10385404_10152713396137931_4744705771512263248_nWhile the known neuro toxin fluoride is still being added to most drinking water throughout the country, despite even mainstream scientific studies proving its cognitive damage, like this one from Harvard, it seems that the forced and toxic mass-drugging of the population has some competition: forced mass-poisoning and sterilization via vaccines. As it is with fluoride, a mountain of evidence proving vaccine related damage is available for those willing to look. This includes the CDC whistle-blower who recently came out and admitted to falsifying data regarding a known connection between autism and vaccines. Legislating the mass poisoning of the population, whether by fluoride, toxic vaccines, EMF or otherwise, absolutely is a Human Rights violation, and a violation of our Constitution as well.

What most Americans tend to forget, is that the United States of America wasn’t set up to be a democracy—it was a republic. Democracy is the bully system of mob rule, allowing large groups of people to force their socially engineered opinions into the living habits of others. They can’t be bothered to do a little fact-checking, so you and your children will be forced to pay for it—maybe even with your lives. THAT is democracy, the same form of democracy we’re forcing down the throats of other people who didn’t vote for it via regime change that murders their leaders and drops love bombs on their cities. It’s for their own good, of course—democracy just loves to save free (and free-thinking) people from themselves.

These are very serious issues, but where the current ‘vaccine debate’ is concerned, the timing deserves equally serious consideration. Why now, and why is it dominating nearly all of the MSM headlines day after day? Far too many people have seen their loved ones sterilized, paralyzed, cognitively damaged or die after vaccines to EVER allow forced vaccinations to become part of the picture—that ship has sailed, regardless of how many well-paid medical parrots and severely uniformed citizen do-good-ers the media trot out for the cameras. Have the spectacular and fiery MSM talking bobble-heads been dutifully diverting our attention away from something else happening in the background?


Whether you love him, hate him, or fall somewhere in between, in 2013 Ron Paul warned the nation of the surveillance state’s intended expansion via the E-Verify program, being instituted under the false pretense of dealing with illegal immigration—the same problem that could (and should) be fixed by better managing our borders. It would appear however, that being able to listen in on what you and Bob are discussing in your living room, on the corner, or on social media, is far more helpful in catching ‘middle-eastern’ terrorists than ensuring they can’t get into the country to begin with. I’m being facetious of course, and have repeatedly pointed out in previous essays and radio shows that the true purpose for the mass surveillance state is to weed out the heretics and dissenters from the official narrative of reality.


Today the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity released the following article, detailing comments Mr. Paul submitted to the Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee on Wednesday, again warning of the dangers of making E-Verify a mandatory employment requirement as currently being considered in a “tough on illegal immigration” proposal in Congress: Ron Paul Warns Of Mandatory E-Verify Dangers. From the article:

Paul, who is the founder and chairman of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, includes in his detailed discussion of mandatory E-Verify dangers the following synopsis:

Mr. Chairman, mandatory E-Verify violates the Constitution. More importantly, requiring every American “show their papers” in order to obtain federal permission to hold a job is incompatible with a free society. Mandatory E-Verify will also deprive Americans of job opportunities through false positives while providing politicians and others with opportunities to use the information in the database to harass their political and other enemies. Furthermore, there is no way a future Congress can be restrained from increasing the uses of the E-Verify system or syncing it to other databases to complete a massive, universal data system that could seal the transformation of America into a total surveillance state.

This comes on the heels of Eric Schmidt recently making the ominous claim that the internet is going to disappear—ominous to those who understand he’s referring to an immense surveillance grid so seamlessly integrated into everything you interact with, as an extension of what we today refer to as the internet, where one ends and other begins will become imperceptible. As Schmidt explains in the video below:

I will answer very simply that the internet will disappear. The internet will be—there will be so many IP addresses because of IPV6, so many devices, sensors, things that your’e wearing, things that you’re interacting with—that you won’t even sense it. It will be part of your personal presence all the time.

The network bobbles brushed it off with a wink and a smile encouraging listeners to accept that while everything, including our phones, cars, watches and home appliances, will always be connected to this system or ‘internet of things’ (and therefore we also are de facto always connected), the personal information constantly being shared while connected will simply be leveraged to “push in information that is relevant to us”. The ineffectual use of ‘relevance algorithms’ was covered brilliantly in a TED Talk by Eli Pariser wherein he discussed “filter bubbles” and opened with the following quote from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook: “A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.” Who decides what is and is not relevant to your “interests” and what happens when your interests are at odds with the interests of those making that decision?

There is more than enough writing on the wall to paint a very vivid picture of a tyrannical electronic pseudo-scientific dictatorship proliferating so fast it’s going to begin squeezing even the deepest of buried heads. Is the raging ‘forced vaccine’ debate indicative of the shameful ignorance of a nation, a diversion tactic, or perhaps a little bit of both?


“First question is ‘As individuals what can we do?’ — the answer is: practically nothing! What could be done and always has been done in history is by people who are organized. The labor movement, civil rights movement, women’s movement, anti-war movement, environmental movement. These can do things. And that’s one of the reasons why powerful systems are so intent on atomizing people.”
Noam Chomsky

With few exceptions I have to agree with Mr. Chomsky’s assessment. While we all have our own spheres of influence, beginning with our own families, the problems that plague this once beautiful and thriving planet can’t be solved by any one person. Groups like Anonymous and Oath Keepers understand this as does their growing membership. If you can’t find local chapters or groups with similar interests to join then take the initiative to form your own—that’s how the others got started.

The other important ingredient to change is exposure—continue to expose the corruption to your fellow man as often and succinctly as possible. This is a critical step, and those who have the most to lose from being exposed are already working overtime to make it more difficult. Attempts at instituting “net neutrality” are aimed at neutralizing exposure efforts and the war on whistle-blowers in conjunction with social media military psy-ops only confirm it.