Dr. John Coleman gave us a lot to think about in last week’s FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES #2, when he explained in great detail, The Zero Growth Post Industrial Plan for Industry and Agriculture, for the United States of America, as well as who was behind it and why, at the 32:17 mark:

“This Committee of 300, through the Royal Institute of of International Affairs (RIIA), through the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), exercises complete control. But their strongest arm is called the Club of Rome. When I first heard of the Club of Rome in 1969 I immediately began my investigation…The Club of Rome is one the most insidious, baneful organizations in existence today, which has done intolerable, immeasurable damage to the United States of America.

This Committee of 300 told a man called Aurelio Peccei to form this Club of Rome, with the main object of bringing down the industries and the agricultural development of the United States. He immediately wrote a paper in which he said there are too many people on the earth, and that the United states with its industrial development, its agricultural development, is responsible for this curse of overpopulation. And he picked up a the documentation for his work from Lord Bertrand Russell, the senior statesman of the Committee of 300, and Lord Bertrand Russell had written a work called The Impact of Science on Society. And if you can ever secure of a copy of that book, you will see in there that he said the world is grossly overpopulated and we have to get rid of half the the world’s population, and it doesn’t matter how we do it.

So, the Club of Rome was instituted and organized to start an attack on the world’s population, using the United States as the whipping boy. And they came up with a paper called The Zero Growth Post Industrial Plan for Industry and Agriculture, for the United States of America. Three days after that paper was accepted as official United States policy by James Earl Carter, I was able to, through my intelligence people, get a copy of this insidious document. Basically what it said, was that the Middle Class in the United States of America, had to be destroyed, because in the the push to world order, the middle class would be the stumbling block. Because, history had shown, that the peasant class in ancient days, when they had revolted, were just easily crushed. There was not resistance.

But now had grown a new super class of people in the United States called the middle class, who had long term employment, who had job security, who are well paid, who could afford to buy the products made by the United States and didn’t need to buy products from China or anywhere else. And the Club of Rome Post Industrial paper said this has got to stop—we have to bring down the middle class of the United States—and the way that we will do this, the way that we will accomplish this task is by crushing their industries.”


An empty head is as useful as an empty stomach, and just as dangerous if the condition is prolonged. It’s a sad commentary however, when the one begets the other. A few years back I saw a meme that said, “The destruction of society is the Millennial Retirement Plan”, adequately making the point that we have an entire generation participating in their own demise out of ignorance, and being so committed to it, they plan to take the rest of us with them while they do it. They have, as stated in other articles here, been unwittingly conscripted by their enemy to fight on the wrong side of a war against their own futures, families, and nations—to do exactly what Dr. John Coleman explained, and not just to America. It’s astonishing to see the world’s youth champion a “post industrial world” without ever stopping to realize food is an industry. And it isn’t the only one. Medicine is an industry. Health care, clothing, textiles, shoes, supplements, beauty, body care, electronics (computers and cell phones), home building, shipping, printing, energy, fertilizer, parts manufacturing, automobiles, bikes—everything is an industry now.

Here’s where a spunky duped-gooder might interject, “Yes! Industry is destroying the planet. That’s why we have to go back to hand-crafted goods on a smaller scale.” To which I would reply, “that’s exactly how things were before globalism intentionally destroyed every mom and pop business or family farm it could either crush or buy out”—a point made exceedingly obvious in the videos below: millions of people would rather quietly grow their own food, raise and process their own livestock, instead of be utterly dependent on polluting, supra-national corporations that routinely get away with murder. But they aren’t allowed to. But why? Because that isn’t The Plan. Self-sufficiency is the antithesis to the plan Dr. Coleman so carefully outlined for the American people in 1994—you can’t crush and depopulate entire nations by destroying their industries, if they aren’t first forced to wholly rely on those industries for survival. That’s why we see more and more draconian legislation, both here and around the world, like this: Australia Passes Bill Prohibiting Citizens From Growing Their Own Food And Expanding Federal Powers To Seize Livestock

In fact, the maker of the ICE AGE FARMER videos below at one point makes reference to “victory gardens”—another critical omission from school curriculum in the last few decades. Before our governments were wholly captured by the plan, the American government strongly encouraged families to grow their own food to keep from starving during the war. That campaign referred to that effort as Victory Gardens or War Gardens. Efforts to encourage Americans to become food self-sufficient included government-issued posters and leaflets showing people how to grow their own food. Nor do today’s youth realize that the first grocery store (Skaggs) didn’t open until 1915, and even then the idea didn’t really catch on until somewhere between the 1930’s and 1950’s because most people were still growing their own food.


Here’s what that post-industrial ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ is going to look like in reality, and last time I checked, feelings, rainbows, virtue-signaling and gender-neutral pronouns weren’t edible. I strongly suspect that while there’s a good deal of discussion about the next great depression brewing, most people today (not just the youth) still don’t know that famers were paid NOT to grow food during the last Great Depression. While numerous explanations for it are given, most notably a flooded market lowering the prices too far, in what world does it make sense to spend tax dollars on paying farmers not to feed their starving countrymen? Why not feed the country with the food that should have been grown, and use that tax money to pay the farmers for the food they DID grow, because a jobless population couldn’t pay it themselves? It’s funny how all these bail-outs never seem to go where actually needed. The Zero Growth Post Industrial Plan for Industry and Agriculture, for the United States of America has been inching forward for decades in preparation for a final leap.






Every time I write something like this I’m reminded of Yuri’s warning regarding Ideological Subversion, and the way it targets the youth of the nation being undermined by it:

“The first one being demoralization.  It takes between 15-20 years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years which is required to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy—exposed to the ideology of your enemy. In other words Marxisim/Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least 3 generations of American students—without being challenged or contra-balanced by basic values of Americanism, American patriotism. The Result? The result you can see.

Over and over again, a source of contention among the youth is that they can’t pay off their student debt loans because there are no jobs—especially no good paying jobs. What they were adequately indoctrinated NOT to understand, is that was also part of the plan. Dr. John Colemen laid that out for us too, in the last edition of FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES when discussing that one of the first major industries to be killed off, was the steel industry:

[36:00] In 1980, based on this report (Club of Rome Post Industrial Paper) I wrote a small work, a booklet, called Death of the United States Steel Industry. And in that I told of a French aristocrat by the name of Étienne Davignon, and i’m sure there’s not a single steel working in America out of a job who’s ever heard this man’s name. But they put this aristocrat onto the job of destroying first the steel industry. In my book in 1980 I said that by 1985 we would have silent blast furnaces, the rolling mills would be stopped, there would be no more ship building. We have thousands of skilled workers, who passed the skills of their trade down for generations, who were forever dispossessed of their jobs….what I said in 1980 has now come to pass.

In 1970 the US had 5000 ships built by good US know-how, using good US steel. 5000 ships sailing the high seas. Last year (1993?) we had 270 such ships, and at least 50,000 steel workers permanently out of a job. Jobs that will never come back. What happened? Did we suddenly lose our marbles, did we suddenly lose our great American know-how of getting things done? No. None of those things happened. What happened was this dastardly Club of Rome had sent their emissaries to the United States to deliberately destroy our steel plants, and they did it by opening the doors of so-called Free Trade. And everybody who signs the NAFTA treaty, and everybody who signs the GATT treaty, if it passes, is a traitor and a seditionist.

Our steel industry is destroyed, our ship yards are silent, our skilled workers are permanently without a job, and if you don’t believe me, get the report of the Club of Rome…last year (1993/1994) the Club of Rome celebrated its anniversary, and Alexander King as its Chairman stated, “The American people henceforth must get used to the idea that they will never ever again in their lifetimes have full employment”. What a scandalous thing, that our government is fully cooperating with this organization, built up by the Royal Institute of National Affairs, to destroy the middle class of the United States. And to add to the politics of global genocide. And that brings me to the next question: What is the Global 2000? Once again, when I heard about this policy, it was three days after it had been accepted by the United States government, as its official policy, and the Global 2000 was a blueprint for mass genocide, produced by the Club of Rome.”

Clearly, as it’s been pointed out for decades, and by people much more knowledgeable about it than myself, “the plan” was always meant to kill more than jobs—it was meant to kill people—billions of them. If you previously watched Dr. Coleman’s presentation, you’ve no doubt made the connection between his covering how viruses, like the ‘bird flu’ specifically, were meant to be introduced as a means to further that plan, and the ICE AGE FARMER VIDEOS above covering how there are now PCR tests for birds—for the bird flu—currently being used as an excuse to kill off millions of chickens, while shuttering the doors to chicken farms and permanently laying off the workers.

I suspect the ‘Global 2000’ agenda being covered by Coleman was later rebranded as Agenda 21, which was again rebranded as Agenda 2030. Agenda 21, having been covered in other articles here over the years, as well as the Club of Rome (use the black search bar on the top right to find that material), won’t be covered again now because there’s something else, perhaps even more important, that should never get lost in the shuffle: how this all started.


Dr. Coleman’s presentation is full of knowledge few people today fully possess or grasp, especially in relation to historical events of magnitude capable of shedding much needed light on current trends. A spectacular example of this was his brief explanation of how China was targeted with opium, now being done to America, by the successive generations of those who brought it upon China in the past—this is the reason for the heroin and fentanyl catastrophe in this country at the moment. Coleman spent years going through East India Trading Company records to uncover just how much opium they shipped to the Orient, where they grew it, how they imposed it on people, and just how much the dope trade increased their wealth. The numbers were staggering, even by today’s standards.


Free Trade destroys the wealth of nations and the freedom of its people to be self-sufficient. In other words, “free trade” is synonymous with trading in your freedom and right to self-determination, both as a nation and an individual. This is why globalism is meant to culminate into a global, fascist, corporate police state, ran in perpetuity by the small group of people orchestrating world events. THEY USE FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS TO TAKE MORE POWER. For those unaware, the Trans Pacific Partnership (covered by this author in 2013 in episodes 2 and 3 in the Race With Time Radio Archives) was an astonishing example of how this scam works, and literally attempted to give corporations a status above that of nations. It was never going to pass back then through ‘democratic means’ (voting), so it was put on the back burner, until COVID. The plandemic has given them everything the TPP couldn’t, and much, much more. Dr. John Coleman included the con job called ‘free trade’ in his lecture for extremely important reasons—reasons we would do well to understand:

“Liberty, is based on individual freedom. We are individual people, we are not the “mass” so disdainfully referred to by Karl Marx and the socialist writers. We objected to a tax of a penny a pound on tea, when King George of the Venetian Party…that was what the party of King George was called and we’ll come to the reason for that, but our colonists said we’re not going to pay this penny a pound tax on tea…King George of the Venetian Party did more than that, he sent Adam Smith, a servant of the East India Company, to formulate a policy which he called “Free Trade”, and by the means of Free Trade, Adam Smith, the greatly beloved economist of the Marxists and the socialists and liberals, hoped to bring the small manufactories and the industries established by the colonists to their knees. Let me tell you unequivocally, that free trade is piracy! There is no such thing as free trade. We have to reject, this constant brainwashing to which we are subjected.

Free Trade began when Adam Smith and the British India Company—now who is the British East India Company? They play a massive role in the history of the United States of America, only you are not taught this in your universities. But you need to know. In my book, The Committee of 300, which took years to research…I point out that the British East India Company was the most powerful trading company in the world. They made their massive money out of the dope trade.”

Dr. John Coleman explains the East India dope trade at the 12 minute mark in his lecture, some of which is recounted below. Those familiar with even recent history might find themselves re-evaluating recent wars, the reinvigorated poppy fields that came out of those wars, and the fact that “Poppy Bush” wasn’t a reference to him being a grandfather:

“They (East Empire Company) first grew prime poppies in the Q Gardens in Kensington London, and got the best producing opium poppies, and then shipped them to Tinares in India where they began a massive plantation of poppies, of opium producing poppies. They then used their famous Tea Clippers (ships) to transport the poppies in the form of raw opium to China, and by their military might they imposed an opium policy on China that turned the Chinese nation into a nation of addicts. And they enforced this policy, which was known to the Royal family, and Lord Glaston the Prime Minister, and every one of the lords and ladies in England, and they made a massive fortune.

In researching those documents in the India House in London, I came across some of the manifests of the old tea clippers, and the numbers of kegs of opium they carried and their values. And I totaled up these things, and I found to my astonishment…in one year, the opium trade with China was 3x the combined profits of Ford and General Motors in 1970. And this was shared by 300 people—that was the Committee (of 300) that ran the British East Empire Company. They all had legal voting rights, could not vote against each other, and were sworn to secrecy.

The descendants of the British East Empire Company, today run the United States of America…they also interfered with the development of the United States on every occasion. They armed the Indians, they armed the people against the settlers who were pushing west—they ran the Hudson Bay Company. They also ran so-called mission stations in China, and got missionaries who were not really missionaries at all, to push opium on the Chinese. And I remember a conversation with the late Abdel Gamel Nasser, the president of Egypt, and Mohammed Iqbal, one of the top journalists, with Chou En-lai, who told him, he said, “You know, the Americans and British made China a nation of opium addicts and now, with the Vietnam War, it’s our turn—we’re going to make the Americans a nation of opium addicts”. So you can see the influence, the evil influence of the British East India Company upon the great nation of the Unites States of America.

They were the ones who financed the war, they put up the money for British troops to buy the Hessian mercenaries, and to fight the colonists. Those brave 3%, let me remind you that only 3% of the people took arms and stood against the mighty army of King George III.”


In 1984, Yuri Bezmenov gave an extremely detailed explanation of the way (and why) ideological subversion works and is used, outlining it’s four specific stages in the order they unfold: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and finally Normalization, or “new normals”. What our beloved millennials—those most heavily targeted by ideological subversion—don’t yet realize, is that the new normals they were promised, won’t be anything close to what they actually get. It never is, and drone chants of “that wasn’t real communism/socialism” in response to warnings that historically, mass starvation is generally the result, isn’t going to keep them from starving from it again, now.

“To promise people all kinds of goodies and the paradise on earth, to destabilize your economy, to eliminate the concept of free market competition, and to put big brother government in Washington D.C with benevolent dictators like Walter Mondale [Globalist], who will promise lots of things, never mind if the promises are fulfilled or not—he [they] will go to Moscow [United Nations] to kiss the bottoms of new generation of soviet [globalist] assassins. Never mind he will create false illusions of the ‘situation is under control’. The situation is NOT under control—the situation is disgustingly out of control.

“So basic—two very simple—maybe too simplistic answers or solutions. Educate yourself. Understand what’s going on around you. You are not living in a time of peace. You are in a state of war, and you have precious little time to save yourself. You don’t have much time, especially if you’re talking about young generation.”



The course being set for the majority of the human race is obvious, and so is its outcome. Less obvious, is who planned this course, and what they get out of it. These are people whose elevated status is the product not of great inventions, ideas or contributions, but was born out of the ways in which they perfected the art of pushing everyone else down. You must get back up, stronger and wiser than you were before. For those still struggling with the idea that the United States of America is being subjected to ‘planned destruction’ or ‘managed decline’, I invite you to read documents/sources in which communities are being prepared for it, like this downloadable PDF called: ZERO-GROWTH PLANNING
Empowering Rural Communities in Decline
. OR do a search for an article put out by the WEF (Globalist World Economic Forum) called: Zero-growth could be the new long-term normal in developed economies: Six charts that explain why.

The ICE AGE FARMER videos are excellent, not because their content is thorough, but because solutions are always presented. In truth, the solution to the problem en masse, is self-sufficiency. Storing food is extremely important, but growing your own becomes more necessary by the day. If you pastor a church, turn as much of the property as possible into food production. The same goes for anyone who owns/manages apartment complexes, trailer parks, community centers—get the food growing—this weekend. It takes 3 months of long summer daylight hours to mature most crops, and it’s harder to start with seeds in hotter weather. That means you’re already behind a little, but not much. Local nurseries may not have the widest variety of seeds/plants available, so I personally love to order seeds from They have a fantastic selection of seeds most people don’t even know exist.

Learn about composting, companion planting, and varieties of flowers that keep the bugs from eating your food. Remember, flowers also bring bees—bees pollinate your food—you need them. For the desert people out there, I’ve personally found over the years that any kind of pepper (bell, poblano, paprika) and most tomatoes, tomatillos, and even Chinese celery do well here. Growing artichoke and asparagus is also easy in this particular climate, and they come back better every year on their own. Rosemary, garlic, parsley and aloe vera also do well and have useful properties for healing. Plenty of important herbs also do well in the shade, and there are numerous fruit and nut tree varieties (apples, pecans, dates) acclimated to our climate. Plan for fall crops. Several plants require or grow well in cooler weather. Get a chlorine filter for your garden hose—chlorine is added to most municipal water supplies and kills the good microbes necessary to grow food. Learn how to safely sterilize your freshly grown food with things like ozone water and food grade hydrogen peroxide water—parasites that infect humans are in nearly all soils.

If you don’t have room on your own property, as suggested in the videos, approach your neighbors to grow on theirs. Some cities, even Las Vegas, have community garden plots you can rent. Learn about greenhouses, and how CARBON INJECTION KITS PRODUCE A HIGHER YEILD—zero carbon=zero life. Pool your funds, land, resources, families, know-how, skill-sets, and most importantly, pool your love of humanity and refusal to allow the least among us to bring our civilization to full ruin in their mattoid pursuit of power over everyone and everything, at any cost.

“Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.” –Crystal Clark


Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre

ARTICLE: May 9, 2022: Australia Passes Bill Prohibiting Citizens From Growing Their Own Food And Expanding Federal Powers To Seize Livestock



WHO WAS AURELIO PECCEI (Responsible for the destruction of our steel industry)?

According to wikipedia: Born July 4, 1908 Turin, Italy. Died March 14, 1984 (aged 75). Aurelio Peccei (Italian born 4 July 1908 – 14 March 1984), was an Italian industrialist and philanthropist, best known as co-founder with Alexander King and first president of the Club of Rome, an organisation which attracted considerable public attention in 1972 with its report, The Limits to Growth.

WHO WAS BERTAND RUSSELL? (Mentioned repeatedly by Dr. Coleman):

VIDEO: Alan Watt – Social engineering to create dysfunctional society

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