The massive, global reality revision currently unfolding, is not based on a “post-human” agenda. It’s an inappropriate term that misses the mark, thereby unable to convey any concrete insight as to what is actually happening.

In reality, a “post-human” world is a world void of human beings. That isn’t the world the elite are building for themselves, because they too are, absolutely, also human beings. The numerous personalities and organizations—the lizard cults—constantly promoting the ‘shape-shifting lizard narrative’ know the narrative they push in that regard is ridiculous. They know, but they don’t care, because it pays well, keeps them in the public eye, and at the top of the ‘influencer’ pile in specific genres. And herein lies the real issue facing every generation of humans on the planet: a lack of conscience.


To be sure, if current trends towards a post-conscience world persist, a world without human beings will certainly be the result—that’s inevitable—something the mattoid elite (devoid of conscience) are determined to remain incapable of accepting. The sane individual naturally understands this, whereas the aberrant political class considers the lack of conscience not only a benefit, but in fact a necessary component to the success of their agenda: achieving a goal by any means necessary.

Their internal rituals, like that of the Cremation of Care ceremony, obviate the post-conscience mindset as adherents dress up in red robes and sacrifice the effigy of a dead baby to the giant owl statue of Moloch. As this author has often explained, this is the base tenet or core of Satanism as a whole: to free the individual from the shackles of their conscience—a weakness believed to keep the individual from reaching their full potential. Things like rules, laws, morals and ethics, are for suckers.


The principle of “participating in our demise out of ignorance,” and often under the false pretense of doing the exact opposite, is something I’ve grown tired of repeating over the last decade, yet I remain compelled to do so, mainly because of its power to recalibrate neural pathways back to a version of reality that is actually survivable—not just survivable, but even full of joy and wonder. That, and the fact that in the face of endless counter-propaganda, this recalibration has never been more necessary, and doesn’t seem to come from other sources—especially not from sources as prolific as the propaganda media. In that aspect of the problem, participating in our demise out of ignorance is, or at least should be, remarkably self-explanatory at this point: people perish for lack of knowledge. Another truism in this regard is often expressed as “if I only knew then, what I know now, I would have made completely different choices”. Indeed we would have. We’ve all been there.

Fear is another aspect of the problem, often combined with the element of greed. As an extremely pointed example, I personally see little (if any) difference between a doctor that explains they can’t keep their practice open without the money they get from Big Pharma for having 60%+ vaccination rates in their patient population, and continue to do so, regardless of how many healthy children they treat with vaccines, only to find them become severely autistic afterwards—but still they keep doing it, year after year. Instead of wearing a red robe, they wear a white coat. Instead of sacrificing the child to Moloch, they sacrificed it to Money. In fact, as anyone who has had the displeasure of repeatedly dealing with the medical industry for an extended period of time will tell you, the red robes and white coats often even exhibit the same condescending God complex. Furthermore, that shared mindset isn’t an accident.

Today’s medical professionals remain wildly ignorant of their industries’ sordid past, which only makes matters worse. The arrogant atmosphere so often found in this industry is based on the false belief that medical practitioners are exorbitantly paid because they’ve somehow acquired the omnipotent power over life and death through years of grueling study. The historical reality of the profession however, is that doctors didn’t used to get paid any more for their services than a car mechanic. Not only were they not paid obscene amounts of money for their services, but they also once had access to cheap, natural remedies that were extremely effective and proven over the course of hundreds of years of use.

The only reason the “cheap access to medical care for all” paradigm changed, as extremely well documented for decades by authors like Eustice Mullins, is the profound intervention, and eventual complete control of the profession, by members of the Rockefeller family. As a result, the nearly insufferable, inadequate, and obscenely overpriced medical industry we have today is often called “Rockefeller Medicine”. It was here that “big pharma” was born, and the AMA (American Medical Association) was introduced as a means to eliminate natural cures from the industry in favor of petroleum based drugs that were often addictive, and to drive up the costs so the poor could no longer have access. Current chants of “social justice” and replacing a free society with soul-crushing socialism and communism, like so many other current trends, are born out of agenda, fulfilled through societal ignorance of reality and history, and therefore lack the ability to solve problems they don’t clearly understand the true nature of. In other words, remedies proposed out of ignorance, are not meant to fix the problem, they are instead meant to solidify or institutionalize it—under the false pretense of doing the exact opposite.

The good news, and there is some, is that a significant portion of medical practitioners genuinely joined the profession to help people, which of course means they have a conscience. As such, they have come to realize that the current system of medicine, is itself already devoid of conscience (primarily due to the aforementioned changes to the industry), and they will consequently no longer participate it in. They have instead, created a new system—one in which a type of ‘health insurance’ is paid directly to the practitioners themselves, subsequently also avoiding the multi-billion dollar (annually) fraud side-industry that plagues things like Medicare. There are other choices to be made, no good reasons not to make them, and so they are being made. By people with a conscience.


When it comes to the full implementation of a post-conscience world, the final aspect of their agenda, what I strongly suspect they internally refer to as their “final solution” (to the problem of human conscience) is of course Artificial Intelligence. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, if it’s one thing the aberrant political class have taught is, it’s that “intelligence” does not equate to “conscience”. They are not the same animal, and don’t always occupy the same space. This is doubly true for a machine. A machine cannot physically feel, taste, smell or touch. A machine cannot love, cannot feel pain, cannot laugh, cannot weep, cannot experience joy, respect, admiration, pleasure, loss, beauty, awe.

To take it one step further, based on research I did about a year ago for an article I never finished, I also strongly suspect the name of this new, all-encompassing Artificial Intelligence, is called GAIA. Not because of the insufferable New Age “gaia worship” nonsense constantly peppered with vapid mantras like “what you resist persists” proliferating in the alternative media, but rather because of a somewhat chance encounter I had with an extremely gifted programmer over 20 years ago, and the research road it recently led me down.

I have both written about that encounter here, and discussed it over the years in radio interviews: when I was in the tech industry I once hired an eclectic group of programmers to provide technical support to my clients. This was long before my ‘dreamtime’ experience, so you can understand my responses were typical of anyone not having a significant grasp of reality. During a casual conversation with the leader of the group, then in his late fifties or perhaps early sixties, I mentioned the idea of homeschooling. The moment the word left my lips, his entire demeanor changed—he became extremely serious, stressed even—in a way I had never seen before, and he immediately told me not to, because “they” didn’t want me to.

I was completely shocked and put off by his completely serious admonition, which was simultaneously as absurd as it was serious. I said, “What are you talking about? Who is ‘they'”? Again his demeanor changed dramatically, this time full of regret, perhaps even sorrow, and he began to explain. “I didn’t want to do it, but I knew that if I didn’t, someone else would have, and I needed the money for my cancer treatment.” Still feeling like I was in the twilight zone, I asked again, “What are you talking about—what did you do?” He said, “I wrote the code (for the government) that would allow them to track all of our children from the moment they entered school.”

There was a little more to it than that, but certainly you get the gist of it. That conversation took place 22 years ago, and based on the story I was told, his work had taken place years before the conversation did.

He never told me the name of the program, but when doing extensive research on the topic for an article last year, I eventually sussed it out based on dates and timeframes. I found pre-cursors to the iteration of the program more well-known to the public as Goals 2000—which was in all likelihood the continuation of his original product. More importantly to this discussion however, is how astonishingly often I kept coming across the word “GAIA” when researching all past and present iterations of the program and its progress—especially relating to the education industry. It was literally everywhere, with constant references to things like—and I do mean “like” and not actual—GAIA Corp, GAIA Education Systems, GAIA Learning Environment, GAIA Center for Growth, ect, ect.

To this I would reiterate that as so much of the agenda is being propagandized to the youth, especially through predictive programming, you’ll find more of what they’re being hit with in video games than else. An especially interesting one in this regard is called HORIZON, having a story line in which small native populations are living amongst robot animals that are remnants of a now disappeared high-tech ‘elder’ civilization that used an extremely advanced Artificial Intelligence called GAIA to rebuild the world after their own machines turned on them.

To be sure, this author may be way off regarding the name, but the premise or principle of the elite building and using a massive Global Artificial Intelligence Actuary or Global Artificial Intelligence Administrator system to manage the human population in the image of the elite’s reorganization of society with themselves at the top, is exceedingly obvious. So much so, it’s also my current belief that the only thing they’re waiting for to take the final step of control, is the perfection of this A.I. in its capabilities to adequately perform the task. I can only hope (and pray) that the same elements of interference the elite contended with when having their nukes disabled, have extended that wisdom (and generosity) to their equally destructive GAIA system. Still, whatever form of help we get, does nothing but buy us more time. We should use it wisely.

If you’re looking for some interrelated entertainment this weekend that will further stimulate related neural pathways, I highly recommend the 2015 Terminator: Genesis. There’s every indication that GAIA and Genesis are similar programs with similar designs and purposes.

Perhaps now people can understand why the aberrant political class are so intent with replacing humans with machines, in every aspect of life possible. Machines don’t have a conscience. To continually tell a human being they have no worth to this new system, that they are redundant, that they are non-essential, is an arrogant and dismissive form of cruelty only possible in the absence of a conscience.


Most of us know and understand the basic principle of divide-and-conquer: united we stand, divided we fall. The numerous ways their think-tanks have devised to divide and separate us into smaller and smaller, disorganized and discordant groups, is on full display, all over the world. Yet, for some reason, fostering disunion and disharmony alone wasn’t enough. It’s the hate that trumps it all, the hate that people find so shocking and over-the-top. Why do it? Why go that far?

Isn’t it obvious? Hate doesn’t have a conscience.

Christian’s “hate” gays, so gays should “hate” Christians, right? WRONG. Christians not only have a conscience, but literally depend on its accurate functioning to become their key to entering the Kingdom they believe their eternal soul will reside in. Currently, the state-approved marriage ceremony is defined as being between a man and a woman, with God as a witness to the oaths made during the ceremony. It is a religious ceremony. So what? If you’re gay, and you really believe religions ‘hate’ you, why in the world would you fight for the right to participate in a union ceremony based on traditions you don’t personally believe in? Is it really your only option to hate Christians, and try to destroy their religion, rather than simply petition your state leaders to offer an official ceremony for those with a secular persuasion?! There are always better choices for you, and no good reason not to make them.

If you can be made to believe that people hate you because you are black, you can be made to hate those who aren’t. If you can be made to believe you are hated because you are white, you can be made to hate those who are not. On and on the it goes, and if we continue to participate, what we get in the end is a world so devoid of conscience, morals, ethics, goodness and kindness, that nobody will want to live in it.


“If you’re not a Christian, you can’t have morals or ethics!” WRONG. COMPLETELY WRONG. The false two-choice paradigm is so prolific it has been addressed and deconstructed in other articles. In reality, the truth is nearly always behind door number three—the third choice. Morals and ethics are not the product of ‘religion’. They are the product of a conscience! This is why you’ll routinely find people, like myself, who don’t need the coercive “fear” of our ‘souls burning for eternity in a lake of fire’, to scare us into being a decent human being. For many of us, long before any exposure to religious dogma, a conscience was part of our being and daily life. Most of us are naturally disgusted by child or animal abuse—because its wrong. We know its wrong because as human beings—not machines—we understand the beauty and innocence of children and animals, and having experienced pain ourselves (unlike a machine), we naturally want to protect the innocent from that experience.

The most profound form of government to ever exist in our lineage, deeply understood this, and very clearly defined what “wrong” was: that consenting adults may willingly engage in any activity with other consenting adults so long as it doesn’t harm others who are not willing participants, and in so doing, have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Simple. That entire tenet is simply based on a conscience, which differing people of all walks of life possess—and that form of government is the United States Constitution. With that understanding, certainly you can see why they need you to “hate” that too—to violate the most basic tenet of human decency and to attack it without conscience. Yes, that form of government was brought to us by people of faith, but what the history (and science) books leave out of the story is that they were also strong believers in Natural Law, which is sometimes referred to today as Intelligent Design. In that design are remarkable and repeating patterns which, at not point, are offered or withheld to various aspects of creation, based on their religious preferences. After all, what religion does a doe or dandelion have?


The globalist agenda is a serious problem for you and everyone else with a conscience—a problem globalists don’t want you to solve—so they set your mind to work on solving imaginary problems for imaginary reasons and imaginary gains. They also have you fighting imaginary enemies in contrived wars for their own personal gain.

It’s time to get out of the weeds of hate and confusion where the snakes seek shelter and slither, and to stand up and see the world forest of beautiful people for its actual trees. It can only continue to thrive with abundance and provide joy as long as it has a conscience AND the proper knowledge of the way in which reality actually is and functions. “Death by ignorance” cannot be prevented by conscience alone.

The mattoid elite have embedded dumbing-down into the agenda for a reason, which includes teaching the youth that math, science, and language skills are “racist”. If they can get the youth to believe that, the obvious repercussions will be a generation that hates learning. Should ignorance become normalized, how much will having a conscience matter, when the knowledge needed to use it successfully is gone?

Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.  —Crystal Clark

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