.
  5. James has repeatedly explained that we are currently living in a “partial manifestation” because of the timeline split, which I suspect is what Dolores Cannon means when referring to things like “both dimensions”.

Below is a brief transcription, and for those familiar with James Horak’s work, the similarities are striking.

[Dolores speaking to the audience] “I have some pictures I want to show you of something that has never been seen before”…I had a client come to see me, and she said she had taken these pictures, and she held on to them for several years—she didn’t know what to do with them—and she said, “I want you to have them because I think maybe you can use them in some way.”

I sat on them for years because I didn’t understand what it was either, but when I had the woman there, we had a session, and she wanted to know, what were these pictures? And the subconscious explained everything, and this is part of the energy that’s happening now, that’s moving us into the new earth, and its been around for a long time…Her and her daughter both came to see me. They were outside one night, and there was a big, bright star in the sky, and people think “UFO” so she got her camera and she began taking pictures of this bright star.

But when they developed the film, something totally different is on the camera. There’s a whole series of them, and you will see that it moves and changes–it morphs. [Here Delores begins showing the color photos to the audience]. They didn’t see any of this until they had the film developed. Julie, when se first saw these, she said it was doing something to her, just looking at them. Are you feeling anything? They’re supposed to affect you, that’s why they said i’m supposed to show them…They didn’t see it moving at all, all they saw was this bright light like a star. Julie said when she saw them, it did something inside of her, so I don’t know if you could feel it or not…

When I had this session with them and I wanted to know what this was, they [subconscious mind] said, “this is the higher forces that are working with the planet—the ones that are trying to keep it in balance, working with the energy grids on both sides of the dimensions—this side, and the other side.” I said, “in the picture it looks almost like a physical object”. They said, “it’s an entity. It’s elastic. It can spread over a lot of territory by expanding, and its working on balancing the planet with energy work, and this goes all the way down to the center of the planet, and its all over the world, and its balancing the earth.” And I said, “Well, when they first saw it in the sky it looked like a star”. They said, “Camouflage…the human eye and the body is not on the vibrational level to see it with the naked eye. Sensitive people can feel its presence, but they can’t see beyond the camouflage.” But the camera picks it up, that’s why they were able to get pictures of it. And I said, “Why were they allowed to photograph it?” [Reply] “Because other people need to see it.”

And that this was the time, and we’re moving along on schedule. That was in 2006 when I had the session. I said, “It appears to change shape in the pictures.” “Yes, it changes size and shape depending on what it’s doing. It accommodates itself to the environment its working in, or the dimension its working in…it is a light being, an entity, it has elasticity. It’s ever moving, constantly moving, with pieces coming off of it that rotate around it, and intermesh, and they go all the way down to the center of the earth.”

And I said, “What does it normally look like, or is it just the way the camera picked it up?” [Reply:] “It wouldn’t normally look like that on this side,”—they mean their side—“but through your atmosphere and your dimension, that’s what it looks like here…it would look different in another star system. These are affected by their environment.” [Dolores then asks:] “Well, where it comes from, what does it really look like?” [Reply:] It’s a huge, HUGE vapor of light. It is so big you can’t comprehend it. It’s actually much further away than you think it is, when you’re taking pictures..”

Anyways, it’s here to help the earth, its them helping change the energy and the frequency of the earth as we go into this. So there’s a lot of help out there, and that’s what they said in here too, “Don’t ever think you’re alone because this is an example of beings that are helping you all the time…this is not the first time this thing in the sky has performed this type of work, this is what it does, and it comes when its needed…you need to know these things.”

I said, “Most people think of UFO’s,” and they were emphatic, “NO–this is not a UFO. It’s higher than the angelic realms. Physicists will understand it one way, scientists will have other explanations, but others will feel it on a soul level.”

If much of this is new to you, it’s definitely a lot to unpack, contemplate, comprehend, and appreciate the magnitude of. Yet, there’s no question that this new model of reality explains and resolves far more anomalies than our current lineage has thus far been presented with and scrutinized.

Below is the fantastic show from August 13, 2013 on both EMVS and TIME TRAVEL, with James Horak on UNICUS Radio hosted by Robert Stanley. I think you’ll find it incredibly enlightening, and I genuinely hope it will inspire you to go back and listen to every show James Horak has ever done. Like so many other things, I strongly believe they will mean far more today, than they did back then.

That interview (below) has been archived at James’ website, as are most others, which include listener Q&A sessions in the comments section of each post on his blog. I recommend examining those closely as well. There are treasures there.

Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of
countless wonders.” 
 –Crystal Clark, June 3, 2013

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